I think the series is getting a little bit better? Hm..not sure lol

Yoyo and Bobby

I’m finding myself more interested in their romance storyline here compared to FH1 because it appears more existent. In FH1, we don’t really get the chance to see Bobby and Yoyo together as a “couple” for long and as FH2 goes on, we see how much Yoyo really means to Bobby even though he previously does not show it.

After Bobby makes another attempt to propose to Yoyo, she agrees ^^!! I felt really happy for Yoyo because her insecurities were no longer there and Yoyo was able to accept her ‘new life’ (and disabilities). She was also able to experience what it was like to be a women who was soon to be married =) Unfortunately, she gets involved in an criminal incident and gets attacked and almost killed!! I thought she was going to die ><…just like Linda did before her wedding- that would have been so tragic and unexpected!! I didn’t want her to die because that would have been so sad!! However, when Yoyo survived, I sort of got disappointed lol I’m happy for the screen time she got though and brings her importance a little higher in the story.

After the resolution of the case, Yoyo decides to go overseas to study at England for almost a year. Their wedding would have to be delayed until she came back ...it really seemed like she was a useless character that TVB doesn’t know what to do with so they got rid of her for a bit. I was disappointed they did that to Yoyo and I was worried whether Bobby and Yoyo’s relationship would change after that. Maybe it will prove their relationship remains strong thereafter. I was relieved to see how much Bobby cared about her and reassured to their fathers that they will get married and have kids lol The departure scenes with the chocolates was very sweet and thoughtful =) Bobby gave Yoyo a jar of chocolate , same amount as the days she will be away for. Each day she would have one so she’ll be reminded of him and when the jar was empty, it was a reminder that she should return back to his side ^^

Charmaine/Kevin/Frankie Love Triangle

Kevin is pursuing Charmaine… I can’t really tell when he started liking her but I guess it was gradual. There were subtle moments where the camera focuses on Kevin looking at Charmaine at a lot. It means something lol The triangle is becoming more obvious with Charmaine sharing scenes/times with both Kevin and Frankie but it feels like Charmaine is leaning more towards Frankie. To me, Frankie seems more of the stable one and the thing he does is more concrete while Kevin tries hard to impress her. Charmaine’s past is revealed and it turns out her fiance and another guy(who she dated for one day) were both killed on her wedding day in England. The guy who she dated for one day was totally obsessed with her and shot her fiance in the head before killing himself. Both Frankie and Charmaine hold someone they value in their heart, each having a token of memory (i.e an engraved pen and shoe-key chain). The two also share a lot of time together during lunch breaks at the top of the building where Charmaine was also somehow a source of inspiration and ideas for Frankie’s stories. Perhaps Madam Mui was turning into Madam Ma?

As for Kevin and Charmaine, the two have a common interest in England since they have both studied abroad there before. In episode 15, Kevin asks Charmaine out to watch a concert together but things didn’t turn out the way he had planned ^^; Frankie drove them and when he mentioned to Kevin how he was asking about a nice cafe to go to afterwards, Kevin was very annoyed that Frankie was (unknowingly?) spilling the beans ^^; Kevin and Charmaine did end up watching the concert but she was too tired to have dinner/cafe afterwards and she kept insisting to pay him back for concert tickets XD

In episode 18, Frankie notices Charmaine had a few coughs so he bought her some cough lollies and wanted to give it to her. However, he sees Charmaine going off in Kevin’s car so ends up giving the lollies through Kevin instead. Kevin takes her to watch the sunset while drinking coffee and sharing his hand-made cookies. Charmaine was really impressed that he was able to offer what she wanted in such a peaceful relaxing atmosphere. When Charmaine closes her eyes, Kevin leans over and attempts to kiss her but she turned away XD And she she turned back to see Kevin’s face so close to her, the two became so embarrassed lol Such an awkward moment!

In episode 19, Charmaine invites Kevin to watch a play with her and he excitedly agreed. However, on the way to play golf with his friends, Kevin bumps into Charmaine’s mother who is unwell, so he decides to accompany her to GuangZhou but because there were delays on the transportation, Kevin couldn’t make it back in time for Charmaine’s date. Charmaine got angry/disappointed with Kevin when he called to say he couldn’t make it anymore. She ends up bumping into Frankie so the two went to watch it together instead. When Kevin and Charmaine’s mother finally returned to Hong Kong (after the play finished), Kevin’s arm gets injured helping Charmaine’s mother. Only at the hospital did Charmaine realise the truth and felt really bad for her previous harsh words and the things he did for her. Kevin uses this chance to express his feelings for her, grabbing onto her hands when she held his hand. I guess this is the start of their relationship ^^Started to feel sorry for Kevin so yeh..

