This is the official movie trailer for Laughing’s Movie!! I think it looks great! The cast looks awesome and storyline looks promising!! It really does feel like a movie with Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang etc in it. I also heard that Wayne has been given a large role in it with short notice due to his success in Rosy Business ^^ Would definitely be interesting to them both in the same movie! (likely both to compete for some TVB award at the end of the year :D) I’m also happy to see some more familiar TVB actors in there, like Fala Chen (and anticipating Ron and Sammul’s cameo appearance haha)

27 Responses to “Laughing Gor [《變節》 Turning Point] Movie Trailer!”

  • Eyanne says:

    Thanks for posting this, K 🙂 I’ve always been reading your site but never really commented…

    I love love Laughing in E.U. and I was really hoping for this movie to be successful and skyrocket Michael Tse, which I always think is talented but immensely underused and underdeveloped in TVB.

    Upon viewing this trailer…I have to admit I have mixed feelings. I don’t like how it seems to run along the Infernal Affairs route. I was really hoping for that not to happen because to me Laughing never, NEVER doubted his position as a police officer, and suddenly there’s this whole ex “koo wak jai” thing going on.

    I should watch the movie before making any judgement but for now I gotta admit I am a little disappointed with the Infernal Affairs direction.

    • Eyanne says:

      By Infernal Affairs I meant the final twist in the third saga…Lauging’s portrayal is rather similar to Leon Lai’s character, a double agent.

      • KTVB says:

        Hi Eyanne ^^ Thanks for commenting!
        Hmm..yea I see what you mean. I was a little shocked how they made him consider both of his identities.

        I never watched any of the Internal Affairs movie so I couldn’t catch the similarities~

  • vivian says:

    This look soooooo good. i want to watch it. Its this a series like E.U or just one whole movies?

  • Tris says:

    Is that a glimpse of Koni Lui I see?

    It looks fantastic. Thanks for putting it up =D

  • rachel says:

    i just saw it on youtube like a day ago and it’s so awesome!!! i can’t wait to actually watch it!!! the trailer looks very exciting and laughing gor is such an awesome character!! and fala too! 😀 super excited for it! 😀

  • chibi says:

    Yay more laughing-gor 😀 I hope his character still stays true to him in EU and not have other random bits that make me like him any less from EU!

    Interesting to see Wayne too!

  • Rin says:

    <3 Michael Tse.
    I really like his role as Laughing Gor too so I hope the movie will be good (:

    Btw, there's English subs for the trailer does that mean when the movie comes out there will be English subs as well?

  • kate says:

    I like Laughing Gor

  • stella says:

    i wonder will they show it on singapore cinema

  • stella says:

    wahoo..this movie will be showing at singapore on the 2oth August 09

  • Karen says:

    When this movie comes out in Australia on dvd im gonna so get my own copy =)

  • jRAW says:

    Laughing Gor movie will be in the cinemas in Sydney at hoyts from the 20th of August.. weird eh?

  • kevin says:

    Well, I really love Laughing. This man and his story move me much when I watch TV series about policemen of HK (I cant remembet its name in English). Waiting for this movie launching in VN. BTW, is this site of Raymond Lam. If yes, I have some things regarding his concert in VN to share with you all.

  • jRAW says:

    Yep im srs K. LOL it is very weird. Heres the link!

  • michelle says:

    cant wait to watch it !
    when is came out ?

  • mouse says:

    weird… its coming out in Australia on the 20th of aughust!!!! In HOYTS! would it be dubbed in english, cos that would be BAD.

  • j & m says:

    we went to watch it today! it was really good!
    j really likes anthony wong’s feminine look!

  • ying says:

    I would love to watch this movie! 😀

  • TVB_4eva says:

    Just watched the movie today [yep at Hoyts lol]. OMG it was REALLLYY GOOD and had a really good cast + storyline + english subs. I enjoyed every moment of it and it was quite funny at parts too. It was connected to E.U very well…

  • jRAW says:

    everyone watched it on saturday at hoyts? o-o! me too hahaha. Anthony wong and his lipstick haha!
    and zatois jks about anthony were funny as.

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