As I am really busy during this period and do not have enough time to spend on this blog, I’ll be jotting down my thoughts on the TVB series as quick scribbles. This will ensure you’ll get more regular updates from me :) Apologies for the draft-ness of my upcoming posts. Hope you guys enjoy what I have to share! [Contains spoilers]

  • I absolutely loved these episodes!! I think the story is really exciting and reaching its peak!! These had some of the best emotional scenes (including episode 20 of course) and I definitely hope the ratings have increased because the performances delivered by Damien, Cecilia and Raymond were simply brilliant! During these episodes I felt all the emotional pain from all three of them-it felt so real and I was completely drawn into the series. Hopefully the final episodes won’t disappoint 🙂
  • Cecilia was going to give up on taking revenge and the anger after Raymond’s mother passed away. Unfortunately  Bosco started manipulating her into thinking Damien loves Raymond’s mother the most and even though she died, she won’t be able to “take her place” and is planning to give everything to Raymond..while at the same time, misleading her to thinking Raymond is plotting to take down the entire company which will leave her daughter nothing.
  • Growing Through life

  • Determined that Damian was the cause of his mother’s death, Raymond negotiates with the other shareholders and undertakes business dealings with the  “support” from Bosco in order to go against Damian to strip his director/CEO position! At the same time, Bosco tricks Raymond into signing a contract where he was forced to forfeit all his shares in ‘Wing Ho”. At the end, Cecilia stepped out and took over the director/CEO position kicking out both Damian and Raymond!
  • Cecilia then revealed the “secret” to both Damian and Raymond…
  • Growing Through life

  • Bosco continues to manipulate and pull strings, making Cecilia think everyone is against her, especially Damian and that he (Bosco) is the only one she can trust.  She even tried to give up her position to Bosco, but luckily Damian was able to convince the other shareholders not to due to the negative impact it would have on the company.
  • Raymond realised that Bosco had betrayed him, however they still haven’t really spoken to each other since. Raymond was losing his ways after learning the truth, and Bosco continued to be “busy” at work. I wonder when/whether Raymond would confront him…?
  • I continue to enjoy watching Lai Ging~ She does so much for Raymond- when she found out Raymond and Damian’s relationship- she tried to stop him from going to the board meeting and kicking Damian out (unfortunately that failed..) It was also because of him, Lai Ging loses her job and has continuously been there for him. Her brain conditions continue to worsen but she refuses to take the operation because she wanted to be there for Raymond, fearing that she may die… I hope she doesn’t end up dying 🙁

    Growing Through life

  • TVB uploaded a clip on the filming of the scene above! 🙂
  • I liked the scenes where Raymond cared for her, took to the hospital and when they went back to her place, Raymond made her candle-light “dinner”” (noodles XD)
  • Growing Through life

  • I felt so awkward and sad for Lai Ging when Raymond started yelling at her again, saying things like “Who are you to me anyway!?” and Lai Ging said something on the lines of ” let’s break up then”. Raymond: “Since when did we go out?”  Poor Lai Ging has mistaken his feelings for her again…”I know that you only gave me this necklace because your ex-fiance didn’t want it, but I didn’t know that I’m not even good enough to wear a second hand necklace” 🙁 Lai Ging then leaves, saying she will never bother him again.
  • Damian finds out that Bosco was the one who sent the blood test result to Cecilia!! During the confrontation scene, Bosco ends up kicking Damian down the mountains!!

    Growing Through life

    • Growing Through lifeEpisode 25 was a very peaceful, moving episode. After Damian’s accident, he wakes up forgetting one years memories- ie. from the beginning of the series. Because he was “saved from the dead”, Damien realised all the things he had done wrong in the past and changed into a much nicer person.  He learns to treasure everyone around him and this brings the family back together. Even without realising Raymond is his son, he learns to treat him as a family too
    • I’m really happy that Cecilia realised how much Damien had loved her and how much she meant to him. With his memory loss, Damian also confessed the truth that he used to date Raymond’s mother..everything he said was so genuine, I loved how honest he was  to her and made Cecilia realise she had mistaken him all along : )
    • The main sad thing is that he forgot that Raymond was his son..I think its more heartbreaking for Raymond..

16 Responses to “[Growing Through Life] Episode 21-25 Scribbles”

  • sarah says:

    The part where Hanson and Lai King were sharing the noodles is just sooo cute! 😀 It’s kinda sad to see Raymond hurt her all the time (well, not purposely but you get what i mean..)
    I guess Linus and Hanson’s buddy love is officially over! It was such a pain to watch the part where Hanson was in the hospital and saying how Linus betrayed him…i also wonder when they will meet face to face and confront each other. ):

    • KTVB says:

      I liked that scene when Hanson was telling Lai Ging that Linus betray him, and that they are no longer friends because it shows that he isn’t dumb. He knows what has happened and is no longer in denial…

  • Winnie says:

    OMG i just LOVE that ep. !! XD
    i agree , the part where Hanson & Lai King were sharing noodles was soo cute !< but luckly he woke up !!
    i dont have this channel at home… anyone know where i can watch it online ? ;O
    i love this show <3 raymond lam <3333 forever k3

  • Winnie says:

    it was so funny when lai king said “lets break up” XDD
    i think its sad how hanson keeps yelling at her ><

    • KTVB says:

      When Lai Ging said “let’s break up” I thought/had the same reaction as Raymond because..don’t think they officially got together..but then again, somethings don’t need to be said and the noodle scene was so sweet that she mistaken his intentions..

      Only 6 more episodes left, I hope Hanson realises his feelings for her soon.

  • Snow says:

    the look on bosco’s face when he kicked damien down the hill is so sick lol! bosco’s not ALL-OUT evil since he did went thru the “wat did i just done?!” phase.

    fung better realizes his feelings soon ^^ im so anticipating to see them being lovey-dovey lol

    • echizen says:

      Hah finally someone sense what I’m thinking. I know it’s like Linus is not an “all out evil guy” since he went all anxious after the push instead of giving evil laughs here and there.

      • KTVB says:

        Should he have that conscience BEFORE he kicked him down? XD

        But was good to see him have that “realisation”. He eventually went down to look for him..but then he ran away again o.0? Did he think Damian was dead..? Later he tries to find him again..I wonder if he wanted to kill them the second time..

  • Chibi says:

    ahhh so dramatic! From the way Raymond has been treating Lai Ging, I can’t help but think she might die in the series >.< Of course, this is purely out of random speculation XD XD but it would be really sad because he never valued her as much as she valued and loved him.

  • gerry says:

    i like the song ‘i hear angels’
    who is the singer?

  • Affections says:

    I like the part where Albert suddenly sat up in the hospital! Bosco’s reaction was simply hilarious! HAHA!
    He wanted to kill him but saved him instead! HAHA

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