November 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 1-7

My exams are finally over ^^ and I can get the chance to do some blogging=D So far I’m quite enjoying this series, despite the time era (starting to get used to it actually) What freaks me out more is the tune/songs in the series~ it comes across my head once it awhile XD

This show is quite funny at times. I’m very annoyed at Liza’s character and how she treats Roger. All she cares about is her ‘son’..so glad she finds out that fakeo… I wonder when she’ll find out that Roger is actually his son? Don’t tell me its way near the end of the series XD I hope the story doesn’t get really serious and sad towards the end..
I really like Charmaine’s character~ she’s so cute! lol Very dopey and the voice makes it all funny as well. I wonder if she’ll still be likeable when her voice recovers.
I loved the little piggy as well, and the little piggy boat she made and released with the candle on it ^^ Very cute to see she has a crush on Roger hehee..and gets really happy when he buys her shoes and finds a job for her saying he’ll look after her XD
That “Ah Wong” that appeared in episode 2-3ish was werid!! I thought it was funny how Roger was talking to him though ehehe..his voice really sounded like Rogers version of that character. I wonder if it was a voice over o.0? I would admit though, if that guy took the role of “Ah Wong” in Square Pegs or Life Made Simple, I don’t think I’ll watch it *cough*cough*
Feel sorry for Roger’s character at times because of all those who hate him; really dislike Halina’s role (what did I say about her before ? lol ) When Roger first appeared in episode 1, I thought he was quite stuck up as well, but when you get to see his character he’s a nice person. I have a feeling Roger’s boss will take his revenge on him in the future, I’m already a bit worried about that ..that guy seems to have changing faces..he appears to be an easy-going person, appears to treat his wife well in the outside etc, but at home he’s different. Sharon plays his daughter, she’s quite likeable here too. I wonder if she’s going to meet Charmaine, Roger etc, or just going to have her own side story.
Joel on the other hand, never liked him in the previous 2 roles I’ve seen him in (Maiden’s Vow and Face to Fate) but I guess she’s quite funny here. As long as he doesn’t turn into a bad person etc I’m fine with him lol Its good to see he and Roger have a good brotherly relationship.

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  • bonnie says:

    TVB has to do more research. One episode was showing Lan to sing “Amen” and dance flamenco. It was still okay until the host introduced her as a gypsy girl. The origin of Flamenco might evolve from gypsies. But the outfit wasn’t really gypsies’ dance outfit though… It was more like a spanish flamenco’s

    It is really disappointing for TVB’s inaccuracy. It wasn’t really bad drama afterall particularly for She Sze Man. She showed a big improvement when she was playing tongue-tied. However when she played normal, she hasn’t really got the spirit…

    Wong Ming Chuen overacted, but people just turned a blind eye to her and said she was good, may be she is “ah-jeh”??. Good actors should be able to bring you into the world of the drama, to feel how they feel, that was also one of the factors for a successful film or drama. I think the best actress is Kwan Kuk Ying. I am sure that she touched a lot of people’s heart.

    Another good actor is Chun Wong. I like him so much. He played so well and I would really like him to be my father too. To be honest, he was not a bad father in the drama compare to mine in real life! I really like them both (Kwan and Chun)

    Message from London. Bonnie

  • KTVB says:

    To Bonnie: Totally agree with you about Wong Ming Cheun’s performance. I don’t think she’s that good of an actor.

  • fannie says:

    Great! i am looking forward to watch

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