August 2009

JadeWorld Carnival 2009!

2009 Jadeworld Carnival! @ Sydney

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JadeWorld Carnival 2009

TVB- Linda Chung & Moses Chan
Dragon TV- Kevin Cao from Dragon TV
Chongqing TV-Brian Long
Hunan TV- Le Le Yang

Where: Carss Bush Park, Kogarah
(Carwar Ave, Carss Park)
12 September 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 11am-4pm
: Free!

If you want to get their autographs, be there EARLY to avoid disappointment as with previous years, they only allow the first 100 people to get tickets for their autographs, so you’ll need to queue up early if you want one 🙂

Due to the crowds expected on the day, the public parking area in Carss Bush Park will be closed on Saturday 12 September and the soccer fields alongside Parkside Drive will be available to the general public for parking throughout the day.

Other events for the day:

  • the debut appearance of the 2009 Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant finalists;
  • performances by the winner and runners up of the 2009 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship (Sydney Region);
  • food and drinks stalls;
  • celebrity autograph signings;
  • games onstage (requires..long queing XD)

If you miss out on an autograph on the day, there’s one more chance:

Autograph Session: Jadeworld Stars Autograph
When: 13 September 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm
Location: Sussex Centre

Form looks like this:
Jadeworld Stars Autograph Form
Condition: Anyone who has spent $30 or over per receipt in Sussex Centre will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw; simply fill in the entry form and post it back together with the receipt to Sussex Centre, 120 winners will be invited to join Jadeworld Stars Autograph.

Level 8 Sussex Centre, 410 Sussex Street, Sydney 2000

Draw Day: Tuesday 8 September 2009

Fundraising Dinner

There’s also a fundraiser dinner they’ll be at after the Autograph session that night at 7pm @ Zilver Restaurant for those interested. You’ll probably have to book places in advance.

For more details, visit: Kogarah Council and TVBJ

For previous carnivals:

2008: Moses Chan & Tavia Yeung

2007: Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung, Yoyo Mung

74 Responses to “JadeWorld Carnival 2009!”

  • KTVB says:

    I’m actually quite surprised Moses is coming again o_o

    I was hoping to meet someone new actually lol but hey, Moses fans would love it haha

  • kammi says:

    Its in Carss Park!~ I think I spelled it right? not sure.. lol!~ YAY!~ Linda’s coming!~ someone new!~ btw.. is this her first time coming to Sydney?

  • jRAW says:

    Haha, Moses must love Australia.. as he said last time when he came LOL. We can speak english to Linda ! D:

  • Fiona says:

    If I remember correcly, Moses is an Australian citizen. He just came over in June this year or something, haha! It seems like they’re making the carnival further and further away every year! *cries*

  • BOL says:

    sigh… Sydney gets all the fun… you guys have RICE Sydney…and this… > <

  • lindasbiggestbiggestbiggestfan says:

    I CAN’T BEIEVE LINDA’S COMING!!!!!!!! I’m gonna try and be there!!!

    Moses is coming again? Well I’m still excited!!

  • jRAW says:

    Anyone know flight details?

  • fanz says:

    aww…. linda-mo reunion!

  • Vivian says:

    i hav waited a WHOLE YEAR!
    i really hope i can get their signatures this year (and pictures with them too!)
    cuz i missed out two years in a row.. =(
    so depressing!!
    and i can’t wait to talk to LINDA!
    her english is VERY good! i LOVE her canadian accent!! YAY!!

  • kristee says:

    i need details to the autogragh party please!! i want to go sooo bad!! ><
    dos it cost? do we haev to line up somewhere to get a pass??


    • KTVB says:

      I’m not too sure ^^; I’ve only seen the ad appear once on TVBJ (not sure if I missed out on any other details) but my guess is you’ll just have to line up then. Will keep you informed 🙂

  • blueangel_star says:

    There is also an extra autograph event this year – separate from the Jadeworld Carnival. TVBA and Sussex Centre at Haymarket is doing a promotion,and if you spend over $30 at Sussex Centre at selected stores, you can enter the draw to get 1 of 120 autograph passes for Linda and Moses, on Sunday 13th September.

