June 2007

[Message from K] June 2007

Hey K for TVB visitors!

Thank you all for visiting and reading XD The last few days this blog has been reaching 500+ unique visitors a day! Yay ^^ Keep it coming! Its sorta funny though because the top 20 frequent visitors actually haven’t left a comment before ^^; Hope you will drop by some comments =)

Last few updates I’ve made include screencaptures for Heart of Greed Episode 28 and 29, 3 new Winamp Skins (featuring from Heart of Greed and A Change of Destiny) I hope to make some more in the break ~ but that won’t be until the end of June~ I’ve also updated the [Downloads and Goodies] page..and put up “In Love with Drama” Album! Was disappointed Face to Fate Theme/Sub Theme weren’t there.. I didn’t really like the Liza Wang or Bernice Liu one though..and was hoping the Seventh Day would be a duet ^^; Even though I’ve heard it so many times, I’m still in love with Heart of Greed themesong and sub themesong! I love HEART OF GREED!! <3 The Dicey Business Sub Full Version sounds really nice too!I've also added in a Frequently asked Question Section on that page.. Some of the questions are asked way too frequent..and even then, people have still been asking me those question +__+ I'm not sure how else I can get people to read them before asking me. My exams are coming up real soon so I won't be able to update as much for the next 3 weeks or so. ..and it happens that my first exam lands on the same day as the Final Episode of Heart of Greed and The family Link! (15th June) Ahh!! Bound to be lots to think about!
Since its into the new month of June, I decided to check out the TVBJ Australia Schedule to see what were the next to new series to air (even though I probably won’t be watching them since it runs through my exam). At the 7:10pm slot (after The Family Link) is 緣來自有機 The Green Grass of Home. (18th June) I paused and felt lost for a bit; it didn’t sound familiar at all! I don’t think it was on the 2007 Highlights for the first issue either… Looking it up on the Chinese Wikipedia, it was a 20 episode series, starring Sunny Chan, Christine Ng, Yuen Wah, Lai Lok Yi, Natalie Tong..but there weren’t any promotional image for it yet…would this be a warehoused series? On the 8:30pm slot after Heart of Greed is 學警出更 On the First Beat . I’m not really looking forward to those series~ I’m happy with my daily dosage of Heart of Greed haha..

3 Responses to “[Message from K] June 2007”

  • Charly says:

    The Green Grass of Home is airing in HK after The Family Link too =] Not warehoused. The TVB Mag this week says so:
    (The picture in the contents about pg. 47)
    I think it just finished filming recently…

  • chibi says:

    Keep up with the great work K ^^ This site deserves to be popular.

  • KTVB says:

    Thanks for that Charly! ^^ Hope it’ll be a nice series~~ XD Wonder what the promotional image would look like =)

    And thanks for your support Chibi ^^

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