Warning: Ending Spoiler!!

[All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Just watched the last episode so I decided to put up a quick blog entry! (then have to sneak back to my studying XD)

I like the ending of the series ^^ Its a really happy ending which keeps me happy. Moses and Linda scenes were sweet and emotional and I liked the proposal in end. It was quite cute- Linda just nodded ^^ I was really scared that they’ll lose the opportunity if Moses just left! I would really of hated it if Moses really did go away and then the two were writing letters to each other..’a few years time’ and they meet up again..Linda is finally able to put Raymond’s thing behind and accept Moses and the two get together I’m so glad that didn’t happen! XD Feel really happy for this couple; seeing the two run in the rain holding hands..the rainbow rain that fell on them was predictable but it was symbolic =)

I did feel sorry for Susanna especially the part where we can see the ‘goodness’ in her when Linda was telling the story about the past in court. She was genuinely moved thinking back to how much Ha Yu had loved her and she came to realise all the wrong things she has been doing. In the previous episode when Michelle was talking to Susanna, you can tell that Michelle genuinely sympathised with her and wanted to help her and somehow Susanna knew inside that what Michelle had said was true.
I’m glad that she decided to end the court case herself… it wasn’t hard to guess but somehow I’m not 100% convinced. It took 40 episodes (about 6 years- the time frame set for this series, plus an additional 30 years before) for her to realise that Ha Yu loved her…Lee See Kei had previously kept saying that Susanna won’t change and she would always be have that kind of mind and thought..only someone who can be “ordinary friends” with, and not family; but it was proven wrong…And that’s a good thing I suppose =) Susanna changed for the better and they accept her back as part of the “family” ^^

The Bosco part wasn’t hard to predict either…I’m glad Bosco played some sort of role in this ‘battle over the Tong Assets’; but it was still significantly small compared to what I had hoped…
That’s all for now! Will be putting up more series thoughts and screen captures of the other episodes ( 37-39) after my exams~~ Feel free to share your thoughts on the final episode!

~Screencaptures for the Last Few Moments ~

34 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 40- Final”

  • chibi says:

    My fav part in this episode would have to be Henry being chased by a car and his wig falling off. classic.

  • dreyvii says:

    I agree with Chibi. I almost laughed myself to death!

    I felt the ending was OK…so-so only. Not fantastic, but not too bad either. I mean, after all that excitement in the middle, it just sort of died off during the last episode.

    I was touched too, by the story of the 4 abalones. I think Susanna was already regretting her actions when the paparazzi exposed Henry’s scandals one after the other.

    Bosco’s part predictable? Oh, I actually wouldn’t have guessed that…LOL. But he was so ‘mou gu’ when Tavia slapped him, he looked so hurt. Poor thing.

    I liked the Linda-Moses relationship right up to the part where he proposed. I was like what the??? It would’ve been good if he just told her he loved her and then they hugged each other. Would you marry someone that you didn’t even ‘pak tor’ with? Seemed absurd to me. But maybe they’d progressed to the stage where nothing matters any more and they just wanna be together. The running and spinning was totally unwarranted. Haha…made the whole scene weird. But the symbolic rain was of course important to show that Ray was showering his blessings upon them. The weird thing is, Ray didn’t write the diary, so how’d he know about the rain?? LOL

    I miss this drama so much (mainly cos I loved watching Linda…heheh). Sigh…back to the mundane again now. Good luck for exams, K!! All the best!

  • Summer says:

    Dreyvii:.. haha.. as wat i told u earlier.. u remember, while i watched the 1st episode, i m thinking, why suddenly Bosco ( Gil GIL ) will side Sai kai leh.. so i m wondering, will he is the spy la.. so, i did told u..tis.. haha, and u did email me lo.. haha and as wat i guess la.. the episode..come to tis.. haha.. actually alot of time.. while i watched any movies, i love to guess the next episode or guess the ending.. dun know why.. i just love to do so.. co.s. sometimes i can see is it my thinking or my imagination will b tat great.. haha… any way, i love tis ending.. but, is true.. so charm tat, Gil Gil need to get a slap fr his wife Jackie.. but oso cant blame her la, she’s too sad , due to her husband doing such thing.. but tat part, i really never expected, Jackie will do such thing.. haha.. the director is great.. haha…

    Ems.. to Sai Kai.. actually while watched to around episode 38 & 39, i already feel tat, she will get tired of kept on appear on law firm, to report all those bad news to reporter..and i think so.. she will feel tired and will give up..actually she got so much energy to done so many thing out, is cos got 1 man behind helping her, if not, she oso wont like tat la.. any way, the ending is like tis.. i oso feel ok …

