June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 29

Linda suspects Raymond and starts to gather evidence. Raymond and Linda haven’t been spending much time together for so long and Linda notices Raymond’s credit bills.. seeing that Raymond sent more than 30 sms in one day, but she only received 3 of them..she also finds a receipt for spending about $1000 at an Italian restaurant on the night Raymond was supposed to be discussing business with Ted. He even flew to Taiwan and met up with Yoyo…Linda couldn’t help but break out emotionally, confronting him for the truth. She asks him whether he is seeing someone else and Raymond continues to lie and deny the fact, coming up with fake excuses. Raymond looks so scared!! =S

Yoyo goes to find Raymond and the two decide to break up before Linda finds out and Yoyo hopes that Linda would never find out she was that girl..Later Linda goes up to Raymond’s house who is with Yoyo at the time, and when Linda was about to come in, Yoyo holds on the lock on the inside… Raymond realises there’s no other choice but to tell Linda about his affair..Linda still doesn’t know it’s Yoyo..I really feel sorry for Linda..she kept trying to come up with excuses for Raymond and even hoped that Raymond’s excuses were real..she wanted to give him the chance to explain himself..she must of been so disappointed and devastated finding out the moment he said he wasn’t seeing anyone, but the next moment, she was actually at his home T_T

Later Raymond sends Linda an email, making Linda really moved..but I had a feeling it would be really hard for Linda to forgive him..even though she still loves him..she’s deeply hurt..probably worse if she finds out that it was Yoyo who came between their relationship.. (hope to see that soon XD). Out of all this, I still feel sorry for Raymond though..I really wish Lida would forgive him..just once more.. On the other hand, Susanna ends up convincing HaYu to let her back in the house and even plans to marry her again…for his money. He is so annoying and I hate it how he won’t listen to his children! I hated the part where she tried to move back and she had the whole hyped up fake act on again~~!! She did end up staying because of Ha Yu….aiyah..

13 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 29”

  • dreyvii says:

    I think Linda did such a good job when she was explaining to Moses about Ray cheating on her. That was one of her best crying scenes, I feel. All the time we felt she was annoying and immature for always bugging Ray to spend time with her, but here, we see that she’s actually very rational and considerate. She actually gave herself time to calm down and let Ray explain his actions. Too bad…it was Yoyo’s fault, really. I find myself not really blaming Ray for all these. He’d wanted to stop seeing Yoyo, but she pressed herself on him.

  • KTVB says:

    Yup,  a really rational Linda! I thought she dealt with the situation really well.. I felt it was a bit odd where Linda told Moses though because it was out on the streets, (with people walking by and watching XD) and it was a bit noisy too~~

    I blame Yoyo too!

  • j00ky says:

    I actually prefer Ray with Yoyo. I couldn’t stand seeing Linda acting like brat when she is with Raymond causing loads of the arguments they had. Raymond with Yoyo is what a relationship should be, free of pressure, just happy. :\

    • Kari says:

      there was pressure, the pressure of hiding their relationship from linda who is yoyo’s friend. i cant believe she can still talk to linda without feeling bad about what she’s done

  • dreyvii says:

    you’ll see later that Ray finally understands why they argue so much. And later on, Linda matures into a much better person

  • katrina says:

    i hat yoyo i hate yoyo look at the pain shes cause linda and alfred
    what a player

  • krystal tran says:

    when linda went to raymonds house he wasen’t there he was at yoyo’s house

  • bunnypants says:

    It’s so sad when raymond dies, it made me cry.

  • Vicki says:

    I don’t like Ah Kam, she’s so manipulative, but so good at faking that she tricks the whole family, especially manipulating her son

  • KAmi says:

    That scene where yoyo locked the door when Linda came to find Raymond was a little bit stupid…
    Yoyo is supposed to be Linda’s best friend so it’s not surprising seeing her with Alfred, they can pretend to be friend (yoyo and Raymond).
    Yoyo was so stupid to lock the door, because Raymond couldn’t explain anything anymore. It’s here that I started to forgive Raymond and see him as a victim.

  • CookieChiu says:

    I thought the scene where Linda is banging on the door while Ray and Yoyo is locked inside was really good and so dramatic. It brought everything in the open and you could just see how crushed she was. Linda did a great job with this scene!

  • pam says:

    hi i was wondering: what happens to lei yi/ michelle yim..? did she disappear ?

  • pam says:

    hi i was wondering: what happens to lei yi/ michelle yim, after discussing the marriage plans with the children? did she disappear ?

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