As I am really busy during this period and do not have enough time to spend on this blog, I’ll be jotting down my thoughts on the TVB series as quick scribbles. This will ensure you’ll get more regular updates from me :) Apologies for the draft-ness of my upcoming posts. Hope you guys enjoy what I have to share! [Contains spoilers]

Growing Through Life

  • After finding out Raymond was his son, Damian made a really good deal with Raymond- promising not to close his father’s factory indefinitely in condition that Raymond went to work for him at the marketing department. Soon, Raymond brings Bosco into the company with him.
  • Damian tried very hard to reconcile his relationship with Raymond and the two started to grow to understand each other. At first Raymond found it kind of suspicious but through these episodes, their relationship improved a lot and it was comforting to see the father-son get along with each other so well.
  • I felt the story was going downhill during these episodes as I watched Bosco slowly changing and turning ‘evil’. I often felt bad for him and I could  see why he was getting more and more bitter… ok- maybe Damien can see through to the “real” Bosco so he has always been so harsh etc towards him in hope to “tame” him, but I can’t help to think Damien is the one who is causing Bosco to change!  I can feel Bosco’s pain… Damian is pretty much turning Bosco to the way he says he is -.-
  • Poor Bosco! I know Bosco has a bit of an ego, but I think it’s a healthy amount. He genuinely does his best to help Raymond and the company yet gets blamed again and again. He puts in a lot of effort in his work yet Raymond gets the credit and when something goes wrong- only he gets the blame. It’s so unfair! Damian thinks he knows what everyone is thinking and wants to control everyones’ lives.
  • I felt the worst for Bosco during his birthday- he started out so hopeful because he has feelings for Ziqi (Lai Ging) and thought she was buying the watch for him and asked him out to dinner, yet gets disappointed when he realises the watch was actually for Raymond. On the same day, he gets sacked by Damian and he has to listen to all the accusations etc. Clearly Damian was being bias and thought Bosco was pursuing Toby because she was rich (which was clearly not true!- at this point anyway) And to be honest, I think he was quite disappointed with the present Raymond and his dad made him- I know it was a thoughtful present and they put a lot of effort into creating it for him but I don’t think he’s into that kinda stuff- I mean…a heater? I also find it strange that Raymond didn’t even tell Toby and Ziqi that it was Bosco’s birthday…

    Growing Through Life
  • Bosco started rejecting Toby and telling her he does not, has not and never will see her more than an ordinary friend (The VERY ordinary type). It was an interesting scene to watch..I mean- What a rejection o.0!  Toby didn’t even say anything although clearly we know she has a crush on him. He may have been angry and upset at that point, but I think there were truth in his words…
  • After hearing the words from his father, Bosco decided to tell  Ziqi (Lai Ging) his feelings.  The rejection wasn’t the worst bit but the fact Bosco overheard Vivien (playing Lai Ging’s sister) started “trashing him” and comparing him to Raymond >< *SIGH* ARGGGHH! She made it sound like Ziqi likes Raymond because he was more rich etc. When Bosco got drunk and started telling Dominic (his dad) how the girl he likes, likes Raymond- Dominic actually started saying how Bosco shouldn’t “fight” for the same girl as Raymond. GEEZ!!! I always feel so sad and annoyed at how Bosco’s dad seems to always sides with Raymond, doing everything for him, and constantly asks Bosco to help Raymond. We know Dominic loves his son but the way he constantly compares him with Raymond…anyone would get angry.
  • Clearly from this point- Bosco returns for his revenge. His jealousy of Raymond has taken over him-This might be the beginning of a nightmare..
  • Bosco finds ways to win back Toby’s heart- and I think he is actually pursuing her (with other motives now)
  • At first I thought he changed his mind about the spokesperson because he wanted to take revenge and ruin their marketing plans- instead it was to demonstrate his marketing abilities which made Damian appreciate him and gave him the opportunity to work at the investment department
  • I have to admit, it does seem like Raymond does not realise the Investing department was a very good career opportunity for Bosco, yet he just assumed Bosco was not interested and only wanted to stay to work with him at the marketing department, which made Bosco more annoyed.
  • Bosco does so many little things it’s making me angry! He secretly wanted to go to the investment department without Raymond, so started spreading rumours about Damian’s plans of selling the  factory again to make it seem like Bosco wanted to go to the investment department only to help Raymond.
  • Later when Damian offered Raymond to join the investment department as well, Bosco tried to come up with excuses to try convince him not to.
  • Towards the end of episode 15, Bosco starts to figure out Damien and Raymond’s father-son relationship!! I’m so angry that Lai Ging told Bosco about Damian’s DNA test!! ARGH!!! She shouldn’t have been so careless! And then Dominic who was drunk told Bosco how Damian and Raymond’s mum’s  used to date each other etc OMG!!!!! It’s too obvious now……
  • It is half way through the series now..things can only get worse from this point onwards.. 🙁

