Yup, its been a while scene I finished watching it, but I still love this series and I think of this couple once in awhile XD (esp when the TVB 39th Anniversary Awards are coming up and this series isn’t included) Still makes me wonder what this scene would be like.. =3
[[Face to Fate Cut Scene]]

Looks too cute xD At first I thought it was the ending for the series but it turns out no to be possible lol I think this happens during the remaining time Raymond had after he found out the last cure has dried out and that he can no longer be cured. He was not willing to work for the Dark side in exchnge for changing his blod to the last cure, so decided to spend the rest of the time left happily with Selena..

8 Responses to “[Face To Fate] Raymond and Selena Cut Scene”

  • elysenne says:

    Was this scene in FTF at all? I dun recall seeing it.

  • KTVB says:

    Nope, it wasn’t in Face to Fate~ But seeing it on the ending credits I’m assuming its a cut scene. I wish they kept that scene XD

  • Bi says:

    I agree, I’m a big fan of this series, this blog/forum you’ve wrote is very detailed and good. nice job! ^_^ anyways, as I’ve said, this series kicks butt! lol

  • cF says:

    I was looking out for that scene as well.. pity they cut it..

  • Ra says:

    I wonder why they cut this scene for.

  • Roxanne says:

    Oh, so it’s a cut scene? I was wondering whether I missed it or something. Everytime I watched the subtheme play out, I always noticed this scene and scratched my head, trying to recall if I’ve seen it before. Maybe it DID happen… Did it? I somehow remember it to be like, after Raymond found out there was no cure. Then he spent what he thought was his “last remaining days” with Selena, like what KTVB said. But I’m not sure… I could have totally imagined it. Also since I introduced my dad to this show, I’ve been watching it with him (but only for some time, sometimes I’ll leave). And I still haven’t seen this scene yet…

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