I’m back from the 2008 Jadeworld Carnival Full Moon at Hurstville ~ and got to see Moses and Tavia!! They only made a short appearance (maybe less than 1/2 hour?) but I found it overall to be an enjoyable experience ^_^

Due to wet weather, the TVBJ Carnival changed locations to indoors at Civic Centre @ Hurstville. I was quite happy with that because I can’t imagine how bad it would be to be standing in the rain and cold all day! Since it was indoors, we also got seats at the higher level so that was another bonus. It was pretty good view and there weren’t that many people so there was no pushing or shoving. Only thing is the photos I’ve taken with my camera weren’t that good quality ^^; and the lighting is pretty bad since it’s indoors. Nevertheless, I’ve uploaded them to share! I’ve also made video recordings, including their singing!

When the host asked who we wanted to see most, everyone yelled “Chan Ho!”  When asked who else we wanted to see, everyone yelled “Yeung Yi” haha..Moses is more popular!

Tavia appears first, saying about how warm and welcome she felt from the crowd, like she’s in HongKong! She asks everyone if people knew who she plays in Moonlight Resonance and the audience replied “Ah Yuet!” Tavia then asks what her other name is  ‘First word -Lor...’, everyone replies “Lor Lui!” Tavia laughs saying how people would actually call her that ^^ She sang two songs- one in Cantonese and one in Mandarin (I like her voice!) and came down to the audience to shake hands. Someone even gave her a bunch of flowers! Tavia was saying she was feeling really cold, but feeling quite hot after her performance lol

After that, Moses comes outs and he kept saying “I love you!” to the audiences ^^ and people yell back “Liu Bek Yi” (Bernice Liu) haha~ that was funny!

He expressed that when he came to Australia the first time, he didn’t have many fans  (awww...) so he’s really happy now to see the crowd^^ Moses also sang a mixed variety of songs together and jumped down from the stage~ but I was a little disappointed he didn’t sing his “Put Me to Death” (The Ultimate Crime fighter Sub themesong). At the end he said it again, “I love you all, and I mean it” (In English) XD

Moses tells us that he has just finished a coffee show and started filming 2 series but didn’t leak out any further information. I loved it every time he made reference to Ah Ka and Moonlight Resonance! ~about investments and then a little bit about his love triangle between Kate and Tavia. He asked the audience who they wanted Ah Ka to end up with~ Ah Yuet or Ga Mei and invites Tavia out again~where the audience yells out ‘Ah Yuet’!

Moses: But she’s my sister
Tavia: So what!? (In English)
Someone from the audience: Go for it anyway!

And finally, they mention that the ending of MR should be satisfying!

After that, the two played games with some of the audiences and the event concluded shortly after with the autograph session. I went there pretty late so I couldn’t get a ticket for the autograph session, but oh wells, I’m happy for meeting them! =D

Video Clips I’ve recorded: Watch online!

      Tavia Singing in Cantonese

23 Responses to “[Jadeworld Carnival 2008] Moses & Tavia in Sydney!”

  • kris says:

    Wow!! that sounded like a lotta fun ^___^
    hehehe, the funniest part to me is the part where the audience screams back Bernice’s name after Moses declares “i love you!” LOL!! I wonder what his reaction was … hehe, Moses fan forever!! >:D

    thanks for uploading the pics and videos ^___^

  • mab says:

    Hi, thank you for the post on Jadeworld Carnival 2008! You made my day. =)

  • hjk says:

    K thanks for your clips and pics. they r so good. i think you had a good time there

  • MC3 says:

    i just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and the pictures!!! i totally want to hear moses say, “i love you all, and i mean it…” whee!!! hahaha!!!

  • lulu says:

    Thanks for sharing with us, I’m a big fan of Tavia!!! I tried to view the mandarin song but does not work. Thanks again, and her singing is great.

  • chibi says:

    hahaha that’s awesome, sound like a fun time ^^

  • summer says:

    KTVB ~ thanks so much.. really thanks alot..haha.. u’ve done a really great thing over here.. i m not, but stil can know wat ‘s happening there..so nice of u… i m sure u’ve have ur great moment on tat day..

