May 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 21

Intermission Clips

Woohoo!! I really liked this episode because Susanna’s plans have been revealed! The episode ends where Lee Si Kei is back from England and the whole family agrees for Susanna to leave! One sad part I have to say was about Chris..the naive innocent one..felt sorry for him, especially the part where he cried ='( can see that personality wise, he doesn’t resemble Susanna one bit (unlike Bosco). I wonder how Susanna will be back into the family again? Would it be because of Lee Si Kei’s death? Finding out that Bosco is actually her son (somehow?) I’m still interested to see how that got mixed up~~ I also liked the part where HaYu, Michelle etc were ignoring Susanna! ehhe~~ She deserved that and I’m so glad that the rest of the family stuck together. Bosco and Michelle’s brother seem to be easily manipulated by Susanna…and Tavia just seems follow what Bosco’s decision is. On another note, I really hate Tavia’s family…ek!!! They are so annoying and unreasonable =\ On the other hand, Linda and Raymond make up again ^^; and Raymond ends up going scuba diving with Linda. He gets another big Shell, and re-engraves the words for her. Linda learns of Raymond’s parents and how he misses his father who has passed away now, how he used to play a song ‘Vincenet’ with his saxophone. Upon hearing this, Linda tries to give Raymond a surprise for his birthday by learning to play that one song for him =D

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