Accidental Kissing Scene

This is the cheesy moment which lead up to the post I made earlier with Tavia giggling over the photo taken. The scene just appeared so fake and ‘TVB set-up’ because it didn’t look that it was possible for the two to kiss each other. The three were going to take a photo together, and just before the shot was taken, the little girl drops her balloon so she bends down to pick it up ..XD

The girl stands back up (not being able to witness what had just happened), and she asks for a re-take of the photo. Awkward moment!

Wong Hei sticking up for Tavia

When Chris lured Tavia to come out to meet him, he ends up getting Tavia to ‘play games’ with him. When she loses, Wong Hei helps her drink and she becomes moved. At the end, Wong Hei becomes so drunk that she takes him home.

Tavia thanks him by buying him a new wallet.

Being Heroic: The Back Rubbing

While the two were at the shopping centre, Wong Hei notices a man video-recording under a girl’s skirt. He calls out in public and chases after him, but he gets injured himself. Back home, Tavia helps him rub his bruises with ointment/oil and Ha Yu watches the two.

Wong Hei making up with his wife?

Ha Yu realises Tavia’s feelings for his son so he invited her to their place for dinner. Wong Hei leaves, saying he has something to do and leaves his jacket. Tavia chases out to give him his jacket and sees Wong Hei with his wife. The two leave together and Tavia loses hope, thinking that Wong Hei wanted to make up with his wife.

It turns out that they were discussing about completing the legal procedures for getting a divorce since she has the other guy’s baby and they plan to get married. Again, Halina tells him that Wong Hei was a good father, but not a good husband which was why she left him.

The Rejection

Ha Yu tells Tavia that Wong Hei doesn’t plan to go back to his wife and her hopes are restored. On the other hand, Ha Yu tells Wong Hei Tavia’s feelings for him and Wong Hei comments that he hadn’t realised.

Wong Hei calls Tavia out, telling her that he isn’t a good husband and that history would only repeat itself. She tells him that she didn’t mind but he stood firmly on his grounds, saying that they could only be friends…He tells her that his daughter is the only one who he would truely give attention to, and that his daughter was all he ever needed..

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  • chibi says:

    ehhee…that was the cheesiest thing I’ve seen… first was the scene of Yoyo kissing Bobby after tripping on carpet, XD

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