Rain is symbolic. There can be negative connotations associated with sadness and tears, but they can also represent happiness in other ways. I always find rain to be a nice touch in TVB drama even though they use the idea a lot, especially in romantic scenes. In Heart of Greed, rain has been used to represent happiness.
Episode 36

In this episode, Raymond wanted to ask Linda for forgiveness but wasn’t sure whether he should or not. He left the decision to the sky, saying that if it continued to rain the next day, he’ll ask Linda. The next day came; the whole day was cloudy, but no rain. He felt disappointed, thinking he couldn’t yet..but when he left his office, it started to rain ^___^ He really does look like a happy little boy^^ so happy that he called Linda out right away..

Episode 37

“..If Seung Joi Sum can really put behind her sadness; continue to live on with courage, no matter where I’ll go, I know I will have tears of joy …and when these tears fall down; it will change into rainbow-coloured rain, to make her smile…”

Episode 40 (Final)

The rain scene here happened right after Moses proposes to Linda. The symbolic rainbow-coloured rain represented Raymond’s blessing for the two =)

10 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Raining Tears of Joy”

  • Summer says:

    so romantic ar…. u know KTVB, evertime i see back all ur screencap.. i will re-call back alot of the scene of tis series..
    nice screencap.. keep it up, done more.. haha…

  • KTVB says:

    That’s nice to hear ^^ Every time I rewatch parts I like, I feel like putting it up here lol Glad you like it!

  • frostbite says:

    interesting! Didn’t notice the tears of joy trend, thrice…

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    awww..i like the tears of joy article!!=] so touching…lol. i like the ending part with ray’s voice over

  • sophie says:

    i really like your post on “raining tears of joy”. i cried at the sheung tsoi sum scene when rain falls and she thinks about Raymond. It was so sad, yet joyful in a way.

  • lasilasi says:

    thanks very much for the screen cap!! I’ve linked to this page – hope u dont mind!

    the story absolutely touched me…

  • Charles Liew says:

    the many family squabbles in ‘heart of greed’ are only made light and more watchable by the love triangle (or was it squarish, with soi mak mak as well) between ttd, sjs and alf.

  • Jadyee says:

    Its so sad how Raymond dies… couldn’t it be Moses??
    Coz i think that Linda and raymond make a betta couple. 🙂

  • Lihu says:

    why couldnt Linda and Raymond be 2getha they could hav replaced moses wit summul or raymond

  • Elizabeth says:

    omg i didnt notice bout the rain and stuff well because i watch the whole series all night until like 5 in the afternoon the next day without stoppin and i watched in chinese wit english subtitles but im viet soo yeah but it was really goood and thanks for all this that youve done.

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