    If anyone requires more information, feel free to contact me at blue.angel.star@hotmail.com! xD

    • KTVB says:

      oh..so you can’t line up for it o.o?

      • blueangel_star says:

        I’m not sure about this one, but I’m assuming that it’s tickets beforehand, since Sussex Centre is so small~

        But I guess, if you don’t get an autograph pass for Jadworld Carnival, this one would pretty much make up for it.

        I’ve just found some more info! They’ve actually made a site (http://jwc.tvb.com.au/) and it’s got the details for the autographs, but still refers to the entry form. My best betw ould be drop by Sussex Centre and grab their promotional coupon booklet with the entry form and hope you get a ticket!

        • badger says:

          I received one of the booklets today. Need to spend at least $30 within Sussex Centre and attach the receipt to a completed entry form and either post it back to Sussex Centre or drop it into the entry box in the Centre.

          Have to be quick as the draw will take place on 8 September with winners to be notified by email.

          Booklets are being distributed between 11am and 2pm on Saturday 5/9 and Sunday 6/9.

        • KTVB says:

          Yup!! My sister got me a form today..haha, I’m gonna try force myself to buy something on Monday, hopefully in time for the draw XD

        • badger says:

          You could buy $30 worth of TVB shows you have not yet watched. 🙂

  • Twinstars says:

    just wondering if anyone know their flight schedule to sydney international airport? their arrival time & date? if so, could anyone please do let me know…as i would like to go & greet them there…thanks!!!

    looking forward to anyone’s reply here asap la…thanks heaps!!! 🙂

    p.s – i can’t wait to see moses & linda ar…heehee :p

  • jRAW says:

    Their flight details aren’t out yet.
    I’m waiting for it too xD.

    • Twinstars says:

      if u find out, could u let me know as soon as possible pls? as i want to meet them in person at the airport…thanks!!! 🙂

      because it’s coming soon…don’t want to miss it!!! 🙂

  • jRAW says:

    Yeah, Ill tell you xD.
    Ill see you there? roflss ahaa.

    • Twinstars says:

      thanks for letting me know…

      i guess i’ll see u there…that’s if i know their flight schedule before hand…because i heard the 10th sept linda’s coming…so i need to find out the time they arrive so i can arrange my work schedule too… :S :S

      say, do u hv msn? if so, maybe we can chat there??? 🙂

      by the way, nice to meet u 🙂

  • jRAW says:

    Yeah, heard they’re coming on the 10th lool.
    jaytee_boii@hotmail.com xD

    • Twinstars says:

      i’ve added u into my msn…look’g fwd to chat w/ u there la… 🙂 thnxs!!!
      can’t wait to see them in airport…but still can’t find any news abt their arrival time yet 🙁 so worri…don’t want to miss out la… 🙁

    • KTVB says:

      Sounds awesome 😀 If you end up taking pics, please do share ^^

  • mango says:

    i got the autograph form too!
    can’t wait to see linda and moses 😀

  • jRAW says:

    I have a question. For the Sussex event do you need to apply yourself for a pass to the autograph party?

    • KTVB says:

      Apparently you can’t just go and line up for an autograph thing for the sussex centre one, you’ll need a pass for it. For a chance to get a pass for the autograph thing, you’ll have to spend over $30 in one go at a shop in Sussex Centre- fill in the form, which would go into a draw..for a chance to win (120 people). See above for details of closing date.

      • jRAW says:

        Woah.. another cheap way of making money.. lol sighh ~ Yeah I may go to the airport. Ill share pictures with you guys !

        • mango says:

          did you enter the autograph draw??

        • mango says:

          cools..hope you get it in time:D

          i entered already!

        • Twinstars says:

          hey, saw ur msg here…so u’re go’g to the sussex centre autog’h session…lucki u…can u take lot of photos for me to c pls? as i need to work dat day…i don’t think i’ll make it on time…thnxs in advance!!! 🙂

          say, just wondering…if u know the flight schedules for linda & moses to arrive in syd international airport??? if so, could u let me know asap pls? thnxs heaps!!! 🙂

          by the way, nice meet’g u… 🙂

        • mango says:

          hope i get into the 120 ppl:D

          i’ll try my best to get lots of photos:)

          srrys but i dont know when their schedule is><"

          i want to know too!

          btw nice meeting you too:D

        • KTVB says:

          And so..the big day is tomorrow! haha..for these who are going, have lots of fun!!!=) Take pics and clips to share!! ^^

          I won’t be going this year, but I’ll be going on Sunday to get an autograph! yay! XD Got in the draw woohoo!!

