4 Responses to “[Life Art] Opening Screencaptures”

  • qing says:

    Hi K, the screencaps for Life Art’s really nice. I really admire the patience you have capturing screencaps. I attempted to start for some of my fav series but gave up haha! so tedious the job. but the satisfaction really pays.haha 😛 keep it up!

  • puffins says:

    Hi Qing, i agree w yr comments ^-^ i m a impatient person so i reli appreicate the efforts spent. Also, i notice dat the resolution of the screencaps are pretty sharp so i guess K reli had put in lots of effort : )

  • rachel says:

    hi, i just want to coment on your really nice website and the comments and reviews you have, it’s cool how much time and effort you put into it, you must be a really big TVB fan! me too! but i’m not as dedicated as you. i have one question though, wher did you get all the pictures and how did you do those screen captures thingys where like two or three pictures blended together? did you make them, or did you find them online? i really like your website!

  • KTVB says:

    To puffins: the quality of the screencaps when I took the Life Art ones aren’t as good..due to the player. Screeencaptures I make now a better quality ^^;

    To rachel: Thanks for your lovely comments~~I made all the screen captures using Windows Player Classic and then I edited them, and merged several screen captures together using a graphics program and made them as one image.

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