March 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Episode 6-10

  • The series is definitely getting more exciting! A lot happened in these 5 episodes and my thoughts on some of the characters have changed..
  • I knew there must have been a reason why Ping-Sok (Xuan’s uncle) was strongly against Xuan and Kenneth learning martial arts!  It turns out the Mok family has a background in martial arts too. However, because of Ping-Sok’s back-then righteous will for sticking up for the weak, he got himself into trouble and Xuan’s father ended up dying protecting him. From then on, he decided not to practice Kung Fu anymore and kept his past identity/past hidden- in order to protect the children.  He ended up revealing his martial arts to save Kenneth and Xuan.
  • Eventually Wong Fei Hong convinces him to see things differently and Ping-Sok ends up teach Xuan their family’s martial arts skills. I was really happy to see Ping-Sok let Xuan and Kenneth learn martial arts since they both seem to have a passion for it.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • I really like watching Bosco’s scene- how he grows and develops as a character- I pitied him when he was saying helplessly that he cannot take revenge for his father because his father is dead and no one can teach him their family’ mstyle artial arts. I was surprised/touched for Bosco when Wong Fei Hong’s offered to teach him,  allowing him to take revenge. At that point, Bosco was imagining his father teaching him, it was kinda sad. I think Bosco is going to look up to Wong Fei Hong that he wouldn’t want to take revenge on him later
  • Even though he keeps saying he wants to seek revenge, a part of me feels that Bosco actually looks up to him/respects him in a way.. When he went to fight Wong Fei Hong when the gang was attacking Wong Fei Hong and Raymond, he ended up helping them out when he was reminded of the time the villagers were  attacking him when he was a kid and how his father tried so hard to protect him.
  • Grace Under Fire
  • The other “awww” moment was when Wong Fei Hong/Liu Xuan asked him to stay to have “Zhong” for the festive season. For the irst time, Bosco could celebrate it with a group of people much like family… Initially I thought he would refuse given he “hated” Wong Fei Hong, but he actually listens to him and he is getting trained like he’s his master. The poor guy said to Xuan/Fala If I don’t take revenge, then what can I do?”
    Grace Under Fire
  • It’s kinda cute watching Xuan and Bsoco practice with each other, as they’re both still newbies at martial arts, but are both learning their own respective family martial arts skills. I think the two would make a very cute couple XD
    Grace Under Fire

    Grace Under Fire 

  • Surprisingly, these episodes made me like Fala’s character a lot. My favourite scene of Fala so far is the bit where she saw a woman sell her daughter away for $10. It built a back story for her which made me pity her and made me realise she’s a nice person, different to how she normally appears. Her mother abandoned her when she was 8, and stood up for the kid. it was comforting to see both Bosco and Fala meet each other and share those kinda sad moments together. I’m not sure whether it’s because she pities Bosco, or because of they both shared that sentimental moment in their first encounter, Fala geninunely sticks up for him and treats him like a friend. She even offers to  teaches him to write.  These two are pretty cute together too-  looking forward to their relationship to develop!


  • Aww I liked episode 7 how John Chiang stuck up for Raymond, defending and protecting his son all the way. The relationship between to two improve so much and it was nice to see Raymond finally see his father   differently 🙂 I was so happy for them!!
  • Grace Under Fire


  • It almost seemed like it wouldn’t take long before Power Chan (playing Raymond’s older brother) would accept his father too. Raymond and Power seemed rpetty clsoe and I loved the closeness/bond they shared. Raymond really looked after/cared for his older brother who seems to be very kiddish. I  felt very “awww” for the brother =( but at the same time,  he is quite adorable and innocent. He’s like a little kid..Raymond says he’s just being extra intravert..  I think it must have been someting to do with Wong Fei Hong sending him away to “Fut San” when he was little- making him very lonely and afraid of contact with other people. I don’t think how they explained what happened to him..

