June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 35

Such a good episode!!! =D So intense!!

I’m so proud of Seung Joi Sum!! ^^ She won her first court case and it was against that guy who Alfred hates!!! haha!!~~ He lost to a newbie XD She did so well in the court!! ! YAY!! ^___^ I loved it how she interrogated Susanna, that evil lawyer was so scary and mean towards Michelle and I felt really scared for Linda as well! During the break, Linda went to see Raymond and he encourages her to think about him and Duk Duk Dei, to do it for them!! The two guys who both love her so much^^ and who mean the world to her ^^

Alfred was waiting anxiously outside and when Linda came out and told her the news the two embraced each other so happily *tears of joy XD* Why did they have to let go.. I really really wanted the two to get back together, can’t stand it anymore !! I can’t stand seeing the two love each so much yet having to be apart! How can’t she forgive him??

The two of them wrote their diary and turns out that at that point, Raymond really wanted to go back and ask her for forgiveness..Linda wanted to forgive him at that time too..but neither of them did =(

On the other hand, things are so intense in the Tong family. Susanna is sticking to her grounds of wanting 1/2, if not 1/3 of the whole Tong family’s assets and wealth! She deliberately causes Ha Yu to become so angry to fall sick into hospital over and over again, even bothering him at the hospital!! I felt a bit disappointed at Moses in the scene where he went with Dai Bao to talk to Susanna, ‘Henry’, and Uncle Bor who were at their business. Moses didn’t really do anything except stand and watch..really hoped he would come stick up for ‘Dai Bao’..(On a side note, Bosco’s significance seems so small! He doesn’t do much..or say much..nor appear that often..sometimes I feel that even Fala has more involvement in the family’s affairs).

Susanna is trying to make it big, announcing their matters all over the newspapers. While Ha Yu is in hospital, Susanna brings Tavia’s whole family to move ito their home! The poor kids who couldn’t defend themselves =( I loved the last bit where Ha Yu comes back !!! It was so awesome! ^^ I loved his speech!! (minus the ‘I love you’ bit hehe) The things he said to Susanna was ‘wow’! Amazed me! I thought he was so courageous! He knew his children needed him and did everything to protect them~ For the sake of his beloved children ^__^ he stood up against Susanna (even though he was really sick) and it really changed my view about his character in the series. Useless no more!

The episode ended with the dramatic themesong playing in towards the end and I felt it fitted in perfectly! So dramatic!! It would be really sad if his character dies T_T

haha! Take that Susanna! He’s not going to divorce you!  What can you do about it now? =P

Aww..they really need to protect each other!

6 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 35”

  • Summer says:

    Haha.. while watched tis episode.. and i see Siong Joi Sum win Dai Kiok Pat,… i happy untill clap my hand ar.. haha…

    And is so sweet to see Siong Joi Sum again hug Alfred.. haha…

  • boskifan says:

    this ep was awesomoi!!! LOL

  • dreyvii says:

    Yeah…this was a great episode, seeing susanna snubbed twice in one episode made my day. First she lost her court case, then she came home and got it from Ha Yu. Heheh…I smirk everytime I think about it.

    Don’t you think it was funny how Ray offered tissue and offered to tell a joke to dai kiok pat after he lost to Linda? Hehe…smack to the face man!

    Aahh…Ray and Linda, sweet as ever. Did you realise how Linda really banks on Ray’s support? Everytime she needs encouragement and help, she turns to Ray. When she has good news to share, Ray is one of the first to know. And I was touched when Ray cried for Linda in the cab.

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii:..yaya.. me too.. exactly..wat u say.. especially while in court and see how Siong Joi Sum give her speech and talk to Sai Kai..and make Sai Kai.. even got nothing to say.. haha.. i really clap my hand.. cos.. normally i watched movie in my room, and i m alone.. haha..so.. i can laugh or cry whenever.. i feel i wan to.. and tis episode.. i really feel so happy.. to see.. Siong Joi Sum help Alfred to fullfill his wish all these while to beat down Dai kiok Pat.. haha..
    any way.. happy moment it wont take long lo.. once think of Alfred will die soon.. will feel.. abit upset lo…

  • Vicki says:

    i really liked this episode, it was good from all angles, with Joi Sum winning the court case, she was really good, she totally got Ah Kam really good =D

    I liked it that Dai Bao came back and protected his family for good, all those times before, he kept being pushed around by everyone, now he finally stands up!!!

  • KAmi says:

    Wouah, that was one of the best episode sor far. The other one was when Dai Kai came back and did her speech: “we’re not at court, we don’t need any evidence, what I say is evidence”.
    This time, It’s Dai Bao, well everytime that second wife’s plans fail, I feel happy :P.
    By the way, Alfred is a little bit like Dak Dak Dei now, he loves Linda and helps her with all his heart as a “friend”. It’s like he’s doing all her job! He even flew from New York for her.
    Sometimes, I’m wondering how he can handle all that work by himself…not even someone to support him…T_T
    He cries a lot lately. (ALfred)

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