23 Responses to “[Growing Through Life] Episode 11-15 Scribbles”

  • KTVB says:

    Hmm..maybe there was a bit too much Bosco focus in the post above lol Here’s another sweet Raymond and Lai Ging scene from Episode 11 🙂

    Raymond and Zhao Ziqi from Growing Through life

    Lai Ging grabbed onto Raymond’s hand when she was sleeping, so Raymond stayed with her through the night at the hospital ^^;

  • chibi says:

    haha, more drama!
    There’s always reasons why characters turn from good to bad, and it’s sad because if these people didn’t push them so far and treat them so unfavorably, they wouldn’t even consider going down that route… but hey, we need a villain and Bosco probably plays the type =D

    Not much seems to be talked about Raymond, is his character very likable, or ordinary?

    • KTVB says:

      Yea it’s sad when good characters turn bad- sad to think his dad played a part in it (even though it was unintentional..)

      As for Raymond’s character, I like him- he’s a nice guy but kind of ordinary at the moment. I’m expecting that to change in the 2nd half of the series as his character develops as well as a chance for Raymond to demonstrate his acting skills =)

  • Tiff says:

    aww ! I feel SO SO bad for Bosco, i think him and lai king would have made a good couple. Raymond’s character is very ordinary… i wonder what it’d be like for him to play the villain. something fresh and new perhaps ? Bosco does live a tough life though. First gets dumped by Ella because he wasn’t rich enough, then loses lai king to Raymond, even though she’s just a secretary, and gets picked on by Damien. So unfortunate on his part. Can’t completely blame him for becoming the villain : (

    • KTVB says:

      Yea… 🙁 Even though Linus was not from a wealthy family, he worked really hard during his studies and career- he was smart and very capable. Unfortunately Damien and Ella’s family implied it wasn’t good enough because he was not from a wealthy background and didn’t have “connections”.

  • Sharon says:

    Yeah… feel sorry for Bosco too. It’s no wonder he turns evil :/
    Say, been wondering who Raymond ends with…?! Lai Ging? I hope not Ella, I don’t like her and don’t want to see her character again. But obviously she will appear again at some point… I just don’t hope she will come back for Raymond or Bosco, it will be even ridiculous… O.O

    • KTVB says:

      I think Raymond will end up with Lai Ging haha It’s only right that way! The nice guy should end up with the nice girl XD It seems Ella’s pretty determined to get Bosco so I think she’ll be back for him. I just hope Bosco won’t use her to get back at Raymond and break his heart again.

      • sarah says:

        I think she will be back! I can’t remember where but i remember watching this part where Bosco was kissing her on the couch (unless i’ve mistaken that for someone else)! Oh gosh, i hope he’s not going to use her to get Hanson! :O

        • Sharon says:

          Haha Yeah. I looked in the gallery of of GTL and see Raymond marrying Lai Ging. And then a few pictures of Bosco with Ella. I think I saw one of them kissing… I have a feeling Bosco MIGHT really use her to get back at Raymond…This is getting interesting actually haha XD

        • KTVB says:

          okiess no more spoilers guys lol

  • echizen says:

    Ehh unlike you I think the story is getting much better and there are much tension! Hehe..I really want to chase this series wholeheartedly now after these 5 episodes 😀

    Yes I feel realllly bad for Linus. Damien is practically turning him into the “evil” person Damian accused him of. If only Damian treated Linus justly and not accusing him blindly he wouldn’t deteriorate like this.

    Lai Ging is innocent, but her sister deserves a slap in the face. It’s sad that Linus and Lai Ging are officially over. They were sweet and cute together. Linus is treating Lai Ging the way he treated Ella back then isn’t he? Nice and friends on the surface but disgust underneath, based on his changing of expressions when he turns away from Lai Ging.

