[Episode 4-12]

In episode 3, Sunny, by fate,  got possession of a Legendary Sword which was owned by a very powerful swordsman, whose spirit is contained within the sword. Having taken possession of the sword, Sunny was the new owner and only he called see the spirit swordsman. In times of need, the spirit of the swordsman would possess Sunny’s body to fight, leaving Linda very amazed and impressed by Sunny’s sudden heroic fighting skills XD

Thinking it was Sunny all along, his two different personalities and skills – one dopey and weak, and the other heroic and courageous, often left Linda a very puzzled haha..Sunny kept it a secret from Linda because he wanted to impress her lol

In episode 8 when (evil)Benny attacks Linda, (Swordsman)Sunny comes to save Linda, catching her. Linda looked so cute there and Sunny looked so manly XD

In episode 9 after (Swordsman)Sunny and Linda fought the bug creatures, Linda was really excited and held into Sunny’s hand as she waved his sword around, trying to mimic the sword technique he just used. This caused another awkward moment and Benny got jealous when he saw the two.

In episode 10, Linda and Benny saw the spirit Swordsman using these special glasses, and Linda got angry at Sunny for lying to her the whole time. However, they soon quickly make up and continue to become friends.

In Episode 11, Sunny and Linda are climbing on a wall to block off water coming out of the holes and their faces came close to each other ^^

In episode 12, when (Swordsman)Sunny is teaching/practicing swords skills with Linda, Linda gets thrown off and he quickly went to catches her as they spun around. However still, both of them get knocked into a tree where their faces touched each other.

The Swordsman gets embarrassed and feels its a disgrace because he is only devoted to his wife hehe.. After this scene, both of them were thinking the other liked them and there was an awkward situation, but things were cleared up between them soon after ^^ After all, all that’s in Linda’s mind at the moment is to fight evil and save her mother.

It’s kinda cute watching Sunny and Linda together and how he’s jealous that Linda likes the ‘other him'(Spirit Swordsman) because of how courageous he is XD It really feels like Dark/Daisuke from the anime”DNAngel”haha..

Linda is really cute and likable in Demi Gods! Looking forward in seeing more cute scenes!

5 Responses to “[Legend of Demi Gods] Sunny and Linda Moments”

  • rachel says:

    i haven’t watch this yet, but from what you wrote, it sounds really cute and linda looks so young and adorable. hahah the part about Sunny being jealous of the other him is similar to Bosco and Myolie in War of In laws lol. 😀 hope you write more summaries of them since i probably won’t get a chance to watch this

  • Yay! Another Demigod post. 🙂

    Nice caps! I can’t wait to watch it myself. I think I’ll enjoy seeing her in this series more than Moonlight Resonance. 😛

  • K2K says:

    Actually, this series was film way before Heart Of Greed that’s way she looks a little bit young. It just took so long for this series to be on TV. But when it does, they only show it for about 20 minutes long.

  • chibi says:

    I’m rooting for Sunny in this one X3 These two are pretty cute in this series!

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