June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 32

Linda gets back with Raymond after that scene in the last episode ^^ Both of them have seemed to change after the whole incident and you can tell that Raymond really values their relationship..he realises what’s important in his life and even in the court cases, he wants her to watch him and be by his side =3 However, their relationship doesn’t seem have gone stronger (unlike what I felt after Bosco and Tavia got back together). It feels so fragile and a barrier still seems to be there because of what had happened. Linda is feeling confused whether she still loves Raymond like she used to, or whether she’s with him only because she feels sorry for him. She doesn’t know whether going back with Raymond was the right or wrong decision. There’s still a scar in her heart and every time she sees Raymond get a phone call, sms, or check his email, she feels insecure and suspicious of him that he is still keeping in contact with the other girl. She doesn’t seem to be as happy with him…

In another scene when Linda was with Raymond, they see ‘Duk Duk Dei’ on his date with ‘Cherry’ and Linda feels jealous. Doesn’t that just prove that Linda has feelings for him..?

I think that ‘Cherry’ girl looks quite pretty~~ wonder who the actress is. She seems to really like Duk Duk Dei, but knows his heart is with Linda and the two become ordinary friends again before she leaves to Canada..I didn’t think they would actually have that scene (didn’t think we would know what she would look like either). Sorta cute how she asked if he could kiss her~ and he does~

At the end, Linda sees Raymond reading an email (from Yoyo), and he instantly turned it off when she saw him from a far, causing another argument to break out! Linda demands Raymond to tell her who that girl is but Raymond wouldn’t because it was a promise he made to the other girl. This made Linda think that Raymond still cared about the other girl and was still protecting her. Raymond tells her to trust him because he didn’t do anything wrong this time but Linda couldn’t… He tells her that he could have easily lied to her, saying any random girl but he doesn’t want to tell her anymore lies… I mean..how can he possibly tell her?? He wants to protect their relationship and protect Linda!~~ Poor Raymond! Linda was so disappointed that they were about to break up (and if they did, there’s no turning back) but Raymond still didn’t tell her who she was…she told him that if he wouldn’t tell her; she wouldn’t go back to him =( I want him to tell Linda because its not worth protecting Yoyo to give up his relationship with Linda; yet I don’t want him to tell her because that is going to crush her…even if he did tell her it was Yoyo..I don’t know if she can ever forgive him anyway…

Why does Yoyo still have to keep sticking to him?? Why does she have to keep sending him emails and messages? It seems to me that she’s trying to make more opportunities for Linda to find out or something. She sends Raymond an email about marrying another man ‘David’ after he proposed to her; yet she’s crying in front of her computer..feels like she’s still trying to get between the two~
On the other hand, Susanna is playing along to be a ‘good person’ and the family members all get along with her; even Fala attaches to her…’Dai Bao’ isn’t feeling quite right and feels there’s something wrong with his health even though they couldn’t find anything after having a body check. Nevertheless, he plans to write his will/create a trust account in case something does happen to him. Upon hearing this, Susanna and ‘Henry’ deliberately makes Ha Yu think that Uncle Bor was planning to ally with the people who he owes money to, to capture HaYu for his money! The argument breaks out and Uncle Bor gets kicked out of the house. I’m not quite sure what made them come to that logic..how would that affect Ha Yu’s decision to give Susanna more money? I wished Uncle Bor knew that Susanna is only using him, but she’s the only one who he trusts.

At the end, Ha Yu does split the money quite ‘fairly’…and I’m happy that he made the trust so that money can be taken out only in times or emergencies or real need and this was determined by both the agreement of Moses and Michelle..

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  • dreyvii says:

    Suzanna is going to stir up much more trouble now. Actually she should be thankful that Ha Yu is supporting her every month. 70K a month and she’s still not satisfied. This woman is crazy! And her affair with Henry is so sickening!! She must be blind not to see that he’s with her for the money.

    As for Linda and Ray, I felt so sad for them. Linda cannot get rid of her suspicions, and I don’t blame her. It was a traumatizing experience for her, what Yoyo did at Ray’s place. And she was so touched by Moses’ wish when they were viewing the meteor shower. She was confused, not knowing who she loves. I think she was more worried that she’d have no one to turn to when Moses finds someone else to love. Which of course, is selfish of her…but also can’t blame her, cos Moses has been by her side almost everytime she needed someone.

    Ray was totally sure who he loved, and he felt very bad for agreeing to have the affair with Yoyo. Not only did he hurt the one he loved most, he hurt Yoyo as well. He entertained her only because he felt bad for her. Yoyo is a total b*tch, and a two-face. I wonder how she’s still able to face Linda and talk to her about Ray!! She thinks she’s helping by lying to Ray about David, but you should watch the next episode. I felt like pulling her hair out of her head, strand by strand!! LOL. Linda ends up devastated…

  • KTVB says:

    I know! 70k amonth for her to shop etc is more than enough! And she got more than the others too! What’s more annoying is that ‘Henry’ guy~~its not his money at all! And look how angry he was -_- actually was quite happy to see him that pissed off lol

    “He entertained her only because he felt bad for her. “? <--what do you mean? I thought he enjoyed the moments with her (before Linda started getting suspicious)

  • dreyvii says:

    Oh, I meant after Linda found out about their relationship. Raymond only came out to meet Yoyo and talk to her because he felt bad for her. He knows now where his heart lies…it’s in Linda only.

  • krystal says:

    it’s good that raymond didn’t see yoyo that night when she was waiting at the park he stayed with linda

  • Mcmugsocute says:

    i think it’s good that raymond insists that he keeps the other women unknown to linda because he knows that linda will be even more sad when she finds out that her best friends, or one of her best friends is the one who cheated on her with her boyfriend.

    The Cherry girl that Moses had a date with, she is Tracy Ip. She was the winner of Miss Hong Kong 2005.

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