    Due to DaK Dak Dei & Siong Joi Sum..wow.. after watching whole movie, the ending is the moment we waiting for lo.. right.. but i feel tat , tis script writer, is great…normally if we wathced movie,we will sure dun like the character of Alfred, due to he got affair wif Sui Mak Mak and may dun wish he & Siong Joi Sum will get together again.. but tis story, they wrote it in the way of , we will start to forgive Alfred for wat he had done to Siong Joi Sum earlier and we will start to wish tat they both will get together, so i will feel tis is the great of the script writer lo.. any way.. while Dak Dak Dei propose to Siong Joi Sum , i really feel so touched ar… so happy to see such ending.. haha… now.. i m watching The Brink Of Law.. wow.. is another great movie…

  • Tracy says:

    i thought the same thing, i was like no way that bosco, who hates susanna so much, can side with her. but i’ve always thought that he was just tricking them into telling a lie that could be proven a lie to the judge since lying in court is bad.

  • boskifan says:

    LOL i think u mean “SERIES” an not “MOVIE” LOL
    an yea by the time suzana said she wantd 2 do the funeral for the dad u can tell she still has the “feelings” 2wards the family soo yea

    i tO tA leE agree the part where suzana chased him an his wig fell i was laughing SOO hard! 😀 it was HILARIOUS!!!! but the ending ending was SOOO cheezi 😛 i didnt like it all the action fell apart… or at least the ending could b like a comedyish ending…. LOL

    gota luv the court scenes they were the BEST PARTS oOoOoOoOo also the bosco an moses scenes they were soo funi!!!! LOL

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: Yeah, the scriptwriter was great. Instead of hating Raymond, we actually empathise with him, and feel very bad that he actually died helping Linda. It evokes very strong emotions from the audience, and that’s why I love this series so much

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii:.. haha.. ya.. lots of time.. normally we will hate Alfred character for such attitude.. and or will hate Sui Mak mak for doing such thing.. but tis movie, i dun hardly hatred them 2.. and will feel so sad for Alfred die and oso will wish Siong Joi Sum forgive they both.. any way.. tis story is a great story.. in tis movie.. i do get lots of messages.. lo.. esp everything tat say by Dai kai.. so meaningfull ar.. haha..

    recently watching The Brink of Law, i do love tis movies, cos.. it touches on abt Fashion Design.. is a nice story oso..

  • the azn says:

    i got a qwuestion ………
    u knw how bosco has his hair like that in the heart of greed poster………
    i dun’t no if i missed a bit or sumthing but did he have that kind of hair in the series????
    his hair in da series was just spiky wif blond tips

  • Summer says:

    the azn : er.. Bosco hair style in HOG, er.. i think so, is quite new hair style kua, cos.. earlier.. i saw his movie, will got slighty different, any way, i do felt tis hair styles is quite his character in tis movie lo.. cos, his character is a rich man’s son ma..so wif some brownie colour.. will make him look more Yao Ying plus wif the spec.. huh.., its just like killing me everytime seeing him in HOG.. haha…

  • dreyvii says:

    Yeah, I thought Bosco looked pretty good in the last episode. Really stood out. Haha…maybe cos Raymond was out of the picture, so I switched focus…LOL

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii:.. yea.. yea.. haha… Bosco is just like a Hero lo.. haha… dreyvii: u watched The Brink Of Law lioa>? is quite nice leh….then.. haha..
    in these few weeks.. i figure out tis 3 guys are so handsome wif spec.. 1st.. Bosco, in HOG he oso wearing spec.. walau.. look so yao ying and handsome.. feel tat so cool.. man.. haha..then come to The Brink Of Law.. walau.. Ron & Steven oso wearing spec.. Steven give me a feel of ” Si Si Mun Mun”..wif the spec plus his lawyer wear or office wear.. really look so handsome and just like Mr Nice guy.. then Ron Ng.. wua.. haha..oso look so Si Si Mun Mun wif the spec and oso plus some yao ying feel.. haha… these 3 guy.. really look so handsome.. haha.. and of course, last wont missed out Raymond, although he did not wear spec in HOG, but wif his hair style and the way, he talk.. to Siong Joi Sum.. huh.. just like killing all the audience.. hahaa…. so cool man.. haha

  • KTVB says:

    To Chibi: How can I forget to mention about Henry’s wig falling off XD I hated the guy so much..wanted him to go and die. I was worried when Susanna was chasing him in the car though..was more worried she’ll get injured before he does..

