September 2008

Favourite MR Character

Initially I was going to have them all in one poll but then figured it’s quite hard to choose! I was going to break the poll down further but at the end of the day, for the TVB Anniversary, they’re all going for ‘Favourite Character’ Award (i.e Tavia would be competing with Susanna)- or Best Actor (even better!) well, maybe not the supporting characters lol..

Who would you vote to be your favourite MR character?

Who is your favourite Female MR character?

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For me, the two I definitely would not choose would be Linda’s Yu So Chau and Kate’s Ga Mei. Their characters are so unlikable; especially Linda. She’s a very weak character, often self-centered, spoiled, selfish and a hypocrite. These all may sound like extremes but if you think carefully about the way she handles the love triangle, I’m not exaggerating…It’s a pity because her character was so much more likable in HOG but in MR, she fails to get my sympathy. As for Kate, I don’t think I really need to explain myself XD All the others are quite decent, but my vote goes to Ah Hing! ^^

Who is your favourite Male MR character?

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My most hated Male character would be Bosco’s Dr Ling (followed by Chris). Dr Ling is such a two timer >< haha, maybe I should change the poll to be most ‘hated’ characters instead.

As for favourite male character, my vote was between either Raymond or Wayne 🙂

27 Responses to “Favourite MR Character”

  • iciel says:

    I think that Michelle’s role was very interesting. Although she is evil, I love everything about her. I love how she used many tricks to steal Hor Ma’s things. But I think her role is the most believable. Because humans are greedy, especially when Hung Yee had lost a husband before, it’s reasonable that she doesn’t want to lose Jo Bao. We could see that she just wanted to keep Jo Bao with her, she didn’t care about money in the end. On the other hand, although Hor Ma is a super duper niceeeeee woman, her role is hard to believe. Who would be so nice?? I don’t know, I just like evil roles more than nice roles ^^

  • Liling says:

    My favorite female character is definiately Ah Hing. I think Fala portrayed her role well though her character was only important in the first half of the series. After she married, she sort of disappeared and whenever she was there, it was unncessary. The scene just didn’t need her presense. I think her character has potential to be further developed. But being TVB, I think they would just focus more on the nonsense arguments than a logical script.

    I actually didn’t like any of the male characters, including Raymond’s Ah Ho. If there is another actor that I like from today, it would be Ray. However, both acting and character wise, he failed to impress me. His acting was good as usual, but I felt that he had portrayed many of these characters in the past. Moreover, his character was all good and there weren’t like any secret compartments in his character.

    I voted for Nin Chi Yung as my favorite male. In beginning, the story was very strong. However, after he left, the story began going downhill. Also, I also noticed that Wayne’s character really had nothing to do with the plot. They could totally give without his character. And his coming back in the end was just blah.

  • Liling says:

    I agree with you iciel! Sorry, I just noticed the comment after I posted mine.

    I don’t get the overhype about Hor Ma’s character. Like you, I believe that humans are greedy in general. Hor Ma’s character is completely not believable in today’s materialistic world.

  • MRandHOG says:

    The votes so far are so purely based on the actor’s popularity…

  • smartone says:

    I agree MRandHOG . How can Linda possibly get so much votes..??

  • Summer says:

    hehe..i’ve voted to Tavia ( Ah Yue ) and Moses ( Ah Ka ) they both is my fav. character in Moonlight

  • rachel says:

    wow, i voted for tavia and raymond and they’re both in the lead 😀
    i voted for tavia not because of popularity or because i just like her more, but because i really loved her character, she had such an important role, i think even more important than linda and her character was so real. that’s why i voted for her…
    as for ray…hahaha i’m guilty 😀 part of the reason was because he’s awesome hahaha

  • Prinxess19 says:

    Seriously if I think voting for my favorite character is hard. I find it even harder with best actor and actress because seriously every1 did a wonderful job in MR. It is so hard to pick that just 1 for each category. Just my 2 cents.

  • Eliza90 says:

    i voted for tavia(ah yuet) and moses(ah ka)cos their my fav. characters in MR.i think tavia’s role is better in MR than in HOG.i like the ending although it was a little boring (happily ever after) ending.

  • Xuyen Nguyen says:

    Hehe I voted for HorMa,I admire her about her love.I totally agree with some of you guys that in this real world how many people will be the same to her.However,this is only the movie that we are in a fairy tale story and wish for a better world in our life.

  • Xuyen Nguyen says:

    To iciel: I love your idea.i think in the real world you are the strong people.

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    I choose Hor Ma, she’s such a wonderful character! I can’t believe she’s so wonderful! =] Lee See Kei is a great actress! I like her character here a little bit better than HOG, b/c she doesn’t dies! =] Anyways, I love Ah Yuet, this is actually the first time I really love tavia! I didn’t really like Tavia b/c all the other character’s she played were kinda iffy to me. Maybe b/c for a time I thought she and Bosco looked bad together (kinda jealous for Moylie, but now I think Tavia is a billion times cuter and prettier than Moylie… no offense to any fans). But, after realizing that she is an amazing actress, I love her! She goes great with ANYONE! I would have never guessed she and Moses would look good as a couple.

