June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 33

Linda telling Yoyo about Raymond defending the ‘other’ girl

Linda and Raymond break up and its pretty certain that Linda will never go back with Raymond…She finds out that Yoyo was actually the girl who Raymond had been seeing the whole time and she can never accept that fact… Yoyo deliberately let Linda see the email which was left open on her laptop (being the selfish one who wanted to see what would happen if Linda did find out)… At first I thought Yoyo didn’t want Linda to find out when she realised Linda was going to her place (and that she would see the email); she was running to stop her . I couldn’t tell if she didn’t want Linda to find out because it would hurt her, or more about protecting herself (not wanting to let Linda know what kind of person she was and how she betrayed her).

But when Yoyo stopped, I hated her…I found her so selfish!! She tried to makes it sound like she was doing it to stop the pain in Linda and let her know the truth. But to me, I felt that she truly wanted to see whether Linda would leave Raymond so she could be with him, rather than for the two to get over the truth and to move on. Somehow it fits Yoyo’s character’s personality to do that..

Linda sends an sms to Raymond saying its over. Raymond blames Moses for going between them and Linda defends him, telling Raymond that she found out the truth.
In a way, I wanted to know as well (and hopefully understand why Raymond didnt want to her tell before)…Its so sad that it happened after Linda was very touched after reading Raymond’s diary “Days without Seung Joi Sum”..Maybe she could have forgiven him, and let the past behind her…

Yoyo doesn’t end up marrying ‘David’, but she puts on an act to make others think she’s going to get married overseas because she just doesn’t want to go in between Raymond and Linda anymore..she doesn’t know how to face Linda, and I hope that she won’t come back at all.
On the other hand, Chris finds out from an voice mail that his mother was actually seeing another man ‘Henry’ (Linda’s brother). They ended up taking advantage of him; doing an act to make it seem like he was always there for her and that she actually really wanted the title. Chris being the naive one falls for their scheme and he ends up persuading Ha Yu to have a secret wedding!! This is so tragic.. Susanna’s plan succeeds and the two are married without Moses or the others knowing!! They are so clueless..HaYu being more clueless..thinking that marrying Susanna in secret (while going on their ‘holiday’ overseas) would keep Susanna happy, and the family (because they wouldn’t know). Doesn’t he understand?? Doesn’t he remember anything that Lee See Kei had told him before she died?? So annoying!

Chris did so many wrong things..if he didn’t lie in the first place, Susanna wouldn’t even be back in the house ..but can you really blame him?
By the end of this episode, I feel sort of calm…I guess it makes me feel that time has slowly passed (about 2 years in the series) since Linda and Raymond have broken up..each of them living their own life, while thinking about each other. Things are not as tense between them anymore and Linda admits that she doesn’t feel as angry at him anymore, hoping he can let go of their past so he won’t suffer anymore…they seem to be ordinary friends again but I’m glad Linda doesn’t hate him anymore..After Linda graduated, d knowing that Linda couldn’t find a master to follow, Raymond helps her talk the one of the best to accept her without her knowing =) I wish she knew the things he was doing for her from behind..

Seung Joi Sum’s graduation ^^
Raymond doesn’t hate Moses anymore and appears to really lookup to him; someone who is able to give unconditional love (to love) without expecting anything for return. I think Raymond wants to be like him..protecting and looking over Linda from afar..*awww…*

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  • Summer says:

    Wow… ur screen cap.. is much more nice then mine alot..ar.. haha.. so sweet lo.. and so nice.. can i copy and paste to mine web site and for my kept…. but not all.. i will select those tat i like.. so, can i KTVB ??
    any way, if cant.. is ok.. nvm .. haha…

  • dreyvii says:

    Isn’t this one of the saddest but sweetest episodes? I can’t guess what Yoyo was trying to do either. Was she protecting Linda all along, or did she really do it out of her own selfishness? Linda told her that she’d never forgive Ray if he didn’t tell her who the woman was. Maybe that’s why she decided to let Linda know. Or was it that she felt if Linda discovers that it’s her, then Linda will never forgive Ray and Ray will go out with her instead, that’s why she decided to let Linda find out. Which one is it?? I really don’t know

    As for Linda, she was utterly devastated. She lost both her best friend and her boyfriend in one night. When she threw the shell into the sea, it really signified the end. Ray was equally heartbroken…but I’m glad he chose to stand aside and watch over her. He finally learned from Moses that to love someone is to do things for them unconditionally, not hoping for any returns. And you can tell both Linda and Ray never got over each other. Ray still thinks of her a lot, and Linda still silently supports Ray’s career in her heart.