    Tavia and Moses is cute..and yeah, i did wish so ending Ah Ka will be wif Ah Yue..haha.. 🙂

    but the photos really hardly see them due to the bad lighting, any way, is already so great, cos better then none lo.. haha..

  • j00ky says:

    Too bad I was too sick to go this year 🙁

    Tavia looks nice there! Moses would have looked better if he didn’t wear what he did haha looks a bit ‘lo tow’ to me XD

    Ta for sharing K~

  • TkN says:

    Thanks K!

    For those who are unfamiliar with Tavia’s singing, this would be a nice intro clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKONi5Z7us0

    She covered Kelly Chan’s “Yau Fook Hei” and Sammi Cheng’s “Beautiful Life”. [The Cantonese song K uploaded is indeed “Beautiful Life”. I’m not sure what the Mandarin song is.]

  • Karen says:

    haha… i see you got ur videos uploaded… i had trouble with mine… i really need a new dv cam…. mine is in dvd version, so i have to change it back to mpg version before i could upload it to youtube… my limit for this month is nearing cap… so i cant upload mine yet… hehe

    but i was surprised how good the photos were for the ones i took with the dv cam… much clearer than my camera… must get new dv cam for christmas!!!

    wonder who will come next year?

  • beng says:

    ha ha ha… i remember a time when moses was not very popular (i think he just had a small part in this movie – Gen X cops); he used to date a friend in malaysia…

    back then no one really knew who he was except our friend from hk who kept commenting how weird it was to go out and ‘yum-cha’ with a hk actor in malaysia!

  • Twinstars says:

    does any1 hv those autographs pictures dat can upload online for us to see…i want to see how it looks like…thanks so much!!! 🙂

    plus any1 hv any clues abt tmr…wat time & flight no# they’re flying bk to hk??? :S

  • sugar says:

    thanks for sharing K. xD

  • Stephanie says:

    Haha I was there as well.
    It was so unfair how you needed tickets to get an autograph. ><
    But oh well it was fun seeing him. (:
    Hopefully they’ll come back soon!

  • kat says:

    Great pics & videos! I wish I can go to Jadeworld Carnival again, need more stars to come!

    I think the Mandarin song is 我只在乎你, an old song by Teresa Teng. 🙂

  • Jadedreams says:

    You’re so lucky! It seems like a very fun event! Thanks for the pics and video, Tavia seems like a decent singer, wonder why TVB never really lets her sing?

  • Jessica says:

    hey can you send the videos to me PLZ email it to me if you can jessica_leung94@hotmail.com anyways thanks

  • KTVB says:

    You’re all welcome ^^ Thanks for the comments!

    To Kris: haha, an embarrassed one XD
    To lulu: It should work now, it hadn’t finished uploading before~

    To j00ky: lol I agree XD I think it would have been pretty cool if he dressed up as Ah Ka haha, with the glasses and the overcoat=D
    To beng: that’s interesting! XD I always wondered what it would be like to know a celebrity before they become famous^^ or know someone who knows them XD

    To Jadedreams: agree! 🙂

    To Jessica: Sorry I won’t be sending them, they’re like huge files =X

  • Anita says:

    Thanks for the pictures and videos! Awww, wish i could of went! I was busy on that day 🙁 There’ always next year! (There better be!) Come on either Bosco, Kevin or Ron to come next year! 😀

  • Cel says:

    heys =)
    Thanks for sharing the videos.
    i saw myself in them O_O

  • Sharon says:

    I was there too. Totally worth waiting in the rain for. It was tops. I was so close to it. Since I was sitting at the top, right near the stage. (:

  • awesome says:

    wow you were there? does that mean you’re in this country you now what i mean cool. wicked.you were there as well. i wasas well haha

  • stargal15 says:

    I totally hearts their pairing! Ah Yuet and Ah Ka! So CUTE! Its totally CUTE TO THE MAX! Ahh! Wish I was there…too bad I’m crazy over Hong Kong stuff just since December last year. Haix…): NVM. There’s always another chance that he’ll come to SG again! (: Hopefully. <3

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