December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 28

Hm..there’s 2 more episodes left and I have a feeling its not gonna be have satisfying conclusion. This episode seems so disjointed from the other episodes..Joel doesn’t appear in the episode and it doesn’t seem Joel’s action has any impact on Charmaine or her previous knowledge about Roger already having a girlfriend.

I really don’t understand Roger’s character anymore…Charmaine does all these things for him yet he’s pushing her away. I thought Roger really wanted Charmaine to believe him etc. I thought Roger wants his the bad image to clear away, annd Charmaine has given him a really good opportunity, why did he go humilate himself ? ? Isn’t all that important to him anymore? Is able to live under Ling-Jie good enough?

Roger looked so bad dressed up as a women, its too embarrassing to watch >< *sigh* I didn't enjoy this episode very much..and have a feeling the ending may be rushed. Liza doesn't seem to do anything about her relationship with Roger~ *shrugs*

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