    To drevyii:

    “Bosco’s part predictable? Oh, I actually wouldn’t have guessed that…LOL. But he was so ‘mou gu’ when Tavia slapped him, he looked so hurt. Poor thing.”<-- agreed =) I think it was also then we were hinted he was still 'good' when he said he'll come back home after the court was over. I like the part where he came back to them though ; a sweet Bosco and Tavia moment. At first I felt the "proposal" seemed a bit sudden too, like you said..they didn't really "go out", but after hearing my mum say about the two loving each other..and knowing it for all to those years..the feelings were there and they could both feel it, it was appropriate and I guess she's right. They've pretty much spent 5 years together , there's no need to waste anymore time=) She agreed to marry him, but doesn't mean it'll have to happen right away =) The running was ok, the spinning looked a bit odd lol Very true about the symbolic rain and Raymond's voice over~~ Moses made up that diary entry, but I guess its also symbolic that way~~ it would have been what Raymond wanted too. To the azn:Misleading poster! He's hair isn't like that in the series..if you look at the other characters, Tavia's hair isn't like that (esp the fringe), Yoyo's hair isn't like that as well either. Have you seen the trailer (one with the family walking around the table?) They all have different hair too XD I think it would have looked better if Bosco wore his glasses in the promotional image as well~

  • groovy says:

    Bosco’s hair and glasses in this series made him soo droolworthy LOL especially in the last episode I’m surprised at how handsome Bosco can be 0_0

    He look so emotionally hurt when Tavia slapped him it was painful but yup there were obviou hints with the ‘I-will-come-home’ dialogue how sweet =)

    Love Susanna and Henry’s part LOL!

  • dreyvii says:

    KTVB: Nope…I couldn’t guess it too, but in your post you mentioned that it wasn’t hard to predict. LOL. Well, maybe you’re right…5 years is a long time, and after what they’ve been through, I guess it doesn’t make a difference whether or not they go out. How’s the exams going, btw?

    Summer: Yeah, I’ve watched TBOL. It’s a good show. Sad ending, but not too bad. Totally loved Steven Ma in it. He made a good pair with Bernice. Yeah, I actually thought Ron looked quite good with his glasses too…really took off that naughty boy image of his. As for Raymond, well I think I preferred him with his hair really short, as in when he first met Linda at the convenience store…heheh…he looked so young and cute. After that his hair grew longer and he looked more haggard to suit his character…

    Groovy: Yeah, that was one of my most memorable Bosco moments…the other one was when Uncle Bor was giving Moses a hard time for taking the $700k and Bosco couldn’t take it anymore. He stood up and told Uncle Bor to SHUT UP! Fuh…I really enjoyed that moment! LOL

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii:,… ai.. ya.. is a bad ending.. ems.. dun tell me wat ending.. wait till i watched it..and let u know my thinking… now, i watched up to episdoe 18 ler.. Michelle Yim is really bad.. haha.. er, i will drop more at the page of TBOL la.. here’s talk abt HOG only.. haha..

    any way, Raymond, i tell u, actually my cousion sis meet him in person last yr, while he come to malaysia to done a brand’s promotion..
    my cousion sis is a reporter of a newspaper at malaysia and she happen to meet Raymond, Ron Ng, Bernice Liu & Charmaine Sheh, walau.. tat moment, i really wish to attend, but too bad.. tats only for media lo.. others then tat cannot attend..and my cousion sis told me.. while she interview they 4, she told me..Ron is just like a big kids.. but, he is very handsome, just bit short la.. then Raymond, he is very handsome..and very Yao Ying.. plus.. he is very friendly and nice to all the reporter.. then Bernice Liu… she say.. she look so wild..lo.. wif her image.. huh..so cool.. and pretty.. and Charmaine.. she told.. me.. she look cute cute and pretty…

    but too bad, i cant get those photos fr her, cos she told me is P&C and she cant simply pass to me.. only company can hold it..so.. i cannot paste any at my site.. but, i did listen alot fr my cousion sis abt thye 4..so.. to me.. i will feel.. Raymond is always the Yao Ying type but Ron is alway the good good guy look.. right.. haha…

  • dreyvii says:

    Huh? Ron is the good good guy look? I thought he has a bad boy look

  • KTVB says:

    Please don’t talk about Ron and etc here anymore. Leave this for Heart of Greed Episode 40/final episode only thanks~~

    P.s: To Drevyii: uhm..not sure. Got 2 more left to do..

