I feel so tired…XD Today I saw Raymond ^^, Shirley and Yoyo at the JadeWorld Carnival 2007 at Belmore Park and posted up photos taken! I have to say I didn’t really enjoy the day because the wait for them to come on stage was toooo long. The event was from 11am-4pm, but they didn’t come on stage until 3:20pm -__- and out of all the 11 stars who came..Raymond was last to appear! I bet they did it on purpose to keep everyone anticipating I really wasn’t interested in those other non-HK TVBJ people (except Joey Leung) – don’t even know who they were…and most of them spoke in mandarin…it got really annoying actually.. Pretty much everyone there, was there for Raymond Lam and it makes me wonder how much people would come today if he didn’t ^^; Every time Raymond stepped out everyone would scream (don’t think anyone was interested on what was happening on stage hehe), but I could only see his back (as you can see in the photos)They were also really far away and I felt the bars could have been way closer =\ I was quite disappointed actually.
Joey Leung was really funny and I thought he did pretty well with the singing (with no music) and he was able to engage the audience quite well~ Yoyo sang one song (first time hearing her singing~~) while Shirley sang two (she sounded a bit different from her usual). Shirley seemed to be the really happy cheerful one and she even came down from her stage to give handshakes to the audience! I didn’t manage to take a photo when she was so close, but instead ended up touching her arm XD her skin was sorta dry and lumpy (goosebumps?) 0 o.0 not what I had expected ..but anyways XD That was nice of her to come down ^^ I was really excited to see Raymond =D and his singing was soooo nice as always xD It makes you want to melt hehehe…He sung the Sub themesong of Heart Of Greed (singing Linda Chung’s lines as well ^^) and Survivor’s Law Themesong “Remember to forget“…ah….soo nice!! XD

I didn’t take any video clips (because I was taking photos instead hehe), and I’m assuming they’ll have the event airred again soon on TVBJ (like they did of last year with Angela Tong and Bowie Lam when they came). Nevertheless, someone did on youtube ^^:

Raymond singing HOG Sub
Raymond singing Survivor’s Law Themesong
This one is cool, someone managed to take a videoclip of them randomly down the streets of Sydney XD I wish I could hav seen them like that ^^ :

23 Responses to “[JadeWorld Carnival 2007] Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung & Yoyo Mung”

  • Charly says:

    Hey KTVB =]
    Been reading your blog for some time! You got some nice stuff in here…love the series screen caps and synopsises!
    Anyway I went today too! So tiring I know! My legs still kill! You got such good pics! My camera was so slow that everytime time Ray turned around I only managed to get his back =[ So thx heaps for the pics! But actually I arrived at 10:00am and Raymond was there at around 11:00am doing a prac sing I think…he had huge sunnies and a cap on…but he got there real early! I only captured two pics but they were super blurry but that’s him…just to let you know =]
    And Raymond was super nice and had the most charming voice for a guy and Yoyo was super pretty! Shirley was smiling all the time! So sweet!!!
    Keep up the great job on your blog! I’ll be reading ^^

  • chibi says:

    yup yup, I came with you to mainly see Raymond =D He was hot, and I LOVED his singing. Too bad for the other stuff though (they were really uninteresting), stood there for 5 long hours facing the sun (when we got there early too x_x) Raymond got all the spotlight for the day, everyone came JUST for him. AMAZING. We’d all just squeal when he turns around and waves.

    Too bad we couldn’t get signatures, or get even close to him to say anything, or have a hand shake. aww..

  • smileee says:

    aww, i’m so jealouss of you guys, lol. Last year came to Toronto, wish he would come back soon. His singing is just AMAZING. Continue with your awesome blog, I love reading all your stuff. =)

  • william says:

    i rkn the tvb carnivals all sound and look really flashy on the poster but in reality its really crap. i mean last year, i went and it was SOOO boring although the poster looked really kool and they  sed that all these famous stars were coming and they only appeared for 10 mins

  • Tired says:

    i was at the carnival today, but couldnt get pics like the posted one
    totally agree with “william” it was pretty boring especially when other non tvb personell came on stage

  • dreyvii says:

    wow…you waited so long just for 40 minutes of Ray? LOL…true blue fan

  • qing says:

    star chasing! can’t wait for steven to come to singapore again! 🙂

  • KTVB says:

    Hi Charly: Hey those pics are interesting lol He wasn’t dressed up yet I guess..I got there around 11:10am..haha..I got lots of bad pics too (like you, camera was laggy or people at the back kept shoving every time I thought I got a good shot XD) Ones posted are the ‘ok’ ones..^^

    To chibi: yeh..would have been nice I stood around the side of the stage were Raymond and other others were getting interviewed!

    To William: you didn’t tell me that before 😛 But yeh, I probably wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t go and see for myself ^^ Its the first JadeWorld carnival I’ve been to =) I went for Raymond! ^^

    To Tried: You must be tired =] Should take an early rest~

    To Smilee: Thanks ^^

    To dreyvii: I didn’t know it would take THAT long…

    To qing: hehe~~u went last time?

  • fox says:

    hey K! Joey Leung is back to TVB. And he was TVB’s

  • summer says:

    hey, frens.. seen like u all really had a great wif 3 of them tat days.. is happy to see those pic and thanks alot ar..

    hope so, u all will kept on meet them every time they go there and catch up lots of photos for us tat cant been there to see la..ok.. thanks..

  • mell says:


  • alicechen says:

    you saw Raymond OMG!! Awww u have to wait that LONG? for them to appear and for Raymond…wow.. thanks for the pics!

  • San San says:

    Wow…first time I stumbled across this site….The pics are so cool! I heard there was something on at parramatta but where was it? (Don’t think it was ever advertised).

  • KTVB says:

    To San San: I don’t think was promoted either, but I about it from my mum’s friend, but the course was unreliable and couldn’t confirm. I didn’t end up going, but I think it was Near Westfield, near the Chinese Groceries store~~ at a CD/Rental store~

  • Free Man says:

    I love everything on this website, thanks for the pictures!

  • sum1 says:

    woh….u get to see ray in real person!!??!!! is it your first time seeing him?? omg i wish he comes here cuz i wanna meet some people too (in real life)

  • helen says:

    wah, raymond is soo cute!!!! i love him :] i wonder if he’s a nice person in real life, but i bet he is!

  • Sammyy says:

    Migoddd! i was there too! But my view was soo bad! i couldnt see him very weell..Hmms i hope Ron comes nxt yr

  • illgirl says:

    omg thanks for the picures..raymond looks so hott! and joey jeung looked pretty good…do you know if they do these Jadeworld promotions in New York?!?

  • sugar says:

    awe Ray had to sing both lines for HOG subtheme. I recently downloaded a clip of him singing both. =P He did a really good job singing both, ‘cos when he finishes his lines, he had to move on quickly and sing Linda’s lines too. XD

  • cheela says:

    Hey KTVB,

    Where do you get the autograph tickets from???

    • KTVB says:

      I didn’t get the autograph ticket for that year~ you pretty much had to get there really early and line up for it and they give it to the first 120 people or something

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