November 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 8

The phone booth scene was cute ^^ Though I can’t yet see them in a romantic relationship, but Roger acting as he is now with the brotherly love~ I hope Charmaine doesn’t get rejected, cause its common that the guy (i.e Roger in this case) will end up loving her and go after her after he has rejected her before..and yeh.
Do sorta feel sorry for Liza how she had all her hopes up about filling up the photo album with 4 generations ahead. At least now when she’s the judge for the singing contest she and Roger are not deliberately crossing people off the list. I was quite surprised that guy(played by Lai Lok Yi) with the guitar that Sharon met would turn up at the competition and how Liza knew him. The relationships among the people are starting to connect with each other which is great! Liza’s friend’s niece is Charmaine, and that Lok Yi is Liza’s friend’s son (confusing? I should find out what Liza’s friend name is, playing a character called ‘Gill’)Sorta funny now to thinking back to when Liza secretly took Lok Yi’s guitar to exhcange for money and how Gill didn’t want her son to play music. I was always wondering how old her son was and where he was ^^; I wonder who is Roger and Lok Yi’s father is…..

*Charmaine’s dad never learns his lesson does he? Always itching to gamble..I can’t believe he believe what Joel had said, cause it was obvious he was making it up XD

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