Laughing Gor DVD coverLaughing Gor DVD cover

The Laughing Gor Movie DVD is out for those interested =)

Excerpt from YesAsia:

When Michael Tse’s popular undercover cop character Laughing Gor was killed off in the 2009 TVB police drama E.U., fans mourned his death with online memorial services and a creative outpouring of grief. This unprecedented show of support led TVB to resurrect Laughing Gor on the big screen for the blockbuster spin-off prequel Turning Point. The first film to bear the Shaw Brothers logo since 2002’s Drunken Monkey, the TVB-Shaw Brothers co-production is devoted to Laughing Gor’s backstory, building the legend behind the struggling small-timer who would eventually become the swaggering, scenery-chewing undercover cop that Hong Kong audiences fell in love with. Though the leading character originates from the small screen, Turning Point‘s story is largely independent of the TV drama and requires no previous knowledge.

Previously best known on the big screen as Ekin Cheng’s sidekick in Young and Dangerous, Michael Tse makes an appealing lead as the twice-undercover caught between the police and the underworld, but what makes Turning Point especially exciting are all the other names attached. Jack-of-all-trades director Herman Yau (True Women for Sale) helms the crime actioner, while acclaimed actors Anthony Wong and Francis Ng make charismatic turns as rival triad leaders. Also making supporting appearances are action star Yuen Biao, Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Wayne Lai, and TVB starlet Fala Chen in her film debut. For the TV drama fans, there are also crossover cameos from E.U. stars Ron Ng and Sammul Chan.

Undercover cop-turned-triad leader One (Anthony Wong) sends his underling Laughing (Michael Tse) undercover into the police force. But the police send him back into the triads to be an undercover under One! Laughing walks the line passing intel between the two sides, but he’s running for his life from both sides of the law after a botched drug bust leaves his handler (Yuen Biao) comatose, and underworld bosses Zatoi (Francis Ng) and Fook (Eric Tsang) out for his head.

Special Edition comes with a holographic cover, a desk calendar, and a bonus disc containing making of, interviews with director and cast, and trailer.



I’ve finally able to make some screencaptures from the movie now that the DVD is out ^^ I’ve mainly selected ones with TVB actors in it hehe~ Please recredit if you decide to repost some 🙂

2 Responses to “[Laughing Gor] Movie DVD + Screencaptures”

  • chibi says:

    Cool screencaps!! Loved this movie :3

    Maybe I’ll buy the DVD in HK! 😀

  • Fiona says:

    ???wat’s the use? everyone died. like literally everyone died. except for Michael and Felix…like even Wayne Lai…wat was the point of that? And the thing even wierder was that 99% of the people died at the shooting scene at the end…?????…it really is so wierd!!!!!!! But it was a good movie anyways 🙂 LOL

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