September 2006

[Face to Fate]Episode 17

Just finished watching this episode…ended so sad T__T esp watching Raymond cry when his brother dies..the brother was a really nice guy too..died saving someone but still! It was that evil Bat’s fault! If it wasn’t for him, Ray would have been able to heal that evil doctor’s mother; would have exchanged the 2 items for cure.They were so close to getting all of them..but dies before he can get cured..*sigh* Ray’s white hair has appeared!!!


Okies..back to the beginning part of the epsiode..I thought when Tavia found out that fat guy was her father, the way she accepted the fact ran smoothly…one point she couldn’t accept the fact her father’s a monk…but then after seeing a boy and his father reuniting, she saw it through, and thought it was a good thing to have a father, despite him being a monk..and yeh…now Tavia knows that he’s her father, but he doesn’t know she knows yet…both hoping that someday, they can ..yeh..(can’t find the right word lol)

And when that main evil guy went to Tavia’s mother’s graveyard …I went “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! That’s tavia’s real father, not the monk 0__0!!!” suppose that makes things more interesting…being the daughter of the most evil of them all but still..the Monk must be disappointed..and she- that’s a fact harder to accept I reckon. We’ll just have to see~ ~

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  • sugar says:

    ^ Oh. I went silent when I saw that evil guy actually being Tavia’ REAL father. I saw in the end (you know of every episode when they show you clips?) I saw Tavia sitting on a chair dressed up all evil and purple? *gasps* does she go on his side instead?!

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