    I wanted to pick Moses just b/c he so cute and he;s character is adorable. But, I choose Raymond. I like Raymond’s character in this movie b/c he’s so loyal to Hor Ma. Moses kinda went with Ah hong (just b/c of the business) and he liked Kate (which was his cousin). I know he’s not related to Kate (b/c Ah Sa is adopted) but still he didn’t know at first! YAh, so I really like Raymond… so cute!=]

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    iciel and Liling,
    I understand both your point of view. In today’s world there are only really mean and evil ppl. But, I think that there are ppl in the world like Hor Ma and that’s why I love her character. She’s such a sweetheart and I know that it’s hard to believe, but I know a lot of ppl are like Hor Ma.

    I don’t think Ah Hung really loved Joba, b/c if she did she would AT LEAST had told him that his mom was DYING! MAN! I mean no matter how evil she is, if she really loved him, she wouldn’t had kept him from his mom. I think she’s just mental and really her intentions is to hurt other ppl (esp. Hor Ma), b/c her husband left her.

  • Li Yuet says:

    I voted for Ray and Tavia. I LOVED their characters.
    Tavia (Yuet) resembled Hor Ma more than any of the other children even tho she’s adopted. 😛

  • Xuyen says:

    I think that AH hong does not love her husband. I saw at the end of the story, she did not tell the truth what the grandmother said even though she came in jail.

  • Lisa says:

    I really liked Tavia and Moses together!! Moses was soo cute in this movie!! ^o^

  • XueXue says:

    I thought that Ah Hong actually loved Joe Bao. She just didn’t tell Joe Bao that Granny was dying because she didn’t want him to go back and see Hor Ma. She was afraid that if Joe Bao was to spend more time with Hor Ma then they may get back together and Joe Bao would leave her. I find her ambitions totally understandable, though they may not be the nicest ambitions.

  • Vaneffle says:

    Yeah, Ah Hong never actually said ANYTHING about the truth of what Grandma was saying… even after she became good again. she prob didn’t have a chance to… BUT STILL!…

  • VWaterlily says:

    I totally agree with your comments, K. Ga Mei is just… Yuck. Although I like that she ratted Ah Hung out, I found it pretty sudden. Ah Hung’s too evil for my liking.

    Outside of Linda, who was getting annoying, all the other female characters were pretty good. But Ah Hing is probably me favorite. I can’t believe Grandma didn’t get more votes. She was awesome, except for the first half. But her change of heart was believeable, unlike Ga Mei and Ah Hung’s.

    • KTVB says:

      I loved Grandma in the second half of the series 🙂 I agree! The change was very believable ^^

      Even in the first half of the series- I liked her love towards her grandchildren~~

  • fhiwhf says:

    I guess you guys dont actully think about it, Lindas Character maybe annoying always crying and stuff, but have you thought that she was the one brave enough to take on this character? i admire linda for her strength in this character and i think she pulled it off well! So lay easy on her!

    • Joshick says:

      Thanks fhiwhf! Thank you so much! You are the only one who stood up for Linda Chung amongst all the nasty comments about how Linda was so annoying in MR. I think she acted very well in MR, the fact that she can cry quite naturally in the series. Linda’s acting has been improving,a lot. And she is gaining popularity by her acting and singing, so people stop saying that she is being promoted too much!

      • KTVB says:

        We’re not really talking about Linda as an actress, but her character in the series. Yu So Chau was really annoying and unbearable to watch with all those crying scenes over every little petty matter…

  • Chris says:

    LOL I guess I am in the minority, but the evil characters WERE the most realistic in MR. I mean Hor MA ….uh cmon no one is that nice.

    The evil characters at least showed that they weren’t stupid and had some common sense. The goody characters were so unbelievable.

    I voted for Ka Mei (Kate), cause well I kinda agree with her when she said all those things about how Hor Ma’s family was like “die B” playing all those dumb games all the time and everything. I mean aren’t they all like 25+ years old already? So Childish.

    And plus you have to admit that Ka Mei + Ah Hung were just clever in all their plans.

    • KTVB says:

      LOL I have to agree with you about the bit when Kate commented how they always played those “stupid silly games etc “XD it was funny but somewhat true.

      But then Kate changed and became a part of them..so…hehe

      It’s a family thing though~ it’s nice to see the family together!

  • camie says:

    i vote for susanna kwan even though her character is not nice but her acting was awesome and i think her argument and fighting scenes was hilarious lol and sa yi make them laughs and cries i love sa yi susanna kwan!!! Yah!

  • nn says:

    all….. i like all character of this film…!!^^

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