December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episodes 10-14

On going on my trip, I’ve got 10 episodes to catch up xD Thanks to my bro who has been tapping it for me, I managed to watch 5 episodes today.
Joel’s character is one of the most annoying characters in the series..he pretty much causes all the problems for everyone, esp for Roger. You can really tell he would betray Roger someday for his own selfish reasons since he is really just a selfish person =x All the roles he had played in the series I’ve seen him in is unlikeable..

The other character who causes trouble is Charmaine’s father! I just felt that at times, if he spoke out the truth etc, Roger wouldn’t look as bad from people’s point of view. He tries to be a good father, brother and all, but he is still a coward a lot of the time.. *sigh* He tells Roger to leave his daughter, be harsh to her etc, and then blames him for hurting her =x
There were a few scenes I did feel sad:

*when Lok Yi ‘s mother found out he was in a band and ripped his shirt and cut the strings off his guitar. Both of them must of been hurt; even for the mother. I remember ages early in the series, his mother was very angry that Liza took her son’s guitar and sold it off even though she didn’t want him playing, she knew how much her son loved it and wanted to get it back for him. Even though Lok Yi left the house, I think his mother should go find him and apologise. Yes, he did leave, but he didn’t end up performing in the competition because of his mother..should she see he still didn’t end up going against her?
*when Roger watched his yet-to-release-first cds get crushed and destroyed. Roger is a good boy and I really like his character…I know I’ll feel really sad if his character will start falling, dunno if I can bare watching those really sad moments which will be coming soon >< The bet between Roger and Liza thing is a little confusing though. Looks like no one won/not one lost. Charmaine did not win the competition because behind the scenes they have already been paid and determined the winner to be someone else. But this truth comes out and they do not reannounce a new winner. I guess its a good way to cancel the whole thing without any of the two quitting their career in singing. I initally thought Roger was gonna lose which was what caused his down fall but I guess not. Roger does end up rejecting Charmaine with harsh words because he believes its the best for her. You can tell he really really cares about her..sometimes I wonder when he will like her more than a sister.. Liza, Lok Yi's mother, and Charmaine's father's idea to cheer up Charmaine and give her the motivation to sing again was pretty good =D It actually worked ^^ What was more touching was that Roger actually wrote one of them 9pretending to be one of her fans) and had sent it, ended up giving it through that chubby funny lady (who had no idea about the plan). This was the letter that had caught Charmaine's attention which gave her the will to sing again because her 'fan' related to her songs etc. ^^ That's so sweet ^^ The lady with the glasses who is a dye-hard core fan of Roger is starting to freak me out, seriously. Its ok that Roger is being the nice guy, but with his brother Joel manipulating and mucking things up stuffs up everything >< He makes it seem like Roger is interested in her in return and tricks her for lots of money~ can't bare to watch what will happen. Her husband is also very scary...he will kill Roger if any misunderstanding comes out +_+ Gotta say the lady was pretty good at lying to her husband about the missing necklace etc. And that girl Joel is after...geez..suits him doesn't she? Its obvious he's shallow and only after her looks. You can tell she only goes after him because of the money (which he tricked Roger's fan into giving him). Argh... Another new charcter is introduced- the son of the person who makes the costumes for the performers. Seems like a nice character =) I think Mrs. Flamingo lady's dancing looks cool..ehehe, I noticd it on the opening sequence and really wanted to see what her character would be like. Her story sounds a bit odd. I think she sorta deserves it for trying to pushing Liza off the stage, but instead falling off herself. I wonder if that man is Roger's father..? oo..yeh that was another point I missed out earlier. It was quite interesting to learn more about Liza and the earlier days ^^

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