June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 37

Another really sad episode… feel so sad for Linda..especially the part where she got to the hospital. She was in denial and tried to convince everyone, but really herself, that there must of been some mistake because Raymond had called her after the accident time had taken place…

I had really hoped that Linda was able to take back the crushed ‘please forgive me’ shell ..
Also very sad and touching in the scene where Ha Yu asks the doctor if he can live long enough to see his grandchild to be born T_T The doctor said that that was the same thing Lee See Kei had said back then too..

Odd thing was, Ha Yu actually manged to live long enough to see his grand daughter =) I guess it helps when Susanna hasn’t bothered them during that time ever since Michelle talked to her (at least not what’s shown to us audiences) as most of the episode focused around Linda and her grieving over his death and guilt for the forgiveness. What doesn’t seem to make sense is we see Linda telling us about Tavia’s baby through her diary “the 95th day without Alfred”. Before then, we couldn’t see Tavia’s stomache stick out, so how was it possible to be given born in about 3 months?

Through this episode, Linda couldn’t forgive herself and constantly blamed herself for not forgiving Raymond earlier…he died without being forgiven .. because of this, Seung Joi Sum couldn’t concentrate on her court case and felt useless. When going to Raymond’s place, Linda finds the “Days without Seung Joi Sum” which has now been neatly compiled into a book…

In order to help Linda, Moses went to find the taxi driver who hit into Raymond’s car on the accident and asked him to do a favour by lying to to Linda, making her think that Raymond checked his email on this phone before the accident. In addition, Moses made a fake diary entry on a loose piece of paper where he pretended to find it at Raymond’s place, where he wrote about what he would have wanted for Linda if he passed away before she did. This comforted Linda and she became a lot more happier because she was being happy for Raymond. She didn’t want to disappoint him and she continued to live happily each day. Despite this, she had kept wondering at the back of her mind because she didn’t understand why, if Raymond did receive the email, that he didn’t mention it to her while he was on the phone. Eventually, one day Linda co-incidentally got into the same Taxi as the taxi driver so she got the change to question him again. She ends up finding out that Moses had lied to her and become emotionally unstable again. she blames Moses for lying to her and he eventually ‘wakes’ her up..

Michelle telling Susanna that the four abalone has always belonged to her(Susanna). She is always welcome to take them back. This implied if she gave up on causing trouble to the family. Michelle tells Susanna how she felt in the past when she was tricked by a man, and warns Susanna about ‘Henry’.

Linda wins her court case and thanks Moses for helping her get back up. I love Moses’ face expression there~ you can tell he has feeling for her. Its sorta cute =3
When Moses took that loose diary entry, claiming it to be from Raymond’s diary, I starting finding it suspicious ..did he really write this?.. why would Raymond write an entry like that? But it explains there that his mind was wondering that day he was having lunch, and we (the audience) actually see some sort of ‘flashback/memory’ like thing with his voice over, so somehow I thought he did write it.It seemed a bit out-of-character for some of the things he said, and there was a phrase used in the rainbow-rain story which really reminded my of something Lee See Kei’s character would say. I should have known ^^;

10 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 37”

  • Summer says:

    Oh..tis episode.. i cried so terribe.. fr watched episode 26 and come to here.. i cant accept to see the died of Alfred ar.. so sad, and while Siong Joi Sum know it.she cried so charmly and terrible.. its so sad.. i oso cry together wif her ar.. actually not me will cry while come to tis episdoe, lots of my fren tat got watched tis series.. they oso cri so terrible..feel tat, why … why Alfred die in the way of stil thinking Siong Joi Sum non forgive him … why.. ar……

    actually in tis episode, Linda Chung is good.. her acting so good.. really cry till makes me feel tat.. its really her frens passed away ar..she’s great ….

  • dreyvii says:

    This was one of Linda’s most memorable scenes during the filming. The one where she lifted the cover off Raymond’s corpse. She was really convincing during the opening of this episode, and it really tugged at my heartstrings. Also the part where she asked for the broken shell and when she sat down by the pier and started writing her own diary and carving the shell, telling Ray that she’d forgiven him. Could really feel her agony, pain and regret. When she flipped through Ray’s diary, she asked Moses where Ray had gone to. That was another heartwrenching scene. I felt so bad watching this episode…so sad for Seong Joi Sum.

  • Socks says:

    Is it me or is Linda playing the saxophone with the mouthpiece upsidedown in the first screenshot? XD That’s priceless.

  • KTVB says:

    TO Socks: LOL funny comment you have there. I’m not too sure because I’m not really familiar with the Saxophone XD but she should..right? I heard she actually learned to play that song for real. Would be funny if it was upside down though lol

    To dreyvii: agree with you on those parts too

  • lisa says:

    i hope linda n raymond can go togetherin the end….but y raymond die??
    i feel so sad…

  • nina says:

    omg, i really felt sad for linda and ray. its just sooo sad that he died. y DID he have to die???

  • Vicki says:

    awww Alfred died!!!

    Ah Sum is really evolving as a lawyer, she’s really convincing

  • Elizabeth says:

    This mvoe was awesome,it was really sad when raymond died and after that he even help Linda
    before he died soo yeahh but Bota was good in
    this movie and Moses improve alot in this series.

  • Avian says:

    Sum was really “playing” with an upside down mouthpiece… They should have taught her how to fake-play at least. I just saw this episode today on TVB and it was really sad and heart-wrenching… I wished Alfred didn’t have to die… He and Sum really belong together. They should have at least made it so that Alfred knew that Sum had already forgiven him so he could truly be happy in the fact that she forgave him, even though it was the end…

  • SzeKa says:

    Huh..i watched this episode not long ago and when there was one part i didnt really get o.o.. when i watched the part where the doctor comes out and says “he’s hurt so badly that he can’t be saved”, i was thinking “huh? wasn’t he already dead after he finished talking on the phone? o.o”..

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