One of my favourite characters in DemiGods is Nancy’s Ga Lau Lo simply because she’s powerful, ‘dead-like’ and looks so cool haha. Her first encounter with the spirit swordsman(Stephen) has left her with a ‘strange’ feeling of familiarity, but she couldn’t understand what it was. I thought it was pretty obvious those were her own memories and she was slowly recalling them. Her interactions with Sunny/Stephen were interesting and I felt they were somewhat romantic haha; especially the part where they capture her and Stephen sets her free.

And so, I was waiting to see when and how Nancy was going to regain her memories =] Finally in episode 16..

With the help of Sunny, Nancy’s conscience was freed and she regains all her memories of who she really was-  Gon Cheung (Stephen)’s wife, Mok Che. Unfortunately it was too late. Stephen had already become the Dark side’s mighty Swordsman. He was controlled and only made to fight for the Grand Wizard (Halina)…

Nancy goes to find Gon Cheung to tell him she has finally returned. However, he does not respond to her..Awww..

Nancy attempts to take him away with her, unfortunately the Grand Wizard finds out and captures him back.

Nancy pleads the Grand Wizard to set them free but she wouldn’t; only Nancy herself. Nancy hated to see that Gon Cheung can no longer recognise her so hopes that the Grand Wizard can once again, take away her conscience so they both won’t be able to remember each other. However, the Grand Wizard wanted her to suffer the pain instead. Nancy didn’t want to leave him so she had no choice but to continue to remain loyal to her so she could stay by Stephen’s side.

In Episode 17 when Sunny was fighting Gon Cheung, Sunny’s blood somehow got onto him and he had a few moments where the good in him started to struggle to take control! He tells him the only way to destroy him was for the scepter(which controlled him) to be thrown in the flames it was created from and to use the two red and green swords to stab through him!

Nancy grabs onto him and pleads Sunny to kill them both together with the Red and Green Legendary Swords. It was the only way they could free themselves from the darkness. Nancy realised that Gon Cheung would rather die than work for the Dark side.

In the end with much courage, Sunny charges and stabs the Swords into both of them..

Together their souls were freed and they were finally able to reunite 🙂 Stephen thanks Sunny for ‘saving’ them, being courageous, and being a true friend. The two vanished in the flames and a Ball was formed from the powers of the Red and Green Sword.

6 Responses to “[Legend of Demigods] Moment of Reawakening”

  • Janie says:

    awww so sweet!
    i find stephen’s make-up rather freaky, hehe.

  • tvbfan says:

    I finished this series I liked this scene too glad that nancy regained memory and would do anything for stephen even die with him so their souls could be together forever and they could live happily ever after. It was so sweet.

  • chibi says:

    ah… I really liked watching these two characters, especially Stephen =D It’s so good to see them back together again, yay!

  • Sharon says:

    I haven’t watched this episode yet, unforunatley very slow here…lols
    But that scene is so cute! ^^
    Can’t wait to watch
    I start to like Nancy! xD

  • Kes says:

    I liked this too… such a romatic and happy, yet sad ending for the two.

    BUT.. I would have prefere that they showed Stephen’s wife at the end instead of nancy… I mean.. in the end it was the his wife soul he loved and not nancy. (Nancy never exsisted. Nancy just hosted the wife’s soul)

    picky me ^^

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