The long awaited Forensic Heroes 2 is finally here ^^

I like how the opening theme video has resemblances to the original opening of Forensic Heroes although I still like the prequel’s theme video and themesong more =) The chorus is quite catchy and I like how they show the groups together (looking like it was filmed just for the opening)…all the victims and then finally the group of Forensics at the end~ It really shows the groups being split back into their respective groups.

I quite enjoyed the first episode mainly from seeing the entire cast from the prequel! It feels so awesome being able to see all the characters from the original and that it actually continues on, compared to a lot of the other sequels TVB has been producing recently.

It does sadden me to the change in focus from Yoyo’s character to Charmaine though…

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  • kinki says:

    Watched the first ep. Here are my thoughts.

    Dunno why, but i’d prefer keeping the original cast..
    w/o adding in Kevin Cheng & Charmaine Sheh into it..although Kevin Cheng’s not out yet in the first ep. but i think the addition will make the series indistinguishable.

    Coz Forensic Heroes to me are Bobby AuYeung, Yoyo Mung, Frankie Lam & Linda Chung. I know Linda dies early..but still. Plus, Charmaine Sheh seems to be the lead female here, taking over Yoyo Mung’s spot. I guess if the story line’s/cast’s gonna shift, what’s the point of making a sequel?!

    I’d rather they make a different series, rather than making sequels which might or might not live up to the previous one.

    Heard a lot of ppl longing for this sequel, but I have a feeling that I’d not be one of them.

  • vivi says:

    i cant wait to watch this after my exams!!!! the first forensics i loved! Although ive read that linda dies early though! =S

  • Summer says:

    i m up to episode of 6 ler.. so sad … Linda die lioa.. i cry .. really sad.. and i abit agreed wif Kinki, actually the main cast in part I, is great.. not to say Charmaine and Kevin is not good.. but, i feel, i prefer to watch the main cast rather then adding some in and taking some out lo..

  • chibi says:

    I haven’t seen FH1, but when Linda died.. it wasn’t very sad- her character seemed pretty useless here and didn’t do much except brag about how lucky and happy she is- especially to Yoyo, who was obviously not as lucky as her. I think there’s a bit too much insensitivity here, and so when linda died (which was expected), I couldn’t feel for her much. Good acting/crying on Frankies Part though.

  • katahmari says:

    i liked the old crew of Forensic Heroes ;D
    –Kevin and Charmaine are good actors but they look like they dont really fit in this

  • xx_KevinCheng_xx says:

    I have watch fh1 before and now i watch fh2 epi 7,, really sad when DingDing die:S She could life happilly with Sam:S But Ivan (kevin cheng) when he’s smiling its soo CUTE!!!

  • nich says:

    I agree with Chibi on the bragging part (linda to Yoyo) and there werre just too many spoilers abt Linda’s death till it became something very expected. so when it actually happened, I didn’t feel sad, but Frankie was really good with the crying.

    I’m now up to eps 11 and things are getting better. Charmaine’s character is really improving and we are slowly learning about her past – they come in bits and pieces.

  • Mio says:

    am I the only one who think Yoyo lost her cool image by changing her hairdo?
    Not that I dislike her her.. I LOVE it…but still.. I think she somehow lost the cool image ^^

  • vivi says:

    Just watched epi 1……….and char is just annoying at this point! Also yoyo hair style, agreed with Mio……it doesnt look as cool!

  • chibi says:

    Thanks for agreeing with me Nich, good to know I’m not the only one who thinks it!

    I also agree with Yoyo’s hair.. :/ Kinda weird that now she doesn’t seem to be doing much (after her incident)

  • eilegz says:

    how weird yoyo and linda hairstyle in this sequel looks fake the hair :S

    anyways feel sad that linda died

  • theresa says:

    i agree with everyone, the first one wos better and yoyo hair makes her look uncool and they should have kept the same xast unstead of adding kevin and charnine in. Up to ep 7, i think the plot is too long, the deaths is like one person goes on to another. To me i think is a big let down compare to the first. Hope it improves.

  • Amy says:

    I’m agree that yoyo’s hair looks weird,,now i’m up too epi 13…Butt yoyo it seems to like that she isn’t the main character anymore after the acident, but charmaine.. Don’t you all think that??? But still like FH and FH2:D

  • KTVB says:

    To Amy: lol Charmaine IS the female lead in Forensic Heroes 2 and not Yoyo, so it’s not a surprise you feel that way.

    I also agree witht he hair thing. Yoyo doesn’t look as ‘cool’ though its a pretty hair style. Linda’s fringe looks sorta fake too.

  • It was pretty sad when i watched episode 5(im a sucker for crying if someone dies in dramas) but linda is not that great and helpful so i guess its pretty alright to let her be removed from the series even though i started to like her again after in HoG because i used to hate her acting,i thought it was really faked and stuuf.

  • Amy says:

    Oow,, i thought that yoyo and charmaine are the female leads..But really like the character from kevin,, he smiles a lot here soo sweet and funny:D…

  • Jessica says:

    i love how it focuses on Charmaine… i like charmaine better than yoyo
    thats what made me excited for this series… 🙂

  • Amy says:

    FH2 i’m now up to epi 21,, the scene that a shum (Raymond Cho) find out that he maybe have HIV/Aids was really funny:D

  • Amy says:

    I have finish watching FH2,, it was really stupid that Ivan was in coma:s,, but i hope there will FH3 coming.. What do you guys think???

  • blowfly says:

    im now at ep 25. i seriously think ivan dont suit mdm ma. i prefer sam and mdm ma.

    and i dont recall mdm ma agreed on being ivan’s gf.

    btw, have anyone noticed that they are using windows media player to determine whether anything has a match? they should really fix on it.

    and how they handle the micropipette is totally wrong. really should do a thorough check before filming.

    other than that, it was really good. made me sleep at 5am everyday trying to chase the whole 30 episodes

  • Td says:

    I love Fh1 and 2. Really happy that kev and char are together.^^ tho, i thought yoyo should have been in it more, it seemed like she was neveer there.

  • IlubYoyo says:

    i hate how yoyo got replaced by charmaine. i am obviously a yoyo fan, so maybe i am biased. but my opinion is that charmaine just kinda took over. it doesnt seem like she worked reeeaaalllyyy hard to be the head of the police force. if they ever make Part III i hope yoyo will have a longer screen time because i think yoyo is a better lead. i like her style and the way she works. plus, if she leads, siu yau and tim sir can have more scenes 2gether~~~

  • jasmine says:

    i agree wib llubYoyo. if they ever make forensic heroes part 3, i hope yoyo will be the lead role again coz i wanna see more scenes of yoyo and bobby!

    • Senn says:

      i don’t think rest of the cast will return except for bobby or yoyo. just take Arm’s Reaction 1-4 File of Justice, most of the supporting cast change.

      but i do hope to see more of Madam Leung & Tim if there is a FHIII.

  • rae says:

    i guess script writers of FH2 have ran out of ideas after FH1. I heard that there will be FH3 but there will be no tim, mdm leung, mdm ma and sam. i dont know if its true.

  • Daren says:

    At the end of episode 30 what is the song name? Please tell me I can’t find it thanks

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