December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 21

I can’t believe Joel’s character becomes popular because of the silly act he did at the hospital -__-;; ..When that guy pushed Roger onto Joel and he supported him, it looked like Joel still had some conscience, but then quickly protects himself by pushing Roger away. That selfish guy in attempt to protect himself, ended up punching Roger in the stomach and then announcing they are no longer brothers all over the papers.

Aww..more touching moments~ like how it was Mid-Autumn Festival and everyone was with their families, while Roger was felt alone at his house, sitting on a seat eating oranges by himself..while Liza wants to eat moon cake with him. She does eventually ^^, and it does seem pretending his mother possessed her body was a good opportunity for her to spend more time with her son; too bad it didn’t last very long..Roger trying to be a good filial son ended up finding out Liza was pretending the whole time.

The last part about the Pearl and Roger throwing it in the ocean to show Charmaine, but secretly keeping it in his pocket made me feel really sad for the him..why did he have to hide it from her?

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