The theme video reminds me of the one used for The Green Grass of Home. It gives me a similar feeling: both sung by actual singers and they both used borders. At the beginning,of FAS we have a bunch of people running forward and waving, while in TGGOH we have the group shot at the end, both with the green grass background. i wonder if they really got the idea off each other or put together by the same person.

5 Responses to “[Fathers and Sons] Opening Screencaptures”

  • Summer says:

    i think tis should b a happy and enjoyable happy series lo… those family type…

  • F.B.I. says:

    yup really simially theme songs MV but I think green grass was better in singing Eason doesn’t seem to have much of a feel in it… it seems like the same note he sings all the same no high or low…

  • Lizzy says:

    Themevideo Fathers and Sons reminds me of Green grass of home too, like themevideo of War and Destiny and Phoenix Rising.But I like Fathers and Sons’ more, Eason’s voice was perfectly for that song! ^^

  • KTVB says:

    I actually don’t like either songs thats much, but if choosing a song, I prefer Eason..Leo Ku’s voice is croaky..

  • bambo... says:

    I remember that borders were used in the 1996 drama by TVB called ‘Recipe of the heart’ (I only remember since it was my favorite as a child when characters burst into songs for the heck of it XD )

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