Raymond Cho and Florence

I think TVB is going to set this couple up? I remember back in FH1, Raymond was closest to Yoyo, while Florence was to Bobby at work. Somehow Florence looks older than him, but I enjoy the times they bicker with each other. It is quite funny seeing the contrast in character in many scene- they’re quite the opposite! There was a scene where the Forensics and Cops (minus the main characters) were having a BBQ at a beach where Florence and Raymond had a go at each other about the way people should eat their food and during the Volleyball match ^^;

After drinking one night, Raymond scabs a lift off Florence but because he was going to puke, Florence dodges and twists her ankles (since she was on heels too). She went to the hospital where her ankle was bandaged up. Raymond went to buy her different shoes to change into but she wouldn’t wear the shoes he bought her: men’s thongs LOL xD When he said he would pay for her medical expenses, he didn’t have enough money in his wallet lol

In one case (Shirley’s case)while Florence was gathering Evidence, she accidentally cuts Raymond’s hand with a broken glass which had blood on it and turns out the blood actually had HIVs! Will this bring the couple closer?

Mathew Ko and ‘Formula’?

The obvious scene that Mathew had a thing for Forumla was when Formula gave him a bead -racelet and he thought she was only giving it to him,One each~ but turns out she also got one for each of the cops xD That scene where his fellow cops found out was very embarrassing for him lol I don’t feel much for this couple though since I don’t feel much for either characters.


The cases have been improving a little I guess and I have became a little more interested in the cases. There’s still something about the cases that I’m not exactly satisfied with. Am I asking too much? There seems to be too much conveniences with the evidences. Also, a lot of time, the material/chemicals/parts of items etc found are only “one of a kind”, limiting down the people by heaps. There also seems to be a pattern where the first or obvious suspects are not it. It’s often diverted off somewhere else. Often I find myself noticing/guessing who the criminal is before they actually do…like the Gangster guy, who they said its a father-and-son relationship; how the people getting attacked all had disabilities and that Shirley’s case was actually the little girl’s mother.

*Gangster- ‘Song Gao’

I feel sorry for the women…I felt that she should have told her husband a long time ago, rather than always remaining blackmailed and having to get raped by Song Gao every time..*sigh* I also felt sorry for her husband how he couldn’t bring out his courage to protect his wife after he found out.

-The video clip found was too convenient, and how can they zoom in the video clip to see the teeth that fell off Song Gao’s mouth? It looked like something of super poor quality to do so.

*Disabled people

I felt very sorry for all those innocent victims. The man is totally crazy..and when he re-told everything it was really annoying too- kept repeating himself.

*Shirley’s Case

I thought this case was the most interesting out of the three. I’m quite shocked with Shirley’s case actually, namely Shirley. To some extent I think her real image would have suffered because of the role she played. In this series, Shirley plays a pop star who has an image of an ‘angel’, but as we find out more from the cases, she’s the complete opposite in personality and is a complete b****. I hated her up to the point where she had ‘nothing left’. She was such a selfish person and I think she is very lucky to have “Ka Lok” stick by her through everything. She used him merely to help her advance herself in her career. However I think she does sorta redeem herself when she turned back good and ended up donating her bone-marrow to the little girl. The ending is a good with for her and the two leave to Taiwan to start over.

Finding out more things about Shirley’s manager and assistant was very interesting too and it kept me wondering who was lying and who was telling the truth. Of course, the greatest liar was “Sharon” (Shirley)

*Upcoming Case: The Kidnapping of Charmaine’s brother- This case looks very exciting since it will involve Charmaine’s family~ more on this in the Episode 21-30 Post (when I get there that is )

Other random comments?

Because they always commented that Charmaine’s “Mmm Goi Sai” sounded ‘sweet’ and ‘warm’ when they started to see the other side of her personality, it was starting to annoy me. Now every time she says it, it becomes so noticeable…she says it so often.

16 Responses to “[Forensic Heroes 2] Episode 11-20”

  • chibi says:

    I don’t know… FH2 doesn’t really seem to get better. The cases are pretty disappointing cause it almost feels repetitive and the team seems to assume too much while figuring out the cases- e.g someone is lying when they look at the top left hand side… err.. that doesn’t work for all people… the audience feels more intelligent than the characters in the show :/

    Also, has anyone else found that the soundtrack in FH2 is waaayyyy overly dramatic?? They have this really freaky/dramatic/epic music when it’s really no big deal..just to make it like “WOW!” Then there’s the very annoying close up of the police station office window used over and over again. These little things are pretty noticeable and ruins the level of enjoyment to the series. The story just doesn’t seem realistic enough.

  • elizabeth says:

    well,i think the cases are good but than the murderer or the criminal turns out gay,
    like the case where yoyo was in,it was really interesting until i found out the killer && tht was so stupid ,idk but it just does.

