September 2006

[Face to Fate] Same cast; Mixing characters

Imagine the characters in the series looked liked this, instead of the original..it would look ..just wrong >< {with a few exceptions I suppose..that look quiet similiar in either } Derek Kwok as the assassin d1.jpg –> Derek in Lethal Weapons [LWOLAP]

Hm..Derek looks a lot older in LWOLAP ~ must be the beard ^^;
Frankie as the Fortune Teller
– – > Fraknie from Herbalist Manual[The Herbalist Manual]

Not much of a difference in my opinion..lol except this one looks a bit more dopey xD Ah. When I first saw Frankie in Face to Fate, my first impression was ‘he looks just like his character in Herblist Manual!’ Doesn’t look like he can fight o.o looking back, I like his costume in Face to Fate more ^^

John Chiang as the lead of White Side

–> j1.jpg [LWOLAP]

Nancy as John’s daughter

n3.jpg–> n1.jpg [Twins of Brothers]

Raymond as the Doctor
– – >ray3.jpg [LWOLAP]

– – >Selena in Herbalist Manual [Selena in Herbalist Manual]

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