April 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 2

Yoyo appears in this episode along with Linda who are friends of Fala. More of the family relationships are revealed..Moses is only Ha Yu’s adopted son who found him when he was a baby where someone left him in the Public Toilet; yet they treat him so well ^^
Moses acts quite cute, he reminds me of Charmaine’s character from Glittering Days (before she becomes popular) The recording/making of the video featuring Moses and Bosco was quite funny. At first, I couldn’t quite figure what the video was for. First, I thought it was Bosco’s hobby in making video clips, then I thought he was making a promotional clip to advertise Moses to girls..then I thought he was advertising for their store..and lastly as revealed, in attempt to find his real parents. I liked watching the 4 siblings interact and when Fala are with her friends. We also see that Yoyo doesn’t mind being with guys younger than her (*hint* hint* Raymond) while Fala seems like the naive, simple minded view about love who has a crush on Eddie Lee who plays a sales staff at the shoe shop. I’m not sure who their other friend is; I haven’t seen her before…

I liked the talk Ha Yu’s first wife gave the other lady who lost the court case. Hope they won’t have anymore anger towards their family now. Seeing that Susanna was upset about the things the lady and her son said about her (about being the 2nd wife and barging in their family), HaYu’s first wife tries to cheer Susanna up and giving her more things, like letting her take her place to the annual dinner for their business.. The more ‘power’ they gives to her, the more ‘power’ she loses..

Its only the 2nd episode and I already want to see Raymond lol I can’t wait..hehe~ I also want to see more of Bosco but I guess we’ll see more of them later on when things get more serious. For now, I guess I’ll just enjoy watching the great family where everyone cares for each other~ I’d be sad to see it get torn apart..
[Bosco returns!]

The Four children only get the small pieces of the ‘Bao Yu’ so they await for the good opportunity to steal off their father XD

[Watching the Video Clip]

3 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 2”

  • boskifan says:

    yea! 1st comment! lol but anyways…

    i love the video clip part! it so funny! hahaha! bosco and moses now(in clip & real) r like best friends lol that nice 2 hear hey?? =)

  • boskifan says:

    oopss i mean series! srry!

  • hey! awesome screen captures ^^
    i haven’t seen the series, but the relationship between the 4 bros and sis seem really good! hehehe

    btw, k.. “bao yu” is abalone.

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