Lately my mind has been everywhere..getting distracted with TVB series, trying to focus on my assignments and catching up on work for uni. Then there’s that news about Raymond coming to Sydney which has gotten my really excited lol My birthday is also coming up on the coming Monday ~ I’ll be turning 20 XD In about 4 week’s time, it’ll be my final exams .. I just feel there’s so much to think about. Have to get myself sorted.
I’ve been spending some time brushing up bits and pieces around this blog, like adding in some words next to the episodes in the Devil’s Disciples and ACOD pages. I hope to make a new Winamp skin soon, featuring ACOD characters. Maybe all this will have to wait til Late June. Every time I hear the Face to Face themesong I feel like making screencaptures from there but I try not to think about it too much~don’t really have the time for it lol I wonder if they’ll ever release the full version of the themesong..?

The last episode of A Change of Destiny is airring tonight~! I wonder how the story is going to end~ what kind of fate will Benny have? Death? Or something worse than death? His desire/obessession to become King as swallowed him up and even after given numerous chances to change; he doesn’t. Benny’s plot has been revealed in episode 19 so he shouldn’t have anything left, but I think they still haven’t shown the shot in the opening theme where he was dressed up as the King, I wonder how that would happen? Was the prediction from the Book of Destiny real in that he’ll become King? I’m guessing Benny will become King, but then die shortly or something. Have to see tonight~~ I still have 2 episodes (18,19) posts to put up XD Hopefully I’ll be getting them up soon to keep up-to-date ^^ and after the final episode, I’ll likely put up a post about what I think of the series overall~ like the Devil’s Disciples one I did.

Heart of Greed is the series I feel like watching and giving up on at the same time. There just seems to be so much episodes~and I’m already behind on it while the story is slow-paced.I think I was up to episode 9 somewhere before I couldn’t catch up lol Then I thought about watching it in my spare time myself (TVBJ in Australia is up to episode 20) I’ve been watching bits and pieces since then but I didn’t really want to watch on missing an episode..or its ok to skip episodes? haha~ you can probably see why I’m not sure how to update on HOG episodes,  Ieven watched episodes in the wrong order! XD I did watch episode 19 last night though (hoping I’ll see Raymond somewhere but it turns out he doesn’t appear in this episode ^^;) Moses’ real father and mother is revealed to everyone! Looks like the beginning of the downfall! I don’t know how I’m gonna watch this series, I’m so indecisive! Maybe I’ll watch, but likely only make screencaptures on specific episodes or scenes I like. Doing all episodes may be too much~ what do you think?

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