          Did anyone catch them at the airport?

        • mango says:

          i got into the draw too:D
          im not going today to the carss park one.
          i going tomorrow:)

          are you gna give anything to them?? like presents?

        • KTVB says:

          I don’t know..would like to but I’m really busy cramming for an exam so I don’t really have time to prepare anything. Yourself?

        • mango says:


  • mr. nice guy says:

    Can we go to the Sussex Centre on Sunday just to see them but not get an autograph?

    • KTVB says:

      I’m not sure, you probably can! Besides theyr’e trying to promote sussex centre I think..so I don’t think they’ll be hiding somewhere ^^;

  • pipsila says:

    Linda’s flight details (http://linda-chung.net/forum/viewthread.php?tid=1621&extra=page%3D1):
    2009/09/10 – 09/14 (已更新行程)

    10/9 CX101
    14/9 CX100
    (以上皆為上機的日期, 澳洲fans請自行查詢到達時間)
    由於時間太晚關係, 香港的學生fans不得前往送接機
    請各fans自行查清楚活動的地址, 如有興趣出席活動可聯絡這次的負責人Wendy
    MSN/Email: ilovesjt@hotmail.com
    Tel: 0410322838

  • mango says:

    ummss.. i wanna ask.. although i entered the autograph thing, i forgot to put my email.
    is that all right?

    • badger says:

      The terms and conditions said that winners would be notified by email. Maybe they will call if you didn’t leave your email?

      • mango says:

        hope they will.
        thanks for reply!

        • yukonami says:

          it is likely they have SMS you by today
          remember you have to confirm asap to assure you get a spot.
          it’s pretty bad how they do it, they notify you that you have won and u have to confirm asap.

          hope this helps

        • badger says:

          I thought I missed out as entry form mentioned winners would get an email. But like Yukonami said, they send SMS to winners to reply ASAP on Friday 11/9 afternoon. Hope you got an email.

        • badger says:

          Sorry I meant to say I hope you got an SMS!

  • Vivian says:

    Hey. i’mm gonna go to the saturday one
    does anyone roughly know the time i should go to get a ticket for linda and moses’s autographs? cuz last year i missed out =(

    • KTVB says:

      I honestly don’t know…(I never went early enough to get one ^^) depends how keen you are I guess..and how many other people you think will get there earlier than you- in hope to secure a spot.

      • yukonami says:

        even if you go early doesn’t really guarantee you get a spot coz for the past few years, its like rigged, people who have “connection” can get it which is quite frustrating.

        • Vivian says:

          Oh yeah! i know! last year, my friends knew the backstage workers and they got their autographs so easily! aww its not fair =(

        • KTVB says:

          I saw people who got to go backstage and take photos with the Stars when Raymond etc came in 2007. Would be nice if I was a temporary backstage crew lol

  • mr. nice guy says:

    Does anyone know whether Moses or Linda will have a fan gathering? And where will they be staying in Sydney?

  • abc ~ says:

    I read the flight details on LG as well. Does it mean they’re arriving on the 10th or leaving HK on the 10th?? thats confusing xD

    • cheryl says:

      they’re departing at about 11.55pm HK time (i think u can check at cathay’s website), so they’ll arrive at sydney on the 11th.

  • Rina says:

    I want to go! The problem is i have no idea how to get to Carss Bush Park. Do we need to get off kogarah then catch a bus there?

  • mr. nice guy says:

    anyone got any photos to share of yesterday?

  • KTVB says:

    For Blog entries of photos from the Autograph Session: http://bit.ly/LindaMosesJadeWorld

  • chibi says:

    I’m curious about any airport pics too! Haven’t seen any around..yet.

  • Twinstars says:

    does anyone know who’s coming this year?
    please do let me know when they’re arriving to sydney airport…looking fwd to meet them… ^o^ can’t wait to see who’s coming…hahahaha XD

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