September 2006

[Face To Fate] Nancy and Derek MV

Since its the weekends, I thought I’d just post up a youtube link to a Fanmade MV of Derek and Nancy in FaceToFate:


I think this one’s pretty good =D The sequences in the clips aren’t in the same order as storyline. And yes, they contain spoilers (I watched up to episode 25 and you should have seen everything already), so don’t watch unless you’ve seen. Song from Chinese Paladin.

Here’s another one, I think the first one is a bit better, but this has a few more different clips from the series (made by the same person):


There’s just one scene here I haven’t scene yet lol Doesn’t spoiler much, but yeh ^^ This one has more of Derek fighting other people~

Edit: Here’s another one contributed by: MYST! ;D

One Response to “[Face To Fate] Nancy and Derek MV”

  • Roxanne says:

    You know, those two are REALLY cute together! =D At first Nancy Wu was so irritating, I could barely stand her. But after she got together with Derek, everything changed and she grew to be more mature and I actually found myself appreciating her presence more and more! =D Their romance is pretty sweet, but you kinda have to wonder how they fell in love so fast. XD

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