December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 27

As expected, Roger is saved by Ling-Jie (the really kind yet powerful women) yay! ^^ Everyone knows he’s Ling Fung now.. thank goodness she’s there, or wouldn’t know what might happen to him~ being forced to sing and then threatened with a gun~ probably humilate him to death. At least Roger doesn’t have to feel that bad anymore when he found out those who he was living with him had been worse off (i.e been to jail) and because of the help from Ling-Jie, they were all able to live a better life starting over. That lady also seems to know Liza~ I guess its because they both sing?
Really annoyed by Charmaine’s character..how could she believe Joel over Roger? ? She’s too naive and easily tricked…weird though, the next scene when we see Charmaine, she tells her father that Roger said he didn’t want to see her again (but he didn’t say that…erm..?)

Charmaine’s father~ up to this point still has not learnt his lesson. He had always brought trouble for the family~ and keeps getting his money tricked (other people’s money for the matter of fact) Annoying character..

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