June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 34

Seems like the official start of the immense battle over the Tong Family assets, as Susanna steps out of her fake stand causing ‘Dai Bao’ ‘s condition to become worse! Just two years after their wedding as planned, Susanna starts taking action by causing more troubles in the family! She tries to get Ha Yu to suggest the divorce so it would be more favourable for her claim in court. After learning that she won’t get much of a large share in a divorce situation if she was not involved with the family business, she barges into the business affairs, using her title as the official Mrs Tong! She reveals her marriage certificate, shocking the family!

Susanna finds Uncle Bor and Tavia’s family to get them on her side…sad that Chris was dragged into all this mess as well..having to hear all those bad words coming out of his mother’s mouth. I guess its also this, that he tells Moses what had happened and about the ‘Henry’ guy.

Ha Yu finds out about Susanna’s affair with ‘Henry’ ~~ making him even more heartbroken as he finally understands what Lee See Kei was warning him about…sad, yet too late.
After gathering evidence/photos of Susanna and ‘Henry’ together, Moses and Michelle go talk to the two in hope that Susana would leave the family for x amount; but Susanna won’t settle for anything less than half the family’s assets! She tells them her plans of taking it further to court and Moses reveals the photos, causing Susanna to be angry and scared~ The photos were really bad against her, so they decided to sue Michelle first on the grounds of Defamation (from what Michelle had said to her, comparing her to some dog =P) and that way it increased her chances of the compensation. (I don’t really know what that Chinese term is, but it does sound like defamation or something along those lines. Feels quite good to learn some legal stuff and see it in practice ^^)

Moses goes to find Linda to ask for Legal advice about the legal proceedings and she was hoping to get Raymond for help. He was so happy when he saw that she was calling him, but unfortunately Raymond was overseas at New York for some conference. She ends up taking them to her master who ends up assigning Linda to them! That sounds so risky!! The Tong family is so rich..I would have thought they would have tried to get a more experienced lawyer…I know its Linda but what if she loses? She can’t lose this one!! Linda has never been assigned any Court cases to handle and this one was against the Lawyer that even Raymond can’t defeat! Her master smiles and tells her that she can do it~

And what do we see in the next scene? Raymond! He flies back just for her~~ so sweet ^^~~ he wanted to be there for Linda for her first court case ^^ The two spends time looking up cases and trying to defend their case..I’m so relieved that Raymond is there to help her… Even Raymond said this case is really tricky and almost impossible to defend. Why was Linda’s master so confident?? It makes me feel that the Master didn’t believe they can win this case, so he lets Linda (a newbie) to have some practice because they won’t be able to win anyway =( I mean, Linda was just saying that her master never let her take on any because he believes she’s not ready yet..

At the end, while the two are eating outside, Linda tells Raymond that he doesn’t have to do all his for her because they’re just ordinary friends. He tells her not to worry because he understands, he won’t make her shed any more tears… He asks whether she remembers the contract she and Moses had. Raymond tells her that they have a contract too; one he has written in his heart..’..he’ll always be there to help her..a promise for life.. until either of the parties die..’ aww..~~ he’s too sweet!! Feels like Raymond has changed so much for her~~~

4 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 34”

  • krystal tran says:

    it is so sweet when raymond helps linda with moose case he even thinks it is heard to beat

  • dreyvii says:

    Yup, this was another sweet episode. This episode really made me look at Ha Yu in a different manner. Although he was stupid and indecisive, I forgave him for all his faults. Cos he showed that he really loved his wife, and if anything happened, it was only her to blame. He’d done things blindly out of his love for her. He actually cried when he found out about her affair. What he said really touched me.

    As for Chris, like I said, he’s the ever naive one, so to get dragged into his mother’s treachery was painful for him. That’s why he decided to tell Moses. Moses was a great brother to him. Not only did he not blame Chris, he even consoled Chris not to worry too much. What wouldn’t I give for a bro like that! 😀

    Actually, I think the defamation case wasn’t that hard to handle. It’s a small matter only, that’s why Linda’s sifu entrusted her with the case. But her opponent was the tough one to battle. I felt it was sweet of Ray to leave the conference to help Linda, and I was equally touched when he mentioned his ‘contract’ between himself and Linda, which he’d made in his heart. His guilt had carried on til that day, and he was doing all he could to help her. Linda on the other hand, was equally supportive of him. When she met him outside the courtroom, she looked back and told him to do his best, they were proud of his achievements. Their silent support for each other is encouraging.

    You’ll enjoy the next ep very much! 😛

  • KTVB says:

    Yeh.. the part where he burst into tears really touched me too..poor thing..

    Somehow I knew the two were gonna stop and turn around ^^

  • Summer says:

    Come to tis episode, i will feel tat, Ha Yu really regret for did not listen to Lee Yi say earlier, if he married tis women, in future wat happen he will need to face it..and now, he really need to face it..he dun listen to Dak Dak Dei say, Sai kai got someone out side.. he dun listen to Lee Yi.. so, now.. any way, is so sad to see him cry so sadly.. lo..

    In another way, while seeing Alfred write diary of ” without Siong Joi Sum Life” is really touching lo.. he actually really love her so much, but.. he oso know, he hurt her so much..so he dun dare to seek for forgiveness but he wish so to get together wif her again..

    While i watched to here, i got a thinking tat, i dun wish Alfred die lo..cos.. i feel he is pity too.. and i wish so he can back together wif Siong Joi Sum but once think of Dak daK Dei.. how leh.. he oso so care and protect her alot wor.. Dak Dak Dei is oso a good man and he should not get such result after doing so many thing, plus i feel tat, actually after Siong Joi Sum break off wif Alfred, in her life, she cannot live without Dak Dak Dei lo.. feel like she already use to had Dak dak Dei by her side everyday..
    so, feel liek quite hard to decide la.. but haha.. any way, may b, Alfred leave is a good ending for Siong Joi Sum & Dak DaK Dei lo..

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