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii:… haha..sometimes.. his look will abit like naughty naughty type.. but, i will rather say he is just like a big kids la.. haha…

  • POOH says:

    i like the good ending. and i will always remember this series

  • KiT___kAT says:

    i was just against it when alfred and sheung joy sum got together, i was against it all the way, adding to the fact that alfred hurt her with all the arguing and the cheating!~~ the cheating was the major concern, and as for moses, he looked really sad when he was rejected, he looked like he can’t live without sheung joy sum 🙁

    He looked like he will do anything for her
    and he did!~~
    it was so sweet when sheung joy sum said she put the agreement that they had earlier, with some changes in it, and the changes were that she will never forget him and if he dies, (which you can see she never hopes to see him die), she’ll always forget him… i__i” sOoOoO SWEETTTTT >_______________

  • KiT___kAT says:

    in the 40th final episode, sheung joy sum felt she really owed him a lot. She felt really loved and cared through out the years and that when ever she ever had a tradgedy, duk duk dei was always by her side. told him the agreement they had earlier, that duk duk dei ripped into pieces; she had put the agreement with some changes into her heart; thats if person A(sheung joy sum) will never forget about person B(duk duk dei); and if anybody is going to die, the agreement will still be in effect.

    And then duk duk dei told her she didn’t owe him anything. All those years being able to be by her side was already the biggest gratitude he could’ve asked for. He explained to her why he ripped the agreement was because it was just only an agreement. Person B(duk duk dei) promises to Person A(sheung joy sum) that person B(duk duk dei) will forever love person A(sheung joy sum); no matter what happens, through sorrow and happiness; person B(duk duk dei) will always be there for person A(sheung joy sum); thus forever for the rest of their lives.


  • KTVB says:

    Hi KiT___kAT,
    Wow! A big DakDakDei and Seung Joi Sum Supporter ^^ The ending must of felt so perfect for u =) Nice translation of their agreement ^^ I liked how they made Moses tear up the contract because he didn’t want ‘just’ a contract that was between them *sweet*

  • Artistic_cancerian says:

    Why did Moses end up with Linda? WTH? He even proposed to her! They didn’t even date… I personally don’t like (actually hate) the fact that Moses is with Linda. 常在心 + 程亮 forever…

  • Vicki says:

    wow, i was a bit disappointed in the ending, the court case was introduced in the beginning, and having endured through 38 episodes, its finally mentioned again, and it just ended with Ah Kam stopping it, i hoped for something more…

    referring to episodes 38, 39, i really hate it that Jackie’s family put themselves into everything, when it clearly has nothing to do with them, it was so annoying seeing them everywhere!!!

  • KAmi says:

    the ending was Ok. The chasing part was funny..actually, I did’nt know if I should’ve cried or laughed..
    Bosco is awesome in HOG, his acting skills are just excellent.
    Raymond improved very much at crying scene. He could cry, but he had a weird face before while crying. Now It’s so much touching.
    As for the agreement between linda and moses, It’s a pity the scriptwriter did not develop the agreement that alfred made with linda in his heart. Because what linda says: ” will not forget the person even if he dies” suits Alfred better than Dak Dak Dei.
    I wanted her to say something like “I will never forget ALfred but I’ll walk forward”

  • Luckimonkee33 says:

    @ Chibi:

    Yep! THat part when Henry was chased by the car and his wig fell off was purely original! Did you ee the look on Susanna’s face? Hah! that was so funny! It’s my awesomely fav. part!

  • tru0001 says:

    I finished the series (Vietnamese Dub) last night…. um…. let’s see I started at the endish lol anyway… Susanna running Henry over with the car was purely original! Moses proposing to Linda was a WTF kinda moment…. she said that she was “married” to Raymond and then he proposes to her WTF! like hello? She’s “married” lol…. but oh well but its great there is going to be another season!

  • KTVB says:

    yeh..you have a point there. Linda kept saying she was married to Raymond.. which was kinda cute, but must of made Moses feel awkward..

  • Shurlee says:

    i loved the ending! Bosco is soo hot!!

  • kelly says:

    omg..i loved the drama..so nice..but can you update ep 38 n 39 screencaptures? Thanks

    Reply from KTVB:
    I didn’t have any plans in near future to update them, but I’ll keep that in the back of my mind and post some up when I get the time.

  • Ruby says:

    I love Heart of Greed especially its ending, when Moses proposed to Linda…

  • yunneeezy says:

    Artistic_cancerian: i agreee with youu . im a biggg fan of raymonddd & linda . RAAYDAA FORVEER<3 but i haate it that they didnt end up togetheer… but for heart of greed : moonlight renosance thaa ending is perfect<3 😀

    • rikasa says:

      i’m a very big fan of raymond and linda
      they look so perfect for each other..
      i wish they ended up together too, its soo sad that he dies..

      but the semi-sequel makes it all better… 🙂

  • Summer says:

    linda chung and moses chan are not bad when they are together. hope to see them work together often

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