Borrowing a Friend’s shoulder

Bobby comforting Yoyo after she found out that Evergreen was cheating on her, up until they were about to get married..

The Act: Bobby Confesses

In this scene, Yoyo gets Bobby to try “chase after her” since he claims he easily can. I thought the things he said were quite sweet and you can tell that Yoyo was actually moved! Just when he was able to finish off by kissing her hand, a random guy walks by and knocks Yoyo which in turn hits Bobby’s nose XD and breaks the scene. The two go back to “normal mode”~ of course, Yoyo doesn’t admit it and tells him that she’s not touched at all hehe…
I wonder if those words were Bobby’s true feelings for her then.

Protect the one you love most

This scene occurs after they have dinner with the other colleagues, and Yoyo comments that if there was a man who cared about her more than himself and protect her without thinking of himself (like what happened when ‘Marco’ jumped in front of ‘Ivy’ when someone was about to spill hot coffee on her), she would want one too. Just at that point, a man was washing his car and poured the bucket of water over the car and Bobby jumps in front of Yoyo to protect her, yelling out “Don’t!!!” XD the usual TVB series goes, the man mistakens the two to be husband and wife.

The Accidental Scene: Tripping over the carpet

After the scene with the water splashing onto Bobby, Bobby catches the cold and Yoyo goes to visit him to cook him some food and look after him. There we have the usual TVB-style~ Yoyo tripping on the carpet and kissing him XD At that point, they hear Ha Yu at the front door and the two get “scared”!

It would have been so normal for a friend to visit, but because of what had just happened, Bobby doesn’t want HaYu to be thinking that something was going on between them~ As if HaYu would 😛 (Most likely because Bobby felt something was actually between them) It reminded me of Heart of Greed where Linda went to find Alfred and Yoyo was there with him. She could have easily been there as a friend only, but because she had something to hide, she makes the situation worse by locking the door.
Bobby takes Yoyo into his room and gets her to hide behind the door~ its quite funny actually.

When HaYu was in the kitchen, Bobby manages to sneak Yoyo out and she gets annoyed why she had to hide, because there was nothing to hide and she wasn’t a thief. While outside at the lifts, Bobby comments that something she was missing something and they realised it was her handbag. As Bobby turns around to go back in and get it, HaYu rushes out to Yoyo “Is this the one?” XD

Bobby and Yoyo: Get together Scene ^^

A cute moment! Upon hearing news that Evergreen decided not to sue him in court anymore, the two are overjoyed and hug each other. Without thinking, Yoyo tells him that she was wasn’t able to sleep every night because she was worried about him. Bobby re-confirmed with her, asking if it was true and she nods ^^ There, Bobby kisses her on her forehead~~*awww…so sweeet!*

Yoyo asks him why he kissed her and he told her because he was happy ^^. He believes that everything was fated from the start, just to give them the opportunity to be together =)

Under the umbrella of Love

Yoyo is waiting for him..

6 Responses to “[Fathers and Sons] Bobby and Yoyo Moments”

  • ahh yes, i remember that evergreen got arrested.. kinda forgot about that! XD

    those scenes of bobby and yoyo were so cute! y fave scene of those two was the get together one! awww hehe

  • Tiff says:

    There are so many typical love scenes of TVB in this drama. I was wondering where did I see Bobby and Yoyo together in a drama and it suddenly hits me that they are a couple in Forensic Heroes too.

  • chibi says:

    hehee, they’re a nice couple…kinda weird with the carpet tripping part though… it’s soooo TVB style ~~

  • SAM says:

    She look so much better with short hair.

  • Roxanne says:

    Haha, the Bobby and Yoyo moments were cute. The carpet thing was funny. And Man Tin-Chi’s (Bobby) godfather tripped too and almost ended up kissing him too. Haha =D That was funny too.

  • jasmine says:

    ya the scenes were so funny especially the carpet thing. yoyo really looked much better in shorter hair and i also enjoyed they two acting as couples in forensic heroes 2

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