5 Responses to “[Legend of Demigods] Episode 10-15 Screenies”

  • Aiiya! I LOVE Nancy’s look in this series 😀 And omg, how scary does Stephen look X_X

  • KTVB says:

    lol! I’m surprised that you even recognized him! XD Cos..I didn’t when I saw the opening themevideo!

    And yes, I really like Nancy’s look here too! Reminds me of her in Face to Fate, but more sophisticated haha.

    I think you’ll like the series blue_angel12!

  • Hahaha really? I’m tilting to both sides whether I should watch it or now 😛 I want to watch Nancy but I don’t want to be put off by the computer graphics… how are they btw?

  • KTVB says:

    This series is pretty good =D (I’ve only got 2 episodes left to go!) I really like it. It’s funny, adventurous and lighthearted. Some of the effects are ok, but some parts there’s too much of it haha ^^; BUT if you watch it and just sorta ignore the overly done graphics its all good =]

    I’m very much drawn to Nancy’s storyline =D She’s awesome here haha

  • kandiecow says:

    oh it’s pretty cool at the end.. though i guess the ending was a bit lame.. but linda was really cute at the last eps..

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