    Chris is actually a very naive character. He insists that his mother is innocent and should be forgiven. When he finds out about her affair with Henry, he freaks out, not wanting his parents to break up…and he innocently falls for Henry and Suzanna’s lies. He thinks that he can salvage his parents’ relationship if they get married. He makes a lot of stupid mistakes, but redeems himself in the end. I really pity him sometimes.

  • dreyvii says:

    Actually, I think Linda would have forgiven Raymond after reading his diary “days without seong joi sum”. She was visibly touched by his sincerity. She probably was going over to Yoyo’s place to tell Yoyo about it. Her mood was great til she saw the email…sigh…but that’s how the drama goes…if everything were smooth sailing, there’d be no audience…lol

  • KTVB says:

    When Linda was holding onto the shell, i was thinking “no~~~~ don’t throw it away!!~~~” But she does =(

    Do you think it would have made a difference if Raymond actually told her it was Yoyo himself, rather than her finding out herself?

  • dreyvii says:

    Yeah, check out her expression when she threw it away. Blank as a white sheet of paper. She was really determined to put everything behind her.

    Nah…I don’t think so. The bottom line is she couldn’t accept him cheating with her best friend. I think what hurt her most was not the cheating part, but the best friend part. So I don’t think it would’ve made a difference.

  • Summer says:

    Wua… haha.. is seen like dreyvii.. & Ktvb did had a long conver at HOG on tis chapter.. haha, last nite, i did watched till episode 36 ler.. actually while watched tis chapter… i felt tat, actually Yo Yo is terrible, she did not think of how hurt her frens would b and she just purposely wan Siong Joi Sum know abt real truth.. huh.. any way, come to tis chapter.. i would feel tat, the most hurt beside Siong Joi Sum, i think so Alfred is the most pity… cos.. i think back.. fr starting b4 he had affair wif Sui Mak Mak, he is just 1 heart to Siong Joi Sum, and i feel Sui Mak MAk like got some intend to step in both of them..and cause Alfred will feel more relax to b wif Sui Mak Mak rather then Siong Joi Sum and while eveyrthing started to break out.. and now, end up.. Alfred losses everything.. losses her mum & oso Siong Joi Sum..

    Actually i feel so touching to see Alfred everyday wrote a diary on abt ” Without Siong Joi Sum ‘s Life “.. its really touching.. he starting to learn fr Dak Dak Dei.. on how to love her and without disturbing her and without making her cry everyday…. actually wat Dak Dak Dei done is really ” Wai Dai” lo.. he love & care Siong Joi Sum.. in heart and he did not even asking for any reply.. actually feel tat Siong Joi Sum really ” Hang Fuk ” got such a good man just like an Angel protecting her..

    While the moment Siong Joi Sum throw the Shell.. huh.. i feel, tat moment her heart totally die.. cos, 1st.. her heart die of Alfred doing thing like tis behind her and is wif her best fren another heart die is her best fren doing thing such as tis behind her..and is wif her bf.. huh.. 2 thing come to her.. her heart totally die… so, can see her reaction is just like no feel at all..

    any wya.. times.. can makes someone forget angryness and hatress.. and times can make her forgive Alfred & also Sui Mak Mak.. actually i feel Siong Joi Sum got feel at Dak Dak Dei.. just tat, may b, she felt in the moment she already too hurt..so she oso cant figure out.. did she got such feel to Dak Dak Dei o not.. ..

  • Summer says:

    any way got 1 thing… i feel tat, is Linda in this movies, she really done a great job..cos.. everytime i saw she cry and we all should know, while u cry, is very hard for u to talk , right.. but i can see, while she cry.. she can to Dak Dak Dei telling him wats happening and.. we can listen clearly wat she’s saying, cos.. sometimes i see some artist, while in crying scene.. while they talk, quite hradly to listen wat they are saying.. so, i feel Linda really’s great.. her crying is so real and she really great in tis movie..

  • krystal tran says:

    raymond says that it’s not fare for yoyo but i think it’s not fare for linda

  • dreyvii says:

    Krystal: Hi there. Haha, welcome to our discussions. 🙂 Well, in actual fact, Raymond wasn’t fair to both of them. When you cheat on your relationship, it’s not fair to either party, cos you’re splitting your love and attention between two people while getting twice in return

  • tvbdramanewbie says:

    dreyvii, right on abt cheating and fairness. i couldnt agree more…:)

  • Alexandria says:

    Awww… he is so sweet. I mean if it was me I would also be devastated and upset over what happen. Especially if it was my best friend.

  • martin says:

    whats the music that plays during sum’s graduation?

  • pam says:

    hi i was wondering: what happens to lei yi/ michelle yim, after discussing the marriage plans with the children? did she disappear ?

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