February 2007

[Heavenly in-laws] Episode 15

Whether I watch the series or skip it, t doesn’t really affect me. So in my spare time I might as well try enjoy it. Funny enough, there were scenes in the series where I found it quite funny. One was when the three-eye god came to earth and was talking to Nancy and Yuen Wah was there. The three-eyed god made Yuen Wah unable to hear their conversation. Yeun Wah, thinking somethng has blocked his ears was so hilarious..the expression and reaction was quite funny hehe..

Just finished watching episode 15, and since this series is coming to an end I wanted to put up an entry. The more I watch it, the more I like it a bit more. Or maybe its just getting closer to the end and some characters are changing for the better now. I really want Joey and Linda to get together, but looks like Nancy is always making things bad for them..call her a heavenly figure sometimes makes me wonder what qualities are need for that because she keeps playing tricks on people. Can’t she see that Joey really loves Linda? Why does she have to keep getting in the way?

In this episode, Joey finds out that he has mistakenly blamed Linda; so tried to apologise and ask for forgiveness.

Here Joey made dinner for Linda (and the family), but once Nancy told Linda that he made it, she refused to eat and walked away.

On their family day out picnic, Joey cooks chicken wings for Linda and wanted to give it to her. When Nancy sees him approaching, she uses her magic and makes the Chicken Wing burnt. Linda gets angry at him again.

After finding out from his brother that Linda liked a certain flower, he wanted to go down a slopey hill and pick it for her. Seeing this, Nancy casts her magic again and makes him fall over, picking the flower while tumbling down the hill. Linda quickly uses her magic and saves him. He gives her the flower, but she doesn’t want it.

The key to mending their relationship was when Linda saw Joey putting a lot of effort repairing her jewlery/music box he broke when they argued. It was her favourite music box and Joey tried to buy the same one back but couldn’t find it anywhere. His hands were bleeding by the end of it but I think for him, it was worth it =)

The two ended up making up by sharing Sweet potatoes together.

At work, when Linda saw Joel assign Joey and the other girl worker (who has a crush on Joey and is constantly all over him) to go to Macau for some business, Linda gets very jealous, but when he looks over to her, she pretends she doesn’t care.

That night while cooking Sweet Potatoes, Linda thinks back of them happy times they spent together.

She also learns from the other guy what Joey had done for her previously, begging him to give Linda another chance and to apologise for her.

Night was approaching, the next day would be Joey’s birthday but he was by himself at Macau. Joey planned to take a night trip back to HongKong to spend it with Linda then coming back the next morning. On the other hand, Linda caught the ship to Macau, buying Sweet Potato and hoping to give him a surprise by spending his birthday with her. Just when you think things are going well, Joey bumps into Winnie and Linda mistakens him again..

When I see Joel’s character, he reminds me of his role in [Glittering Day] Don’t like him but he suits his role I guess.

On the other hand, these two (below) are quite funny as well. I’m surprised she can’t recognise his voice though =P

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  • jenny says:

    hi, it looks like u have access to the pictures of this drama.. can you get me some pictures of linda where she has her heaven costume?

    thanks =D

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