    I’m so annoyed with Dominic too. Sometimes I wish he could just shut up. Linus is uncomfortable everytime Dominic brings up Raymond. Geez. By now Dominic is definitely one of the reasons for Linus turning “evil” 🙁

    I can’t wait for the next episodes! 😀

    • KTVB says:

      haha the story is definitely getting more tense- I describe it as going ‘downhill” more because Bosco is turning evil (and I didn’t want him to !! XD) The story has to go on though ehhe

      Yea..such a contrast to my previous episode 6-10 scribbles where I was just saying how cute the two were as a couple :[ They will never be the same again 🙁 I wonder what would have happened if Bosco didn’t hear Vivien and Lai Ging’s conversation. Do you think Bosco would have tried again- to give her more time to think about it? Why did the blame have to come back down to Raymond and his rich of those “reasons” Bosco hates to hear the most..sigh..

  • sarah says:

    Love your thoughts on these 5 episodes also! 😀 I feel so SAD when i watched Bosco’s part because everyone and everything is pushing him to being a negative person. Can’t really blame him to take revenge now but i do have a feeling that things are not going to look good with Linus and Hanson’s buddy love! (awwww…how sad) But it’s getting more exciting and exciting as each episode progress! Can’t wait to watch more! ^^

  • ade says:

    These few episodes do focus alot on Bosco, painting a sympathetic picture of him, but it’s good that they are giving us a background to the show’s villain, more believable when he turns bad.

    Anyway, I agree that currently Raymond seems a bit ordinary, nothing interesting going on with his character at the moment. Actually, Raymond in the first 10 episodes was a more emphatic character when he was going thru all those tough times with the factory and his fiancee but kinda mellowed in these last few episodes when the focus shifted. So I think once things start getting tough again, that’s when we will get to see the strength of his character and Raymond’s acting to the fore. Really looking forward to that!

  • KTVB says:

    Here’s another cute scene from Episode 13 where Raymond and Lai Ging are pretending to be a couple to check out some property. I loved Raymond’s expressions lol

    Ziqi: Mr Hoi, if we’re going to pretend to be a couple later when looking at property, should I not call you Mr Hoi?
    Raymond: Call me Hanson.
    Ziqi: Handsome?
    Raymond: It’s HanSON- not handSOME. Just call me “Ah Sing”
    Ziqi: Can I call you by your name and surname like Bosco does? Hoi Sing? I think it sounds easier.
    Raymond: Whatever you like.

    Raymond and Zhao Ziqi

    Ziqi: Mr Hoi, should you be hugging me?
    Raymond: HUH!?
    Ziqi: A couple..
    *Raymond blinks a few times with his mouth still opened*XD
    Raymond and Zhao Ziqi

  • Snow says:

    arghhhh i just gotta say how i feel so bad for Bosco!!! it really pissed me off how Damien keeps picking on him (yea, maybe he saw that bosco might become too ambitious later on) but i do think if damien didnt do all these shit, bosco wouldnt have turned evil! TT esp. when he accused him of trying to pursue toby for money… and also how dominic keeps going “siu ye zai” oh god really! we all know of course dominic loves his son the most but the way he kept mentioning fung to bosco and how bosco has to help him and even shdnt fight gfs with him, that was just plain favouritism to bosco’s eyes. and vivien’s little speech there, saying how bosco is just the “shoe wiper” <.< when bosco was retaliating to damien twice, i was just thinking GO BOSCO! ^^

    i used to feel NOOO!!! when i think about how bosco will be harming and hurting fung later on but now i dont really feel that upset anymore. maybe when bosco did some evil stuffs i will feel angry at him but not gonna be 100% angry anymore lol. i think if he harms damien, i wouldnt blame him at all.. just dnt be too harsh on fung lol cos fung really loved his "hing dai"

    for now, im not mad at bosco at all, even if he did start doing some sneaky stuffs. looking forward to the drama coming up and how fung falls for ziqi ^^ its too bad tho bosco and ziqi's friendship would never be as cute anymore~

    • echizen says:

      I wonder how many times actually Dominic keep reminding Bosco of his Raymond’s siu ye status in this series. Almost in every episode :(. It’s clear that sometimes Bosco has a bitter smile or annoyed face at the “siu ye zai”. This is why even in real life parents shouldn’t compare between children because it’s a sensitive matter and has a psychology effect.

      I think Bosco is too much bothered by the favoritism that Raymond received and the other way goes around for him to even care about the friendship anymore.

  • Tilney says:

    Watching this series, I don’t think it was all Bosco’s fault. The reason he became like this because of Damain’s harsh talking, his father always sided with Raymond, people compared him with Raymond and plus, Lai Ging’s rejection.

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