• I think Kevin and Selena make a pretty sweet couple in this series and they look so good together ! I was rooting for the characters to get together because of how compatible their personalities were but I must say their love story had some of the big “no-nos” in it.  It slightly ruined it for me, but I’ll come to that bit later.
  • Selena and Kevin play the couple of being in two different “worlds”- the rich and the poor.  Selena is a rich, beautiful, intelligent woman who is the CEO of a large corporation. She is well educated and brought up from a wealthy background. In contrast, Kevin is only a security guard at her company, a boxer, a single father who claims to be “old with no money” (as Kevin often describes himself in the series) who also has a criminal record and previously sentenced to jail for 7 years.
  • Their relationship started out as boss and sub-ordinate. I think she abused her power :P, by making him do all these things for her out of work, drive her around, borrowed his uniform on the first day they met. She even forced a kiss on him when she was mad at her boyfriend (at that time) who was a married man and sought this as a way of “revenge”. The two eventually become really good friends as she seeks him out for advice on her relationships and she helps him tutor his son English.
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • Kevin is very  lovable caring and responsible man.  Kevin’s perception of their “difference” and not wanting to hurt  Edwin (Selena’s boyfriend) largely came between their relationship. It wasn’t even about Selena’s parents getting in their way of being together, it was the whole “we must do what is right and not hurt the ‘innocent’ one” (K is not impressed! XD)
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • While Kevin developed feelings for Selena, he would constantly deny them re-assuring Edwin that they’re from different worlds and there is nothing going on between them- They’re just great friends and she is his boss. At that time, even Edwin admitted/felt he was the odd one out and Kevin and Selena looked like they were having so much fun together (including Kevin’s son, seemed like a family)
  • However, when Selena realised she had fallen in love with Kevin (occasion where she cried for him when she thought he was in a car accident), the trouble girl dialled into the radio station which talks about love and relationships where she confessed her confusion and not knowing what to do. She realised she loved Kevin, but can’t leave her current boyfriend because he is perfect to her. The two men happen to tune into the station and heard her confession.
  • Edwin ended up proposing to her but Selena rejects him as she decides to be with Kevin. Edwin tells Selena that he will continue to wait for her until she changes her mind. She happily rushes to find Kevin to confess her feelings for him and he instantly starts avoiding her as he realised what had happened.
  • It was pretty pitiful watching Selena “chase” Kevin- I felt so embarrassed for her >< The way he rejected her, humiliated her and “hit” her in the boxing ring was so hard to watch. Guy hitting a girl?? For a girl to go all out and get rejected like that almost makes him sound like a jerk. Kevin didn’t return her feelings because he felt she should have been with Edwin and that he wasn’t good enough for her. He told her that he never liked her and her behaviour was making him despise her.
  • Eventually Selena returns back to Edwin…It really felt like Selena was using Edwin as a rebound!
  • The night before Selena’s wedding, Selena found out from Nancy that Kevin did love her and rejected her before only because he felt he wasn’t good enough for her. I really like the scene when Selena and Kevin finally admitted their feelings for each other- Kevin seemed so heartbroken to see Selena who was in tears.  The two started happily heading to the airport together as Selena proposed to “elope”. It felt a bit like a dream. Technically Kevin could have just left. What left me pretty confused was how Kevin let Selena go back to get married with Edwin. What the heck…..?? Clearly the one she loved was Kevin, but because they didn’t want to hurt Edwin, they made that decision. It annoyed me- left me thinking..”what just happened…?” While Edwin seemed like a nice guy, I was always convinced that Selena married him out of pity more than anything. She didn’t seem happy with him and only chose to stay committed to him. How did Selena even agree to this..??”
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • I always thought Selena married Edwin ‘out of duty’- because he was a great man who did nothing wrong to her (pre-wedding) but love just doesn’t work that way! She doesn’t owe him anything!! And what makes me so angry is why does Kevin think he can just push Selena to marry Edwin for? It’s almost like those love triangles where one steps out ‘sacrificing themselves” for the better of the other two. This is modern time and shouldn’t work that way.  I guess the lesson to be learnt there was the whole loop they went through. Selena married Edwin but because of him having suspicions of her loving Kevin (which he already knew about before they got married),  he gets into a car accident and his legs disabled for life. This then lead on to domestic violence as he kept treating Selena poorly because he couldn’t control his temper. After all that, when Kevin supposedly made Edwin see Selena loved Edwin wholeheartedly, Edwin finally trusted Selena and wanted to start fresh with their lives. Edwin however, eventually commits suicide when he claimed he could no longer endure the pain. Somehow I see it as TVB’s way of letting Selena and Kevin get back together, to “fix” up their mistakes of having Selena marry Edwin in the first place…

  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • TVB Gloves Come off
  • At the end, Selena was diagnosed with some amnesia. It felt kind of out of place and was not necessary for storyline purposes, other than creating a slight tragedy that the woman Kevin loves may no longer remember him.
  • They still look great as a couple though, maybe Selena will remember her husband one day..

