December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 22

So sad Roger has to end up hiding, constantly fearing of been recognised, been beaten up with nothing left, and eventually having to burn up his own first-released albums T_T ..feel so sorry for him!! The album also brought him a lot of bad memories for him. It was really sad..half a year had passed, and as he burnt the CDs we see flashbacks and scenes which has occurred during the time which wasn’t shown before.

The lady (who asked for deliveries) who saw him seems to be a very kind lady, I hope she’ll be able to help Roger in the future~ she seems to have also recognised Roger and even bought his album ^^ yay! At least we see someone out there how appreciates his songs…
I don’t know when Roger actually fell in love with Charmaine (maybe after she had written the lyrics for the song for him?), but its pretty obvious now that he does. Even though I believe Roger would have saved Charmaine even if he wasn’t in love with her (from episode 21), when he claimed that she was his girlfriend, he did mean it, but then later pushed her away because of what the bad things the men said to him. Its obvious in this episode when he sees that girl singing on stage he pictures Charmaine singing instead and they hold hands in his dream. He also got very hyped up (if that’s the right word) when he couldn’t find the pearl Charmaine had given him~ so sweet =3

One Response to “[Glittering Days] Episode 22”

  • chibi says:

    poor roger… It’s so hard to watch him get beaten up and all. Can’t wait til he gets back up… buying your own albums for 1 YUAN, and burning them is really sad.

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