May 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 22

“You’re like a Panda. Looks dumb on the outside, but actually really cute”

Raymond and Linda have an argument again, and this time they break up. Just watching 2 episodes of them two together so far and there’s already so much problems between them…maybe they really don’t match? I just feel that Linda gets upset too easily and should be more understandable at times..especially that part where Linda was over at Raymond’s place working, while she was there disturbing him. More problem arises when Linda’s brother returns and Raymond tells her not to lend her brother anymore money, because he would never change and doesn’t want her to be fooled by him again. Linda tells believe he has changed and once again Raymond calls her ‘dumb’. Linda doesn’t want to lend money for her brother, but her brother pretty much forces her to or he’ll drag their father to borrow off loan sharks. Once again, she is faced with the large debt but luckily Moses there to give her unconditional support and lends her more money. After many failures to learn to play the Saxophone, she learns that moses knows how to play and asks Moses to teach her.. Raymond finds out that Linda did end up borrowing money and then asking Moses to help her rather than to call him.

On the other hand, I feel sad seeing Lee Si Kei going to hospital for treatment..her condition just looks worse and worse..

One Response to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 22”

  • Elena says:

    omg! raymond look so hot. i miss him from heart of greed.

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