Grace Under Fire

  • These episodes made me so annoyed at Kenneth! He never learns his lesson – you’d think he’d change but he doesn’t! He always says to give him another chance, but he doesn’t change for real… it’s only talk. It was disappointing to see when he was kneeling outside to beg for Wong Fei Hong’s foregiveness- he still had his knee pads on (says something!)  He also tricked Wong Fei  into feling sorry for him etc  so he’d take him in as his apprentice as well. After all that, Kenneth still blames the “stuff up” was due to bad timing etcGrace Under Fire
  • Eventually, Wong Fei Hong forgives him, but what does he end up doing the night before he officially becomes Wong Hei’s Hong’s apprentice?? he gets himself drunk, into a fight, and ends up killing Raymond..OMG!!!!  I can’t believe he Raymond just died like that..it was so sad!!! =( The father and son’s relationship was just mending after all these years and he constantly put in good words for Kenneth and asked his father to give him another chance 🙁  I can’t believe that was it.. I wanted to see more of him..
  • Grace Under Fire
  • These episodes made me dislike Kenneth so much!!  His stupidity lead him to made the biggest mistake of his life >< He seems deeply regretful for killing Raymond, and so scared at the same time- it appears consistent with his character that he doesn’t want to die/get imprisoned so he runs away to hide..
  • These episodes also made me annoyed at Xuan’s character-she was  being too naive, mistaking Fala for scamming Bsoco’s money, and not believing her- resulting in another little girl being kidnapped. When Kenneth was in trouble, Xuan and her uncle were helpless- they couldn’t do anything except cry…Fala on the other hand held strong. Some may argue that Fala isn’t as close to Kenneth as the others, but we all know he treats her really nice and she knows it. She seemed happy for Kenneth when they thought he could finally be Wong Fei Hong’s apprentice (even though she didn’t admit it). What a mess this has turned into! It’s only going to get uglier from here..

8 Responses to “[Grace Under Fire] Episode 6-10”

  • Ri says:

    I was surprised when Raymond was killed off. I didn’t know he was only gonna be in so few episodes! 🙁

    The series is shaping up pretty well and I get the “No Regrets” feel sometimes – probably because it’s the same filming set! 😛 I’m interested in seeing how Kenneth’s character transitions from good to evil, and to see how well Kenneth as an actor can carry tht role.

    I also like Liu Xuan and Bosco’s relationship! They’re so cute together 🙂 And I think Liu Xuan is the first dubbed-voice-character I’ve liked because it actually looks pretty natural. I heard she actually spoke Cantonese for the filming, just not so fluently.

    • KTVB says:

      Raymond’s death was pretty shocking and sad.. =( Sad to think he died like that..I rather his scarifice be for the country, rather than jsut saving Kenneth (who in the end will turn out to be such a villain)

      I agree about the voice dubbing! I wonder they would use the same dubbed voice for Xuan’s future dramas XD

  • Sharon says:

    I thought so Raymond Wong would die, but it was sure fast D:
    But Kenneth didn’t kill him 🙂 I wonder how he turns evil tho :/

  • Amy says:

    I never thought I’d want to watch this series (seemed too tragic for me), but it’s grown on me. I enjoy seeing the multitude of relationships grow and develop, as well as the “good guys” persevering through their struggles and becoming stronger than ever. It was a shame that Raymond’s character had to die, but at least he was able to mend his relationship with his father before his untimely demise.

    Despite being irritatingly chipper, Kenneth puts a pretty cute spin on the character, despite being annoying at the same time. Again, it’s such a shame to know that his character takes a more sinister arc, and when you see him now, it’s hard to believe that he could possibly become evil – he may be sneaky and arrogant at times, but you can tell that he has a good heart underneath. However, as you could tell within this set of episodes, Kenneth’s character is not accustomed to severe hardship and loss, rather choosing to run away rather than face them, and I bet this weakness will play a role in breaking him and sending him on that downward spiral. (Still, what a shame…)

    If anyone deserves bad karma being heaped upon him a hundredfold, it’s Elliot’s villain character in this series. Every time I see him in action, I want to cuff him. I hope he meets a well-deserved demise in the end…preferably slow, painful, and with the knowledge that all his evil is coming to bite him in the butt…

  • Anynomous says:

    Let me stir up some troubles here. Kenneth did not killed Raymond Wong, it was Elliot’s wife little brother who killed Raymond. Everyone was drunk at that time and there was no evidence. Wong Fei Hung thought Kenneth killed his son because he saw Kenneth hold the glass but it doesn’t mean that he killed him.

    Yeah, Kenneth blamed on bad timing but he did admit to Wong Fei Hung that he lied about the Mayor gave him the sign.

    • Anynomous says:

      It’s really a mess because what happened was

      Claire Yiu blackmailed Eddie Kwan (Elliot’s secretary) that if he doesn’t help her brother then she’s going to expose him sleeping with Elliot’s mistress. So Eddie bribed the police officers and Kenneth was framed of killing Wong Fei Hong’s son.

      I agree that Fala held strong and is thinking of a way to help Kenneth.

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Anynomous, appreciate your contribution 🙂 I think when I wrote this, I thougth the “truth” came in episode 11 onwards so skipped that bit out to avoid spoilers~

      I think there would be no other way out for Kenneth but death, if he really did kill Raymond.

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