    I really agree with you that shirley case is best so far,&& chibi is right they always show them windows all the time,it gets annoying but the series is still really good though : )

  • Rin says:

    I knew something was up with Shirley when they showed the case. Though it was unexpected that the one that attacked her was the kid’s mom… weird. It was interesting though so yeah.

    I like Kevin & Charmaine pairing more than Frankie & Charmaine 😛 but it seems like they’re showing that Charmaine will be liking Frankie later in the series, oh yeah, does Kevin even know about her fiance & what happened in England? They never cleared that up. I like the Raymond Cho and Florence pairing, they’re fun to watch but I hope he’s HIV negative.

    The coming case, kidnapping of Charmaine’s brother, is quite… stupid… well the reason for the kidnap was a bit stupid but I like the result for it. It solves the whole family issues and everything so yeah.

    & I agree with the windows/door at the police station is quite annoying… over and over again. Also, I find it not that realistic how they have such high ranking people (like Bobby) to go to every single case.

  • Jadedreams says:

    Hello ktvb!

    I too enjoy the romantic relationships in here moreso than in FH1. Although screen time for Bobby & Yoyo is decreased, I really enjoy watching them after Yoyo has her accident. It was sweet how Bobby was by her side and how they stick together through thick and thin.

    In the beginning, I also think Charmaine likes Frankie more, but whereas Frankie and her bonded more over things, I think she was more relaxed and happier around Kevin. Although, I think Frankie can also be like Kevin (seeing him being super cute with Linda), but he was never really playful with Charmaine.

    As for Shirley’s case, I think it was alright, but I think Shirley sort of over-acted some of the bitchiness scenes. I enjoyed watching her scenes more after her career suffered. I guess I enjoy watching quiet Shirley more than loud Shirley haha.

  • LOL. You’re funny K. “I think the series is getting a little bit better? Hm..not sure lol” 😛 I don’t have the interest or mood to watch any more of the series yet.

  • kinki says:

    i just finished the series yesterday~
    dun worry, im gonna keep my mouth shut =X until u guys have finished it!!

    all i could say is that if you like Charmaine, Kevin and Frankie, you’ll enjoy the rest of the series. if you were hopping for more of Bobby and Yoyo, you might not be a bit disappointed.

    hope you guys made/watch it till the end la..haha!~

  • princess101 says:

    hii everyone! !anyone watchd FHII wif shirley’s case? i thought the case itself was a bit pointless as nobody actually died or anything and it was just because shirley was lying… but all the same, I think the cases are getting more interesting!

  • Trang says:

    WOW! Love triangle between KevinxCharmainexFrankie? Very interesting!

  • Summer says:

    i m up to epi of 28, 2 more to goes for ending..

    Ya.. i wil more enjoyed watching Yoyo & Bobby paired.. cos,they’re sweet , romance and touching.. many thing happen in between them in FH II compare wif FH I, and luckly they dun end up the relationship tat Yoyo wil die.. now i just wait for their wedding ceremony to goes lo..

    i dun really enjoy watching Charmaine wif Kevin and Sam is trying not to involve due to Kevin is his best friends, tis triangle love , abit bored and some scene , its makes me feel abit weird, cos, from starting til around epi 20, Frankis his heart only Linda and suddenly , he like will fall to Charmaine.. sound abit weird.. tis is just my thinking.. to Kevin, i enjoyed watching his character, cos he hold a cute, happy and easy going person and a perfect bf of Charmaine.. but its sad, when u ( KTVB ) come to episode around 27.. he know something abt Charmaine..

    Then i do enjoyed watching the couple of Flo and Ray Cho, when u come to epi around 23 ..u will know.. haha…

    over all , i enjoyed watching every cases that they handle.. its professional and interesting..
    but , its over soon.. probally tonite i wil finish watching FH II ..

  • KTVB says:

    To elizabeth: I agree with the “murderer or the criminal turns out gay” bit..esp with the guy killing off the disabled people. Something about the attitude of a lot of the suspects etc annoy me.

    To Rin: I believe kevin doesn’t know about Charmaine’s past as of yet.

    To Jadedreams: i agree with u about the shirley bit. quite shirley over loud shirley haha..she also seems like a nicer person when she’s not just yelling at people.

  • Jackie says:

    cant wait till i watch the rest of theses episodes

  • rae says:

    what happened in the end? I missed the last part

  • AdeyTan says:

    Formula’s Macy, isn’t she?

  • Vi Lo says:

    The ending is pretty sweet. If only, they show when Kevin and Chermaine got married after he woke up. haha.

    • Jnewin says:


      This is one of those ending like The Price of Greed, When Easterly Shower Falls on the Sunny West, and Riches and Stitches where it let you guess the ending.

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