December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 15-19


Finally caught up with the episodes! Just picking up a few points I like to reflect on during these episodes~ I really like the song [White Cloudy Sky] (which used the tune Roger’s mother used to hum to him to sleep) I particularly liked how Charmaine’s father ended up writing it out through actually hearing it from Liza (without him even knowing) while he was asleep, so Roger ends up with the full song. I also thought it was sweet how Charmaine really understood Roger and helped him write the lyrics ^^ The end production is really good too. I hope Liza will end up hearing the song someday!! Hopefully, the message will reach her ^^

Seems like Roger really likes Charmaine and I think its cute he tells her how he’s happy she understands him through the letter from her fan, and funny how Charmaine thinks her fan is written by an old man XD

I think its a good thing Sharon finds out about her mother/father..so she’ll stop blaming her..


On the other hand, that lady was getting soo scary getting all over Roger like that..because of that annoying evil Joel, the lady ends up committing suicide. ..the saddest thing is Roger being blames and bashed up so badly T__T AHH!!! Poor thing!!!! =’( If it wasn’t for the head police guy being there, that lady’s husband would have shot him dead T_T Liza(who thinks she’s doing the right thing) will so regret reporting to the police her own false understanding of the situation…I really really hate Joel’s character!!!!!! I’m scared that this is only the beginning of Roger’s tragic downfall…

Pooor Roger!! ><

At the end of episode 19, Liza finally hears the song……..

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