May 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 5

[Karaoke and Animated Clip]

[Intermission Clip]

The family spent the day out with Baffet Lunch, Movies and Karaoke~ for their mother’s 35th Anniversary, they put up a surprise clip compiled and made especially for her ^^ The animation clip was so cute! XD The characters really look like them!
Things seem to be going well again now that I thought Lee See Kei and Susanna Kwan had that confrontational talk in the last episode. Things are getting a bit messy and its all because of Susanna. She’s the one with a “heart of greed”. Once Lee Seei Kei said she can have two of their property under her name, and leaves with Fala on a short trip, right away she takes Ha Yu to choose the property. It seems like she’s been watching that property for a long time now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to get it. Tension arises between Susanna and Michelle and more problems have broke out…

On the other hand, Linda has approaches Moses and asks to borrow a large sum of money, without telling him the reason for the need, other than it was urgent. Moses does and Linda asks him not to tell anyone about it. She seemed so suspscious and money hungry, asking Moses again and again to withdraw using all the bank cards he had..later on, Moses (while with Ha Yu) sees Linda betting on horses and assumes that she has taken the money to gamble! This story gets told to Michelle’s brother and he starts spreading bad words about her to everyone. After saying those things to Linda, she gets upset and thinks that Moses has went back against his words of keeping it a secret…

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  • Tina Chow says:

    I was wondering what is that song called during the animated clip

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