December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 20

Aww….the scene where Liza (pretending her body has been taken over by Roger’s mother) and Roger talk about the past and finally telling each other how they felt was so touching~ and very sad ..I waited for this moment so long…Even though he doesn’t know Liza is really his mother, the emotions are real.

Although it was an emotional talk, there were some parts in their conversations which I thought were quite funny, even though I don’t think it’s supposed to be funny ^^. One was when Roger asked ‘how come you’re dead?’ And she replied ‘I didn’t die. I mean, I was too busy looking for you I forgot I was killed‘ The other was how he ask his mother, that if there is a ‘next time’, not to go in Liza’s body. Surprisingly it fitted together and work well with the sad scene ^^

Screencaps of the moments

Beginning of the episode/end of episode 19- Liza hears the song on the radio. Captures her reactions

Liza pretending to be possessed by a ghost (she looks so funny XD)

Roger’s mother talks to him

Roger realises his mother has died

Lok Yi and his mother (Susanna Kwan) make up with each other

The dead lady’s husband (Evergreen Mak). Determined to never let Roger’s have a happy life again ><

Roger visits the lady’s grave

Roger hopes she can rest in peace and not bother him anymore. Even though it’s supposed to be sorta funny how he gets freaked out and the burnt stuff fly all over his face, there was also a quick close up shot of the photo which actually freaked me out when watching it XD

One Response to “[Glittering Days] Episode 20”

  • chibi says:

    I agree with you about that scene.. very emotional..I’m still waiting for the part when Roger finds out Liza is his mother. Great progress though.

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