18 Responses to “[Gloves Come off] Selena & Kevin’s Relationship”

  • Ri says:

    Selena and Kevin were my fave couple in this show but I never finished watching it because I was so annoyed by the Raymond/Natalie couple! What do you mean Selena got amnesia in the end? So she forgot Kevin? It looks like they had some good times before that (from your screencaps)..

    • Magic says:

      I actually thought the Raymond/Natalie couple more interesting. Although I do like Kevin + Selena more as actors. Natalie has improved so much since she won the ‘Most Improved Actress’ award. She’s improved even more since then!

      Selena looked great in here. 😉

      • KTVB says:

        Raymond cheating on Natalie was a total disaster………..><

        • Ri says:

          He cheated on her?!

          I agree Natalie has improved a lot but I somehow have yet to get attached to any of her characters other than, oddly enough, her character in The Threshold of a Persona. Probably because she played a sassy, grounded character who had her priorities straight (she was a single mother). Funnily enough that was the first series I saw Ruco Chan in too, tho he didn’t have the best character to play. I’m digressing here but I’m waiting for Ruco to star in another show soon with (hopefully) a character as good as his Keith in The Other Truth. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the recent show he was in, didn’t wanna taint Keith’s memory haahaha

        • KTVB says:

          Yeah he cheated on Natalie with Katy Kung after their baby was born. Arghhhh..=.= It broke up the whole family…Annoying! Katy Kung seems to play those husband stealing roles quite a bit. That image of her is geting attached to her (like in Bottle Passion)

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..towards the end of the series, Selena started to release she developed some sort of amnesia (probably through all the stress with Edwin I’m guesssing). When she found out, she tried to distance herself from Kevin, but was eventually convinced by Kevin to let him look after her etc They had a short period of time together and she evntually proposes to Kevin too on the spot (at the church)..a simple wdding with no one around.

      Selena then lies to Kevin saying she’ll be going to overseas to cure her sickness, and said she will return in two years. This was so Kevin could concentrate on his boxing..Of course, it turned out as a lie and Selena’s intentions were to leave Kevin because she couldn’t bare him to suffer from looking after her.

      Years past (maybe two?), and Kevin eventually ends up at the church where Selena proposed to him. There he bumped into Selena again who has forgotten who he is, but mentions that he seems familar to her etc…Kevin then tells her how his wife has forgotten about him etc, and soemthing along the lines of “as long as two people still have those feelings for each other, they will always remember each other” (It’s been AGES since I’ve finished it so my memory could be very off haha)

      • Ri says:

        Sounds so tragic! TVB’s been trying to pull all sorts of tragic endings lately.. what’s wrong with a happy ending every now and then! ><

  • Chibi says:

    woah @.@ ahahah..nice recap!! I didn’t watch this series at all but I felt you did a great job retelling their story and the screencaps! ^^

    This love triangle almost reminds me of the ending of Under the Canopy of Love. It does not seem right to me at all that two people should be together just because they feel obliged. I mean it’s hard, but why would she still go back to marry Edwin when she loved Kevin?

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks =) haha you have a good point about Under the Canopy of Love triangle where Niki and Kevin “split” because they didn’t want to hurt Bosco..sigh..

      Yeah..it doesn’t seem like Selena’s personality to go back to marry Edwin….

  • Teiji says:

    So many typos lol. But nice recap! I agree with all of your points and really hate how TVB screwed up this couple. 🙁

  • Cammie says:

    Aww! They have such great chemistry. But if I was Edwin, wouldn’t I just let her go since what’s the point of marrying a woman who only loves somebody else? Selena marrying Edwin hurt him even more than Selena eloping with Kevin. It sucks that the two main couples didn’t get a very happy ending in terms of relationships.
    Btw, I love the scene where they kissed in the rain too! So romantic!

  • AC says:

    I liked them together too. I hated how they made Selena have some type of disease to forget Kevin since I wanted them to have a happy ending! I thought that they were going to get one since they both lost their husband/wife.

    Do you think the ending meant that Kevin is going to pursue her again?

  • Kim + Jackson says:

    I really liked the Kevin and Selina storyline except for the bit where he humiliated her by hitting her – definitely over the top! I felt that they had a lot of chemistry and even when the deaf/mute girl was after Kevin I always knew that he was meant to be with the Selina. The ending was unnecessarily tragic and it would have ended much better if there was closure in them being together given all the death and adultery in the show.

  • Thuy Ha says:

    I just wanted to know is there a part 2 of Gloves Come Off? I really like Kevin and Selena as a couple they looked so sweet together. I don’t like the ending. If there is no part 2 . I wish they will have a new series with Kevin and Selena together again.

    • KTVB says:

      At the moment there is no news on a Part 2/Sequel…the series didn’t get high ratings either. But knowing TVB, and their lack of ideas these days, it won’t be surprisingly if there was one in the future

  • h.k says:

    yes i like both of these characters and tong sap character was good and kindhearted.Funny nickname though.Selena put in a good performance however she always gets second fiddle in roles nowadays while others get promoted.This amnesia thing copied the movie a moment to remember with son ye jin.A good movie but u may cry.

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