September 2013

Happy 7th Anniversary to K-TVB.net!!

Happy Birthday to K-TVB.net!! 😀

Happy Birthday K-TVB.net


Hi everyone!! 😀
I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish K-TVB.net a very happy birthday! ^__^ Perfect timing now that Triumph in the Skies 2 has also reached its finale ^^ I can’t believe it has been 7 years (with more than 6 million hits!) since I first started blogging back in 2006!  What a journey it has been…haha a lot of effort, dedication and hours have been invested into this hobby of mine. Obviously due to other priorities in life, this TVB blog of mine has been more of a side thing of mine these days, but has not been neglected or forgotten ^^ I’ll continue to try put some time aside to blog for my fans hehhe and hope that it will continue to grow for many years to come.

Thanks again to all my readers/followers for your continuous support over the years, especially those who have left comments. You guys know who you are 😉 (I love reading your comments! ) You’ve contributed to making K-TVB.net a  friendly community where we  can share our thoughts on TVB. Without you guys, I’d be talking to myself really haha. If there is no more demand for TVB series or TVB blog entries, there will be no more K-TVB- so let’s try to keep the spirits up 😀 I’d also like to thank chibi for hosting us, for guest blogging Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles late last year and continuously making nice banners for K-TVB.net!

Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!!

Love of love

P.s: Our Facebook Fan page has reached 1,118 LIKES! 😀 Woohoo, keep them coming!

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