Message from K: I’ve just finished watching the last episode of  ‘In the Chamber of Bliss’ and quite disappointed with the endingThe series itself is pretty good but the ending let it down..As I’m currently really busy with work and study, I’ll only be making a really brief post with a few thoughts and comments.


Episode 20 In the Chamber of Bliss

Episode 19/20

  • After Angela’s younger brother gets killed by Dominic, Angela decides to close the brothel business.
  • With the help of Angela and her friends, Kathy and Damien manage to escape.
  • Dominic finds out Angela is pregnant with his baby
  • Kathy and Damien separate and Kenneth takes Kathy away but she ends up going back to find Damien.
  • Toby gets killed by her father (Dominic)’s gunshot from protecting Kenneth.
  • Dominic seeks revenge on Kenneth by killing Kenneth’s father. Before Kenneth’s father passes away, he tells his son that he is really proud of him.
  • Kenneth and Dominic face off, and Kenneth ends up with the upper hand. Kenneth lets Dominic off as a way of repaying Toby for previously saving him.
  • Kathy and Damien end up successfully escaping. Damien finally admits his love for her and the two share many happy times and memories together. They end up finding a little house and they get married.
  • Kathy decides to leave him because she knows that he wants to go and save his country.
  • Kathy gets captured by Dominic and Damien successfully returns to his home.
  • Dominic eventually lets Kathy go because of Angela.
  • Dominic finally realises Yuen Sai Hoi was selfish when Damien was winning in the war. Yuen Sai Hoi puts the blame on Dominic for supporting him to be the emperor in the first place. Dominic points a gun at Yuen Sai Hoi and Yuen Sai Hoi..dies from sickness?
  • Angela lives happily with her baby and Kathy as they run their own bun store.
  • Dominic becomes a monk and leaves a beaded bracelet with his son
  • Damien dies from sickness after the war ended.

Comments (contains spoilers):

  • I’m disappointed with the ending (usual for TVB=X )  How could Damien just die like that? It felt so insignificant (although if he’s a figure in history and that’s how he died- I guess they can’t make too many changes in the story- did he actually exist in history?) I rather he have died in war- that would have been really sad
  • I loved the chemistry between Kathy and Damien; I smiled when Damien finally admitted he loved her ^^ The moments they spent together were really sweet
  • The prelude is kind of misleading with Kathy being old and sad and teary thinking back because she said she would live on a happy life because he will always be in her heart. It made it look like she was sad and lonely!
  • I didn’t like how Kathy never got to ‘reunite’ with Damien after she left him and got imprisoned. Damien didn’t get to see Kathy before he died =(
  • The last episode was kinda boring and not much was going on.  The story died off slowly in last two episodes
  • A bit lame to have Dominic turn into a monk- I somehow wanted him to reunite with his family. I also hoped he had “realised” earlier that following Yuen Sai Hoi was wrong, but when that did was too late already. You would think he’d realise after he killed his own daughter.

What did everyone else think ?

20 Responses to “[In the Chamber of Bliss] Ending Spoilers”

  • ltvb says:

    yesterday i already watch 19 episode.damn really sad and make me cry non sad went kathy leave damian because she don’t want damian to take care of her.and she ask damian to run went the soldier chase him.and she let the soldier catch her,because she want to safe damian from been catch.what i can say this drama really damn good i ever see,really emotional drama.

    • Victor Penny says:

      I totally agree that the ending was bad. I felt sad that Damien died without seeing Kathy. Also, Kathy was never reunited with Damien even though he had already admitted his love for her. He should have looked for her after the war ended. I liked it that he said he will never leave his wife but I think he deserved more and deserved to be with Kathy or at least see her one more time before he died.

      • KTVB says:

        Damien definitely deserved more..I’m happy to see he was able to achieve what he wanted before he died though. Be it death in war or illness, his death is a sacrifice for saving his country

  • turtle88 says:

    Ya, the last episode was kinda draggy. The ending was a bit disappointing as well. I agree, that it was sad that Damien never got to see Kathy after she left him and before he died.
    I found episode 19 to be emotional, with the part with Angela confrontation with Dominic and especially the part where Kathy leaves Damien near the end with all the memories… it was a really sad tear-jerker scene.

  • Kelvin says:

    I have to agree. They made too many characters die in this last finale episode.

  • qqhakku says:

    no matter how was yours opinion, history is history. we cant change it. and we must accept it…
    by the way, i love this drama….

  • ltvb says:

    what i see this drama is went damian die he still remember kathy went he look at the flower before he close his damn sad went kathy can’t see damian for the last moment.but whatever your comment for me this story really good. i really like it especially damian really good actor.
    cheers TVB

  • cobfan says:


    I just wanted to say that Damien’s character was real and he did die a few months after Yuen Sai Hoi in Japan due to illness. Additionally, the love story between Damien and Kathy is only a modern speculation. There has been different adaptions of the love story.

    I thought this was a good series and worth watching.

    • KTVB says:

      oo thats very interesting, thanks for sharing that cobfan! I somehow thought it’d be based on Chinese history. Do you know if there’s any other interpretations/speculations/articles around the net?

      Might look into it 🙂

  • gee says:

    the ending was went slowly and out of context.
    I rather it ended in episode 9 that seem to be more a finale then episode 20.
    I never cried so much in one series aka episode 9 soo emotional!

    • KTVB says:

      What happened in Episode 9 again? Was it Damien downfall? I remember that was pretty sad..the last episode did kinda drag which affected my overall feel to the series. Nevertheless, reflecting back I really did enjoy the story!

      p.s do you guys think Kenneth liked Toby more than just a friend?

  • fiona says:

    This drama was actually pretty good, I guess, but after a while…the 8th EP? It got pretty boring,and I just kinda stopped watching this drama…going back to off Pedder! haha! it’s a really funny Drama…and my fave is Teresa Mo!anyways,I guess this drama is ok…but I actually wouldn’t recommend it…sorry k-tvb!…it’s pretty good at the beginning…but don’t judge a book by it’s…first few pages=) It’s actually not that good as it comes near the end!

  • Brittany says:

    I quite enjoyed the series actually. There seemed to be good chemistry between Damien and Kathy. The plot was entertaining. The only part that sort of sucked was the ending. It wasn’t as amazing as the rest of the story. But TVB has a tendency to do really well with the story then die out with its endings. :/

    • KTVB says:

      I agree…the ending was a bit of a let down which is disappointing (mostly- as always) from TVB. it’s the last impression you get left from the series. Honestly I really enjoyed the series (but the ending felt a bit..I don’t know..)

  • chibi says:

    Ah..the series I didn’t complete since I started watching Beyond the Realm of Conscience..

    From the bits and pieces I saw, I generally got the idea of the drama and I must say there was really good chemistry between Damien and Kathy. They really convinced me that they loved each other more than words could say. It’s pretty crazy XD

    The plot itself was really interesting and I liked watching Kenneth in the drama too 🙂 He fits the role perfectly..and for once I didn’t mind Toby much. I don’t like her as an actress but at the very least she wasn’t very annoying in the drama.

    I didn’t watch the finale, and from what was written that sounds weirdd….. @__@ Dominic became a monk? O___o That’s kinda lame and would have thought he would turn against Yuen Sai Hoi- that’s the least he could do for his daughter or something!

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