May 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 27

Raymond is starting to get bored of Linda. At first I thought when Linda was on the phone, she shouldn’t have kept nagging Raymond to spend time with her on the phone since he was really busy..but when Yoyo called, he instantly smiled and talked to her with no hesitation..even going out to meet her..what is he doing?? Does Yoyo know what she is doing?? When Yoyo gave him food to pick from, he was saying he wants them all, doesn’t want to pick one.

Before, Linda asked Raymond to come and meet up with her at his new home (which is under renovation) but Raymond didn’t want to, but when Yoyo asked, he took her there…Can’t believe Yoyo painted those words on the wall!!! And when she covered it up Raymond seemed sad too …

There were other hints about Raymond two-timing and wanting two of them..In celebrating Raymond’s new home, they started making jokes and Linda was asked to record a message for their answering machine, and Linda asks as a joke whether Raymond was seeing someone else..

Seeing that Yoyo was suffering, Raymond calls Yoyo out tells her that they should stop seeing each other because that would be unfair to her…but it didn’t end up that way..the two officially started their affair…I can’t believe Yoyo! What kind of women is she?? And Raymond! Someone who can’t resist temptation ..Yoyo openly admits that this isn’t the first time being the third party in the relationship. She was a third party to a couple who were married for 8 years o.0!! Now she’s trying to take her best friend’s boyfriend..aiya…you can’t always trust your best friend, can you?

On the other hand, because of Susanna and Uncle Bor messing with things, spreading lies… it almost lead to Tavia and Bosco getting a divorce! I felt really sorry for Tavia..and how Bosco didn’t trust her! I don’t think Tavia did anything wrong~~ what other reaction can she give to be accused for seeing Ronald (her ex-husband) and then the photos! Fake photos/events that never even happened, and was asked to explain herself! Then she was told those photos were from Ha Yu!

The last part was so touching~~*tears* all those words ‘Dai Kai’ said to the two brought the two back together! I really like Lee See Kei’s character..she seems to be able to win everyone’s heart, including Jackie (Tavia) And the audience ^^ I liked what Dai Kai had to say to Tavia’s mother as well! Perfect words to keep her quiet!

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